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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India in next 5 Years

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In India In Next 5 Years

What do you aspire to be when you grow? Sounds Familiar? No…

Let’s try this – “Write an essay on What is your aim in life?” …

Now? There you go!

Well! We have all encountered this question or written this essay at least once in our lives. And you may have probably fantasized the idea to become an astronaut, doctor, prime minister or a superhero as a kid while writing an essay on “what is your aim in life”. But, as we grew, our goals became more realistic. We all wanted to end up with a high paid job or a hefty bank balance.

But the question is how to transfer the bank balance that is our thoughts to our bank account? What are the jobs that can pay you what you desire? We always think of this and often wonder if we are in the off-road career, especially when our Salary isn’t adequate to match up with skyrocketing prices of every single thing that we see.

With the rapid speed at which the world is moving, the current high paying professions could soon be thing of the past. In other words, people tend to study to become skilled for the high paying job that is in demand today, but by the time they get degrees or some experience, there already has been a shift in the demand, with something new.

So, what does the future hold?

This article brings a list of the top 10 highest paying jobs in India in the next 5 years.

Get ready to get amazed!

1) Data Scientist

Data science is a promising option that offers lucrative packages along with a high reputation. A data scientist manages and organizes an enormous amount of data for the benefit of the company’s growth.

A major reason to enroll for Data Science course and pick it as your career is because there has been a 40 per cent rise in the demand for data scientist since January last year which is surprisingly over 300% since the year 2013. Everything today that has reached unparalleled height today is because of data, and hence, an expert in managing the data is what is required.

Educational Qualification –

  • Engineers – BE / BTech
  • Graduates – Statistics, Mathematics, Commerce and Science background is an added advantage
  • Data Science course from a renowned Data science institute

Salary Offered

Certification from a reputed and trusted Data Science Institute can open doors to attractive pay scale. A Professional gets a salary package of 4 to 12 lacs to certified professionals without hands-on experience. Moreover, an experienced data scientist with an experience of around 5 years can get a package of around INR 60 to 70 L PA.

A data science certification from Madrid Software Training, can help you become a “unicorn” data scientist by equipping you with excellent skills to help you work efficiently with teams and clients.

 2) Data Analytics 

Data analytics has become one of the most vital part of many emerging and top-notch industries. Data analytics empowers organizations to take more- up-to-date business decisions based on insights driven from scientific data and research.

It has been projected that data is anticipated to rise up to 50 times in 2020.  The job opportunity of data analytics in India include healthcare, banking, fraud detection, energy, telecommunications, e-commerce, and risk management. Moreover, there are around 78,000 requirements for data analysts in India.

Educational Qualification –

  • Engineers – BE / BTech, BSc
  • Management – MBA/PGDM, MSc/MCA/MTech
  • Academic Background – Statistics, Mathematics, Commerce and Science background is an also an added advantage
  • A certificate in Data Analytic course from a trusted Data Analytic Institute

Salary Offered

A data analytics course may get you a job as a Data Analyst whose average salary in India starts from INR 10 LPA which may extend to 20 lakhs per annum depending on your experience. Please note, that is the current salary package which is expected to rise in next 5 years. Course from a well-known data analytic institute may get you a high paying first break.

Madrid Software Trainings offers the best data analytics courses making you expert in tools and systems used by other Data Analytics Professionals along with other benefits that can help to stay ahead of the game.

3) Digital Marketing

Almost all the major companies are paving their way to success through digital marketing. As a result, the demand for digital marketing professionals with certification from a reputed Digital Marketing Institute. Moreover, digital marketing is one of the highest paid jobs which is estimated to grow with time. Statistics and analytics suggest a 40% growth for digital marketing jobs in next 2 years.

Educational Qualification –

  • Graduate – Any Bachelor Degree
  • Post Graduate – Any Post Graduate Degree
  • A certificate in Digital Marketing course from a reputed Digital Marketing Institute

Salary Offered

The average salary for a digital marketing professional is INR 8LPA. The salary of a DM manager can range up to 18LPA.  Other factors like qualification, certification in digital marketing, communication skills, position offered, the company and job location also play a vital role to decide the salary.

Madrid Software Training offers comprehensive Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi for graduates. Certification from Digital Marketing Institute is trending in the market. The number says, 90% of hiring managers from top firms consider certification as major hiring criteria.

4) Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been one of the hottest jobs for quite some time now. With advancement of Data Science, both AI and ML are advancing as well by leaps and jumps. Furthermore, AI adoption in various counterparts of the industry is taking place at such a fast pace that Gartner predicts that by end of 2020, AI will create more than 2.3 million jobs.

Also, careers growth in AI have sky-rocketed to accommodate to the rising demands of all the digitally transformed industries. According to a report by Indeed in 2018, the need for AI professionals has doubled in the three years, with job postings going up by a whopping 119%.

Educational Qualification –

  • Engineers – BE / BTech (Mechanical, Electromechanical, Electrical)
  • Master’s degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Electronics,
  • Academic Background – Statistics, Mathematics, Commerce and Science background is an also an added advantage
  • A certificate in Artificial Intelligence Courses from a trusted Artificial Intelligence Institute

Salary Offered

The average salary of an AI professional with a certification by enrolling in Artificial Intelligence Course is around INR 15LPA. Moreover, an AI professional with an experience of 8–15 years can get a salary of up to a whopping range of INR 1Crore PA

An AI certification from Madrid can land you to the dream job that you always wanted due to its extensive courses offered along with practical knowledge.

5) Machine Learning Experts

Data Science & Machine learning is one of the highest-paid jobs worldwide. Machine learning helps the system learns and progresses without being programmed with the help of AI, on its own. Machine learning professionals are experts in building these self-learning systems.

Educational Qualification –

  • Engineering Graduates, Software & IT Professionals,
  • Certification in Machine Learning Courses from prominent Machine Learning Institute
  • Degree in Mathematics or Statistics are relevant for these jobs.

Salary Offered

The starting salary of ML professionals ranges between 7 – 15LPA. For a mid-senior professional, the salary be 27LPA and beyond. For experienced professionals, salary ranges from 8 – 4LPA. The highest salary can even go up to 50 lacs.

Madrid Software Trainings offers the best Machine Learning courses for aspirants and even professionals imparting practical knowledge of Machine Learning. Considering the cost effectiveness and practical application-based curriculum, Madrid is by far the best Machine Learning Institute in India.

6) Business Analytics

Business Analysis has emerged to be a central business practice in the IT and enterprise sectors. In present situation, business analyst offers an excellent value to any organization. Business Analysts basically act as a bridge between organizations and contribute to its profitability and sustainability.

A career in Business Analyst can be an excellent career opportunity for those individuals who have knowledge of evaluating and analysing data and developing solutions along with skills in handling numerous individuals while shining at IT.

Educational Qualification –

  • A bachelor’s degree in Finance/Accounting, Business Administration/Management, Information Technology
  • A master’s degree in business analytics
  • Professional Certification of Business Analytics Courses

Salary Offered

The average salary for a Business Analyst is INR 7LPA. The entry salary remains anywhere between INR 3-5LPA. The salary increases along with experience. A Business Analyst with 5 to 15 years of experience can earn between 8-16LPA

Madrid Software Training provides certification in Business Analysts that is curated for aspirants who are looking to obtain certification for better career opportunity that encompasses basic concepts to advanced analytics techniques for a fruitful beginning of career.

7) Software Testing

Importance of Software Testing and Tester has experienced tremendous changes over the last decade. Testing has now become a show-stopper for numerous application and product implementations. Business seems to have realized the importance of structured and software testing of products and applications before its release. India is an emerging market for software testing services and holds sea of opportunities for those who aspires to be software testers in future.

Educational Qualification –

  • A degree in BTech/ B.E., MCA, BCA, BSc
  • A professional certification from software training institute
  • Excellent communication skills are a must.

Salary Offered

An entry-level Software Test Engineer can expect an average salary of 3LPA. An experienced Software Test Engineer with 1-4 years of experience can expect a salary of INR 4LPA. A mid-senior Software Test Engineer (STE) with above 5 years of experience earns of INR 8LPA and above.

A software testing certification from Madrid Software Trainings can prove to be the best one, as it provides complete essential training of testing with latest technical solutions with the vision of offering you edge superiority over others in the recent testing trend.

