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Times When You Will Need An HIV Support Group NYC

By Linda Wright

It is everyone's desire to live a long life on earth. Some wish to live up to one hundred years but this expectation can be cut short if they have a disease. This is why it doesn't sound fair when someone hears of a friend's diagnosis with a disease like HIV. However, the Hiv Support group NYC has come to help people with AIDS to live as long as possible, as if they hadn't any sickness. Their work is easier when individuals know their status or look out for some of the early signs.

One of the signs is a fever. Fever is an early sign that happens because the body tries to respond to the attack made by the virus. As the virus goes through the bloodstream, the body develops some inflammatory responses which include swelling of lymph gland and sore throat. The person also becomes weak.

When the virus has succeeded in destroying most of the cells in the patient's body, he begins to feel more tired than ever. His level of concentration diminishes and the strength to do some tedious work reduces. If forced to do some of them, he may end up gasping for breath before staying long.

Lymph nodes become swollen because the cells responsible for fighting infections try to replicate in large numbers to ward off the effect of the HIV which the body has seen as an enemy. Areas of the body where this swelling is prominent include the neck, the armpit, and the groin. These areas swell because they are where the lymph nodes are located.

Not all kinds of rashes are as a result of prickly heat. Some of them determine other things especially when their color is not normal. Pink-colored rashes that look like boils can be an early sign for HIV. Anyone that notices this must avail himself or herself for a test so that urgent intervention can start if the person has AIDS.

When HIV attacks and nothing is done about it on time, some later stage symptoms will develop. This can be found on the eyes, kidneys, brain, skin and digestive tract. In women, oral vagina candidiasis may occur while in both sexes, pneumonia and tuberculosis are common. Therefore, knowing one's status is necessary and those early signs must not be taken for granted.

Menstruation is also going to be affected a great deal when HIV attacks. The pain that comes before the flow can be more severe. Sometimes, there will be no flow at all and at other times, the female may experience heavy or light periods.

If these symptoms are not taken care of on time, more advanced symptoms may emerge. These can include diarrhea, mental confusion, short-term memory, and coma. Since these things can actually be avoided by doing an early test and contacting support groups, there is no need to waste time. Not knowing your HIV status is more dangerous than knowing it and whether you are in NYC or not, these support groups can always come to your rescue.

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Times When You Will Need An HIV Support Group NYC


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