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Cybersecurity secrets that hackers don’t want you to know in 2021

Cybersecurity has been one significant concern from the past decade, and the concern has grown in today’s date. Hackers, snoopers, and spies have found their way to target and get into any device, software, or account.

Only some people in the world are safe from this. The people who believe they’re safe from cyberattacks aren’t entirely safe either. 

How do I know that? New technology has given birth to an utterly new era, and people are moving on more towards the internet. While it’s all glamorous out front, it’s dark from the inside. Let’s not forget unsafe too. 

The internet has become one big bad wolf ready to swallow anything from stealing data to selling it. In these times, we need to find out the best way to curb this problem.

One effective cybersecurity tool to use is a VPN. A VPN is known to encrypt your data and keep you completely safe. Our top choice for this is NordVPN. NordVPN offers the best security features. The good thing is, if you’re slightly unsure, then you can get NordVPN 30 days risk-free trial and test it for yourself without any risk. 

Cybersecurity secrets of hackers one should be aware of:

1. Websites with typos that contain malware:

Hackers have claimed that they take advantage of every mistake we make, i.e., they take advantage of our typos on the internet. How? There are specifically created sites that look similar to the actual sites but have a typo URL. 

For example, if you’re trying to access but accidentally type, then you might see a similar landing page like Facebook and enter your account credentials on it. But, the site may be a malware site designed by hackers to steal your data.

2. You are spied on while you use the internet:

It’s not the usual spying we’re talking about. I mean, we all know that happens, and it will be useless to mention it once again. Let’s talk about spying through websites. When you visit any website, you are redirected to numerous other pages. While you surf on the site you desired to land on, these malicious pages spy and steal your information.

3. Public wifis are every hacker’s favorite place to spy on:

Public wifis make you vulnerable to attacks. They should never be used if you love your data so much.

They can collect all your data over the internet easily if that’s the case. Public wifis make you susceptible to more attacks than usual as it’s one easy way for hackers to barge into your device.

4. Phishing emails are the easiest way to snoop in:

Hackers love fooling people with phishing emails. They play with users’ mindsets, with their psyche of being curious all the time.

They take this to their advantage and create personalized emails that target users to share their personal information, bank details, location, and more. These emails are designed to play with human sentiments that make them send their data without a second thought.

Phishing emails are also the most dangerous type of data breach as you might share even the most sensitive data during the course.

5. They can crack all your weak passwords:

Using the same password on most of your accounts may sound super-easy, but it is one of the most dangerous things you can do to yourself. Hackers are pros at cracking passwords. Once they crack an easy password of yours, they can technically try and break into most of your accounts. Sooner or later, they might even snoop into your bank account.

Top cybersecurity secrets we all should know in 2021:

Cyber attacks are no joke. Multiple data breaches take place due to this. You can learn these cybersecurity secrets and prevent yourself from attacks.

1. Protect and secure your data: 

The first secret you need to acknowledge is the utmost importance of protecting your data from hackers. Any piece of information that leaks on the internet has its way of circulating across the world.

While uploading and media sharing look like fun and games, it needs your complete focus on you and your social media accounts. Yes, social media accounts are vulnerable to attacks too. 

In short, you need to protect your online data at all costs. Breaches can be significant and worse and collect sensitive information like your personally identifiable information, phone number, bank details, etc.

2. Use a strong password for all accounts:

One threat we focus on more than anything else is hacking. It will help if you prevent yourself from getting hacked by using strong passwords over the internet. 

You need to have strong and highly encrypted passwords on all devices and accounts so that no one can snoop in. in case you’re worried that you’ll forget it, then go around and save them using a good password manager.

Use a strong password and let the password manager do all the work later on.

3. Install and set up an antivirus on your device:

You need to protect all your devices from all kinds of malware, and you can do this by setting up an antivirus on your device. 

An antivirus will keep your device safe from malware. If you use a corporate network to stay connected to, we will emphasize the need for antivirus software.

This software informs users which links they click contain threats, what shouldn’t be opened, and what looks risky.

4. Use a VPN:

A VPN is one way to get around devices and is one efficient way to protect all your data. A VPN is known to encrypt all your data and keep you completely safe over the internet.

Reliable VPNs offer multiple security features and hundreds of servers in the world for you to alter your IP address to. They also can bypass geo-restrictions, so you can enjoy streaming Netflix with a VPN without any problems. 


Hackers can hack into anything, from your computers to Tesla’s doors. To make you aware of major risks, we have discussed some major cybersecurity secrets that hackers don’t want you to know. The truth is, maintaining your only privacy may seem like a tough job, but it’s still worth all the troubles you go through later on.

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Cybersecurity secrets that hackers don’t want you to know in 2021


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