8) Blockchain Developer

Blockchain is a revolutionary disruption that is redefining everything you see. Blockchain Developers are said to remove all the middlemen and reduces costs, increasing the speed and reach of a business. Both the private and public sectors are geared for the new market-changing technology. Due to lack of adequate blockchain professionals, there’s also an endlessly growing demand for Blockchain Developers.

Educational Qualification –

  • Engineers – BE/BTech
  • Bachelors Degree in IT, Information security, Computer science.
  • A professional certification is an advantage

Salary Offered

Due to the lack of experienced professionals, organizations are ready to pay handsome salary. It is one of the highest paid jobs in India as professionals can a salary that ranges between INR 25 – 50LPA

Madrid Software Trainings Blockchain course helps trainees to get an in-depth knowledge of the Blockchain Programming and also assists to become an expert in blockchain technology by the end of the training.

9) Investment Banker

This is one of the highest paying jobs across the globe. When corporations look forward to raise capital to manage their operation, they seek investment bankers for assistance. An investment banker helps their client to invest their money for the highest possible returns. They also usher corporations through processes like mergers, initial public offerings and acquisition. It has always been a best career option in India.

Educational Qualification –

  • A degree in MBA(Finance)/IB
  • Bachelor’s degrees in finance, accounting, or mathematics,
  • A professional certification is a plus

Salary Offered  

The average salary of an investment banker can range between INR 4-40LPA that makes it one of the highest paid jobs in India. The entry level salary starts from INR 10-12LPA whereas experienced professionals can earn beyond INR 30 LPA.

Madrid Software Trainings offers industry-leading financial courses that delivers practical training with best instructors who guide students by using a various extensive teaching experience and real-life case studies.

10) Brand Consultant

When a company’s brand is deteriorating, brand consultants comes to the rescue help companies breathe new life. They improve company’s position and help it to evolve. Branding consultants lend their expertise to help companies make strategic decisions to launch a product to market. Brand consultants provides impartial perspective of the pros and cons of a brand, and therefore suggesting and implementing effective solutions to transform their client’s fortunes.

Educational Qualification –

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, public relations, business, or journalism.
  • A Master’s Degree in MBA, Journalism.
  • A professional certification in Branding management is always an added advantage.


Salary Offered 

The average salary for a Brand Consultant is INR 7LPA in India. The salary for can go up to INR 10LPA for Senior Consultant. A brand consultant at a higher position with leadership experience can earn anywhere between INR 30 – 50LPA

Madrid offers professional brand consultancy and management courses that is designed for those who aspire for a professional development into brand consulting.

Final Words

So, these were the 10 best highest paying in demand jobs in India. The above list clearly demonstrates the kind of job profile, salary advantages, educational qualification and a brief on what Madrid Software Training can offer you. This list can be of great help to decide on which is the best opportunity for a good career growth with a high-paying salary. Every position mentioned above has one thing in common – a professional certification

Why is Professional Certification Is important?

Professional certification are job-focused certification programs that has marked its space into every industry. A professional certification helps employers assess potential of the new hires, analyse their job performance and decide on their salaries and promotions based on their skillset and knowledge. Certification gives the certificate holders a recognition of competency that shows a commitment to the profession, and helps with great job advancement. A certification proves a point that you take your career seriously by expanding your skills and abilities and knowledge in your chosen field that gives you an added advantage over others.

Madrid Software Training provides diverse range of certification programs. It is a one stop shop for all the programs mentioned in the list of highest paying jobs above. Madrid offers courses with an in-depth knowledge that comes with a lot of benefits.

Professional Certification from Madrid Software Training can help one to:

  • Obtain practical skills for the job as per the certification course, as it focuses more on the skills and knowledge needed to perform the job responsibilities efficiently.
  • Provide maximum advantage by offering training from a varied range of expertise areas.
  • Offers learnings in all aspects of career pursuit along with providing organization with an assured excellence from the Madrid Software Trainings certified professionals
  • Certifications allow aspirants to attain workforce-ready and future-ready skills.

Madrid Software Trainings has recognized the demand of certifications long back and is committed to serve aspirants with all skills needed. The institute is one of the best institutes in Delhi that prides in its offerings that includes a extensive range of courses that prepare aspiring professionals for certification in their desired field.

You can visit our website to learn more and to enroll to your desired courses.

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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India in next 5 Years


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