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How Online Games Can Help Hone Vital Business Skills

In the increasingly competitive world of Business and commerce, high flying people from entry level positions all the way through to CEOs are searching for ways to gain an edge over their rivals.
Avid online gamers do exactly the same, only they tend to direct their efforts towards conquering everything and everyone before them in online gaming lobbies and forums.
In this article we look at the synergies that can be made between the two otherwise contrasting fields, to find out if there is anything that the world of gaming can teach those looking to climb the corporate pay scale as fast as humanly possible.

With many people equating business transactions to a game of cat and mouse, it makes sense that online games can help hone a variety of vital business skills

Good Judgment Comes from Knowing Your Probabilities

In business it always pays to know what your chances of success are in any given situation, so you can balance expectations and make better plans for the future.

There are many online games which are perfect for helping any businessperson to do exactly that, with classic games that have transitioned over to the online sphere being some of the best suited for such a thing.

Some of the variants of the ancient game of chess are perfect for getting players to think as many moves ahead as possible, so they can then calculate and envision what their opponent will do next. Similarly, online blackjack requires players to know their probabilities at all times, so that there is no doubt about whether to stick with what you have or ask the dealer for another card. Last but not least there is dominoes, with tile technicians always having to be abreast of the probabilities of what their foes have lurking at their disposal.

Play enough of these games at one of the many available online outlets, and before you know it your ability to plan ahead and strategize will have taken an enormous leap forward.

Good Judgment Comes from Knowing Your Probabilities

Classic games such as chess can help any businessperson improve their understanding of the importance of probabilities

Being Willing to Try New Things Pays Dividends

Being willing and able to spot a new trend such as VR is paramount to success in the sphere of business, with first adopters of fresh technology or business techniques often having their initial risks rewarded with pay raises or hefty bonuses.

The same can be said of those gamers who get out in front of the pack to try the beta versions of new gaming titles or even go so far as to buy in to ground-breaking technology such as VR headsets.

This means that when gaming inevitably pivots in the direction of such technologically advanced games, those forward-thinking players will be well ahead of the curve, ready and waiting to prey on the clueless newbies.

Patience Key to Solid Gaming and Business Decision Making

One of the biggest challenges for any hungry entrepreneur or business enthusiast is to be patient and wait for the right opportunities rather than jumping the gun.

This is an attribute that most online gamers know all too well, with almost all games of skill requiring some element of patience if victory is to be attained.

Some obvious examples of this are puzzle games or platformers, where bolting too early can lead to your avatar plunging to a watery grave, or be thrust all the way back to the start of a level.

In card games such as poker, players must also exercise strict patience, timing their bluffs and raises so they will make the biggest inroads into the chip stacks of the competition.

Play enough such games and hungry business lions looking to make that leap into the bigtime sooner rather than later will get a good feel for when it is right to pounce and when it is more prudent to keep stalking from the safety of the proverbial long grass.

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How Online Games Can Help Hone Vital Business Skills


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