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Julien and welcome to High Vibe Communication. That’s right, my new digital course is live, and it’s going to teach you everything that you need to know when it comes to improving your Social Skills, and taking your social life to a whole other level. Well, you’re going to learn in this program how I went from being crippled with anxiety, unable to express myself, unable to say hi to someone, to being able to meet new people at will. If there’s someone I see that I wanna say hi to, that I cannot speak to am sorry, but I can’t speak to that. wanna connect with.

Center of Attention
It’s easy to be able to be the centre of attention, feel completely grounded, and unaffected, and ultimately be able to live my ideal life. So much of my success today can be directly attributed to my social skills. And that there is what High Vibe Communication is all about. Don’t think of it as you going up and trying to do something to that person, to get them to like you. What you’re doing is you’re going up, and you’re creating an opportunity for someone to get to know you.

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Now, before we go through how this program works and what you can expect when you go through it. Let me tell you a little bit about myself and how this program came about. You see, I used to be extremely shy, extremely anxious, and extremely reserved. It was to the point where I would experience social anxiety around family gatherings, even a family dinner. Oh no, dinners coming, and my heart would start racing.

I’d get in my head on micromanaging, thinking ahead, like, what am I gonna say? What if the attention is on me? Oh my God, do I have to go eat? Ah, that’s how bad it was. And that was my life up until 2006 when I first started working on my social skills.

Start small:
And I started small. Okay, I remember at first I’m like, well, I’m gonna try and make some small talk and I would go out and just walk around the city. And I told myself, you know what, let me just ask someone for the time that shouldn’t be that hard, right? Just asking a stranger for the time you can do it. And that took a couple of months or more of me just walking around, unable to even ask someone for the time.

I remember I was like, make sure no one sees your watch. You can do this. You can do this, and people would walk by and I’d be unable to take action. And then the self-attack would kick in, like, why didn’t you say hi, it’s terrible, right? And I was really in this dark place and I felt isolated.

I remember you know, just being at home thinking about this, like, why can’t I talk to people? Why can’t I connect? You know, I’ve so much to offer. And I knew that I was so much to offer, but there’s this barrier, this invisible wall. And I felt disconnected, really isolated, very alone.

A lot of self-attack over it. And it almost reached a point where I was just like, well, maybe some people are just born with this, right? It’s just this natural thing they have. I would think of people who I’d see out. It’s like, you know, they can just talk to anyone, right?

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Wherever they go, they’re just very comfortable. Why not me, maybe that’s just not me, right? And I even contemplated, well, maybe I could just get a job, you know, behind a computer and just not have to socialize at all, and just live in my little bubble. And maybe that’s just as good as life gets. Okay, it was horrible.

Every day I’d wake up and in the morning my eyes would open like, oh, another day to battle through alone. Okay, that is my background, my existence up until 2006, when I started working on this. Now, why am I telling you this? Because I want you to know that I get it. Okay, I’m not a quote and quote, social natural.

I’m not someone who was born just with incredibly good social skills. Who’s like, hey, let me teach you how to be social.No, no, no, I had to work for this. I put in over 15 years of going out almost every single day, talking to people all around the world. Okay, since 2006, I’ve been working on myself, since 2010 I’ve been teaching this all around the world to people, and not just taking the epiphanies that I had from my own experience, but also taking the lessons and epiphanies that I would see in different clients with all types of issues, all types of sticking points when it comes to expressing themselves, to meeting new people.

And literally, that has been my existence up until here today. Okay, you can think of me as this one-dimensional being where all I’m thinking about is social skills, social skills, social skills, social skills. How do I improve it? How do I express myself? How do I get out of my way?

Oh, how does perhaps, even in our work linked to this and just really expanding this pool of knowledge, and here you have it High Vibe Communication it’s all there. Okay, but also use this as inspiration. Okay, I get it. That’s where I come from. And what should it tell you that it’s possible?

If you’re in that dark spot, like how I used to be, it’s possible. You can do it and it doesn’t have to take you as long with the epiphanies, the lessons, and the resources with High Vibe Communication. You don’t have to spend over a decade, just struggling in the dark trying to figure it out. It can be very, very easy. Okay, for a lot of my clients, it is incredibly easy.

And the transformations that I’ve seen have been insane. Okay, once more, even just myself, I went from that to really living my ideal life. I went from that to making a career. Now speaking in front of people, feeling completely at ease, going up on stage, again, all around the world, putting myself out there. I’ve made an incredible group of friends.

I met an incredible partner. I’ve created a family. I had all of my dreams, everything that I wanted, and social skills, which were the key. Okay, and I’m not saying mainstream social skills. That’s what you might be thinking too.

Like, woo is it just like three simple tips? No, no, no, What you’re about to learn in High Vibe Communication, is you’re gonna see through the keyhole into a world that very few people have access to. Again, everything that you’re gonna learn here, doesn’t come from books. It’s not academic knowledge. It comes from me going out in the real world and testing different things, and seeing what works.

And then exchanging notes with other people doing the same thing, looking at my clients and once more putting it all together in High Vibe Communication. The more someone invests in something, the more they value that thing. The more someone invests in someone, the more they value that person. Now, the way that I’ve broken down High Vibe Communication is into five different parts. The first part is emotional skills.

And this here is going to teach you exactly how to be a social nature. Okay, I’m sure you’ve seen people out there in the world who for some reason, right? They’re just very natural socially. They can talk and talk wherever they go, they can meet people. They can strike up a conversation with someone, it’s just very easy for them.

