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How to Overcome Failure & Move Past it

Tips for moving past failure

No one loves to fail. Actually, we spend most of our lives trying to avoid Failure like the plague! However, failing is a very important step to reaching success and without it, we there is no room for real change or improvement.

But how can we change the way we think about failing? How do we overcome our fear of it? And what do we need to do to move past it, stand tall and try again? Let’s explore this issue together in efforts to change our way of thinking moving forward.

Overcoming failure 101:

Trying your best to achieve something and failing at it can really sting and hurt your confidence. To avoid getting there, you need to employ the following strategies:

  • Don’t bottle up your emotions

Failing at something can take an emotional toll. That’s perfectly ok. What matters is that you get your negative feelings out of your system so you can regroup your thoughts and get back on track. Don’t try to bottle up your feelings hoping that they will fade away because they won’t.

When you bottle up your negative emotions, two things can happen:

  1. An emotional outburst: Sometimes when you are stressed out and feeling down, the pressure could build up to a point that you cannot contain anymore. When this happens, you are likely to explode at a moment of weakness, which can negatively affect your mental state and harm your relationships with others as well.
  2. Lingering anxiety: If you don’t openly and honestly confront your mistakes, anxiety and negativity will keep creeping back in and you will keep feeling miserable. You need to take time and forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made so the anxiety won’t linger on and cause you health issues and more problems.

Below are some healthy ways to let out your negative feelings and be done with them:

  • Take some time to wallow and feel what you need to feel. Set a certain amount of time to fully get in touch with your emotions whether they are anger, disappointment or frustration. However, make sure you stick to the time you set.
  • Find someone you trust and care for to talk to about it and express yourself and how you feel. Chances are, the person you choose will try to make you feel better. If they don’t, just talking about it will help you better deal with the situation.
  • Don’t let it define who you are as a person. Failing at something does not make you a failure. Remember that very well moving forward. Your failures do not define you, your actions do.

Think of failures as open wounds. They need time to heal. Poking at them will not help and so is ignoring them and failing to tend to them.

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  • Explore the vast world of failure

Everyone takes a nose dive at some point in their lives. You are not the only one to miss the mark. Instead of looking at the successes of others and bashing yourself for failing, take time to look at the failures of others too. Successful people also talk about their failures and you can learn a lot from them on how to move past yours and start new. Even the greatest people in the world have fallen and fallen hard. This is life, just embrace your mistakes and understand you are not alone.

  • Redefine the meaning of failing

Your definition of a word can really affect how you feel towards it. If you think of failing as a thing that you should fear and void, then failing would make you feel bad. However, if you think of it as an opportunity for learning and growing, you can better cope with it.

Here are some facts to keep in mind about failure:

  • It is an essential part of success and self realization.
  • It is inevitable if you step outside your comfort zone and try something new.
  • Failing brings us closer to our goals.
  • Successful people will never laugh at you or judge you for failing.
  • Making mistakes is ok as long as you learn from them.

Remember this and repeat it to yourself, every mistake is a learning opportunity. Give yourself time to deal with your emotions and then revisit your mistakes with a new perspective.

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  • Start working on something new

Now that your grieving period is over, it’s time to move to the next thing. Start thinking about the new project you want to invest yourself in. Fill your head with ideas about it to keep the negative thoughts from bubbling back up. The more you focus on your new task or project, the less you will think about your mistakes and failures.

Of course, you should not completely block out your mistakes as you need to learn from them moving forward. However, make sure that you don’t end up dwelling on them either.

Hard work is one of the best ways to keep your mind occupied. So always have a project set on the side in case you fail at the current project you are working on.

Finally… How do you define and deal with failure? What do you think is the best way to move past it and get stronger, bigger and better after your experience? We look forward to your insights and tips in the comment section below. 

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How to Overcome Failure & Move Past it


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