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Benefits of Consulting with Knowledgeable Dry Erase Paint Customer Service Experts

Benefits of Consulting with Knowledgeable Dry Erase Paint Customer Service Experts

A great question to ask any dry erase paint salesperson over the Phone:
How many years of hands-on experience do your customer service reps have applying the whiteboard Paint that you sell?

ReMARKable customer service representatives with 30 years of experience have extensive knowledge of the science behind their product, the proper method for applying it, along with advice on the countless ways in which it can be used. By contrast, inexperienced sales representatives generally lack an understanding of Whiteboard Paint beyond the instructions for application provided with the containers and usually have never even used the product themselves at all. Thus, consulting with knowledgeable ReMARKable customer service experts vs. standard paint salespeople has many benefits; the top ten are as follows.

Experienced Dry Erase Paint Installers

1. Our customer service reps are experienced ReMARKable installers, so you can ask them any question you may have related to preparation, application, or function, and these seasoned professionals will be able to give you a detailed, well-informed, and understandable answer. What sets our reps/installers apart is the fact that they provide clients with consistent, gold-star treatment no matter who answers a phone call or email inquiry. Often, customer service people from other companies may resolve a technical issue but fail to express empathy with a client or speak politely. They often use way too much technical jargon in a weak attempt to sound like professionals. You’ll never have to worry about such treatment when dealing with our customer service reps, as they always keep the client’s best interests foremost in mind, strive to speak courteously, and use language that you will easily understand.

Extremely Customer Friendly

2. No inquiry is too small or too large to receive a clear, polite answer from one of our ReMARKable whiteboard paint reps. You need not feel uneasy or embarrassed to ask questions of our reps, even if you think they may be too simple or too complex, because our professionals have the patience and wisdom that come with many years of handling all types of inquiries from a wide range of happy customers. They always consider the client’s needs and feelings when providing customer service, so our company has established a well-documented reputation for being extremely customer friendly.

Always Available

3. Unlike most other customer service reps, ReMARKable’s professionals are available both during and after regular business hours and on most weekends, so you can feel free to seek answers to your questions at any reasonable time of the day or night. This policy differs from those of other companies, which limit the availability of their customer service staff to standard business hours. Since customer satisfaction plays a significant role in our business, we feel that this open availability is crucial to making your life easier and better and ensuring that your whiteboard paint application meets your needs.

Possess Great Dry Erase Paint Product Knowledge

4. Our experts have the knowledge and background to tell you about the many subtle differences between whiteboard paint and ordinary wall paint, such as variations in mixing techniques, bubble elimination, or the length of time during which a multi-part coating such as ReMARKable increases in viscosity and can still be applied to a surface (aka pot life) Such technical information, which is essential to the proper application of ReMARKable whiteboard paint, is often not known by the typical paint salesperson.

Best in Customer Experience

5. Our ReMARKable customer service representatives have extensive experience in interacting with clients who have used our products in countless innovative and novel ways. Based on this background, our reps can inspire you with ideas that you may not have realized were possible with whiteboard paint. US psychologist and author Adam Grant says, “To generate creative ideas, you have to start from an unusual place.” In keeping with this view, our reps could explain, for example, that clear ReMARKable Dry Erase Paint may be applied to a dark-colored surface for use with luminous whiteboard markers to create a genuinely unique whiteboard experience.

Readily Available for Contact

6. All of our customer service reps/installers give you their direct cell phone numbers, so whenever you have a question, they are readily available for contact. In contrast, customer service for most companies is provided by representatives working on limited-time schedules in call centers that are often overseas. Having the personal cell phone number of one of our reps makes a notable difference in your relationship. When you realize that with this number, you can access them at any reasonable hour, you feel a sense of comfort and ease, recognizing that you’re trusted and cared for beyond the level provided by most other companies. You feel improved self-confidence and the motivation to get your whiteboard application done correctly, knowing that you received accurate product information from a well-informed professional who cares enough to let you call him or her on a personal phone at any time.

Willing to Go the Extra Mile

7. Our customer service reps can personally facilitate emergency shipping, so if your project needs to be completed to meet an urgent deadline, you can receive your whiteboard paint product in time for application. This benefit gives you and your staff the security of knowing that ReMARKable is willing to “go the extra mile” to meet your needs and ensure that your project is completed on time before an important meeting, conference, or other events. Our same-day or overnight delivery also makes you more likely to feel satisfied with our company and refer our products to friends and colleagues. Hence, it’s a win-win situation for everyone. We know how important it is that the products you order get to you exactly when you need them. Thus, we always offer accommodations for expedited shipments.

Responds to Dry Erase Paint Questions Patiently and Effectively

8. Our customer service reps/installers can help you or your professional painter over the phone with no limit on how long it takes to make your whiteboard paint application project perfect. Our representatives are willing to patiently answer the most complex or unique questions about your case, and with their years of experience in the field, they can come up with detailed, practical resolutions to any concern you may have. This approach helps us to fully engage customers in the learning process and build strong long-term relationships. This is why we have developed such a large, loyal customer base that continues to grow through referrals by countless satisfied users around the world.

Capable, Well-Versed Dry Erase Paint Experts

9. All of our reps are located in the US and speak fluent English, so you can have an easy time communicating with them and discussing questions or details about the preparation, application, or function of your new whiteboard wall. In contrast, customer service representatives for many other companies are located in overseas call centers and may be difficult to understand because they’re not native English speakers. Many customers feel that when a US company sends their customer service calls to an offshore center, their problem is not considered important enough to be handled directly by the company, and know that such centers are only used to save money. It’s like saying that the company’s new customers are not worth a well-paid, US-based expert’s time, that their questions are easy to answer, and that people with little or no product knowledge can help them. To avoid this experience for our clients, ReMARKable provides you with capable, well-versed experts working in the US who can guide you through any challenges you may face to arrive at the ideal solution to your situation.

Outstanding Customer Service

10. Outstanding customer service has always been and will always be a critical competitive edge for any business, so following the example of highly successful entrepreneurs such as Jeff Bezos of Amazon and the late Steve Jobs of Apple, the owners of ReMARKable are deeply involved managers with 30 years of experience who take a hands-on approach helping their clients. This is obvious from the fact that our owners regularly provide personal assistance through the company’s customer service system and their own cell phones. As Jeff Bezos says, “We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” Or in the words of Steve Jobs, “Our DNA is as a consumer company for that individual customer who’s voting thumbs up or thumbs down. That’s who we think about. Get closer than ever to your customers.”

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Benefits of Consulting with Knowledgeable Dry Erase Paint Customer Service Experts


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