And they have that good energy that people want to be around. You might’ve seen that and been like, well, are they just born that way? No, no, no, you can achieve that same emotional state with what you’re going to learn in this first part. Learn how to put the real you out there. If you’re getting references where as we talked about, it’s a line that’s getting validated or you’re being fake.

And you’re like, what if I put on this front, people like me, if I act this way, people like me, those are not good references. Those are references that tell you, you’re only liked when you’re being fake. You’re only liked when you’re putting on that front. You’re not liked for you. And that hurts your overall self-esteem more than it helps, because although, yeah, it might be scary.

Like what if I get rejected for being me? It sucks even more when you believe, and you create that belief within yourself, that you’re only accepted when you’re being someone you’re not. With this first part, you will also have access to exclusive guided meditations. It’s a lot of inner work, but it’s going to get you those results. The second part is analytical skills.

Okay, so once you’re in this social nature, it doesn’t stop there. Okay, there are still limitations where you can be very at ease and just flowing, but you don’t understand all of the little nuances and all of the dynamics at play. That’s the analytical skills, okay? What are the different dynamics? Who’s the buyer, who’s the seller, right?

Who is reacting more? What is value? What is RAS, right? Reticular activating system. How does that come into play?

What are different frames? All of that, although right now it might sound like a lot will be broken down in a very practical step-by-step. Here’s how you understand this. Here’s how you apply it. Here’s this concept.

Here’s how you apply it. Very practical. Once you add the analytical skills on top of that foundation, you’ll reach a whole other level. When you have value, people are going to test you. Just remember that.

This is good, people think it’s bad. Oh, they’re testing me now. This person saying this, oh, that’s good. They wouldn’t test you if you didn’t have value in their eyes, they would dismiss you. What it means is, oh, this person seems cool.

Are they really who they present themselves to be? The third part is the conversion process. You have the foundation, you understand the dynamics. Well, what are the different steps to starting a conversation? You wanna see someone you don’t know, you want to meet.

How do you do it? Right, do you say hi, what comes after that? And I will take you through all the different steps around, you could say your average go-to conversation. And you can apply this with people you just met. You can apply this with networking.

Even, people, you’ve met a few times, or, you know, you will see how in the conversation we find ourselves, here we find ourselves there and you’ll know exactly where you stand, and what to do to move things forward. Don’t pursue attract, what most people do is they, whatever they’re saying or doing is going to the other person, right? It’s like I’m saying or doing the reaction that comes back to me. If it’s a good one, I feel good. If it’s a bad one, I feel bad.

Here what you’re saying or doing is to you. To me, I feel good. That transfers onto them, okay? That is you, you could say doing to you and attracting versus pursuing. The fourth is reference experiences.

And with this section here, I’m gonna teach you exactly how to learn from your experiences out socializing. You see, you can take a ton of action if you don’t know what lessons to take from it, what to work on. Right, if you can’t identify, I need to improve that’s like, where’s the value in this experience? You’re not gonna make much progress, right? You’re just gonna keep going out and doing the same thing again and again, and stay stuck.

Action alone isn’t enough. And I will give you a system here that will allow you without even someone giving you external feedback, to identify your sticking points. What would be the possible responses you would get from that person, If they say that, then what would you say? If they, oh, if they don’t say that and they say this, then what would you say? And if they follow up with that, then what would you say?

It’s like playing these trees of possibility. And that’s deep in terms of advanced social skills. As you’ve talked to so many people you can predict a lot of these patterns. And then lastly, part five is at-home exercises to anchor all of this content at home. For you to be able to do this, guess what, the words have to move faster than that inner judgment.

For me to talk like that, I’m talking and after I talk, I’m like, that’s what I said. Oh my God, that’s what I said. Yup, I guess that is. (audience laughing) The words go first. If you’re serious, you will also have access to three masterclasses.

One that’s going to address everything when it comes to overcoming fear and social anxiety, okay. If you’re anxious about taking action, for example, you might’ve heard that. Well, how about breaking down your experiences? But I’m scared. Don’t worry that the masterclass will handle it.

A second masterclass around overcoming neediness and desperation, right? Very toxic energy, a toxic vibe that repels people like crazy that will be handled. And another masterclass around unleashing charisma. Okay, we all have this. It comes down to identifying it and then polishing it, okay?

So fear, neediness, charisma, and you will also have access to an advanced social skill module that I’m going to be doing with Owen. And you will have access to six Zoom calls, where you’ll be able to ask me questions. I’ll be able to give you feedback, and we’ll be able to practice your social skills together during those calls. And one last thing on top of that, ’cause I want to make sure that you’re covered here. You also have access to a VIP Telegram group, where within that group it’s 24/7 access, okay?

So you’re equipped here to learn everything there is when it comes to social skills and get that support you need, to take action and ask questions. So you don’t perhaps interpret things the wrong way and start digging yourself a hole here. It’s like going down the wrong tunnel. No, no, no, we’re gonna get you going the right way from the start to cut your learning curve drastically. So all of this here is High Vibe Communication.

This is my masterpiece. These are all of the best lessons and epiphanies that I’ve learned over all these years, working on my social skills, teaching social skills, I’ve even incorporated an aspect of spirituality, and meditation, and letting go of this as well. It’s going to change your life. So click the link below this video. Get started, get your copy right now.

This isn’t going to be open year-round. It’s a very limited release, so if the link works, you are in luck. And I look very forward to coaching you, answering your questions, practising your social skills with you, and taking your social life to that level you know it deserves to be at. I’ll see you on the inside.

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