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Review: Jockblocked by Jen Frederick

When this book hit my Kindle I kind of sat and stared at the cover for a few minutes, (I mean it is rather pretty) but I didn’t open it right away. Because how in the world could Ms. Frederick make me love Matthew Iverson as much as I did Knox Masters? Knox the superstar football player, saving himself for the right woman. Knox who saw Ellie and knew she was the one so he pursued and eventually won her. Knox the leader of the team. This author made me love that man and now was giving me his complete opposite.

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I shouldn’t have worried.

Matthew Iverson plays hard on and off the field. Women have always thrown themselves at his feet, but now that Western has won the National Championship he is one big hard-bodied ball of partying, sexed up goodness. Matty is living the good life. Then he spies a gorgeous blonde across a coffee shop, sighing and flipping her pen, and can’t help but cross the room and get to know her. Only Lucy doesn’t fall at his feet and, in fact, turns him down when he asks for a date. Which makes him want her all the more.

Lucy Washington has promised her best friend Ace, who happens to be the quarterback for Western, that she wouldn’t date a football player. It’s never been hard to keep her promise before since she really doesn’t have that high an opinion of them in general. Her focus is on school and winning regionals with her mock trial team. She tends to weigh all the risks and rewards in every situation and dating a man who might drop her the minute a jersey chaser walks by doesn’t lend much to the pro column. But Matty Iverson pushes all her buttons.

So yeah… Matty. I loved him. Okay, yes, I was skeptical at first because he does bed hop with his fair share of women, but in his defense so does the rest of the team. I’m kind of in awe at their sexual prowess and ability to get it up so many times in one evening. Then Matty meets Lucy and sets out to get to know her. Which is when my heart melted for him. He’s just so…. sweet. In the midst of his winning her over, he gets trapped by his coach into informing the current quarterback of the team that he is soon to be replaced, while trying to coax him into moving to a different position. That Ace is also Lucy’s best friend, might have caused unlimited amounts of drama and angst between this couple, but for some reason doesn’t. I mean yes, Ace does come between them, but it’s more Ace being a spoiled rotten shithead who pulls some truly crappy moves that does it, not the fact that Matty has been put in a horrible situation by his coach.

Speaking of coaches, can I just for a minute mention how much I despise Coach Lowe. He’s an awful human being and seems to be on a power trip. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he gets canned in the next book.

Back to Matty and Luce. They have a lovely courtship and their sex scenes burn up the pages. Matty is a very, very giving partner and he wants to give Lucy as much pleasure as he can. And he does guys, oh he does. It’s not just their scorching hot sex scenes that got me though, it was Matty’s caring for Lucy and worrying about her diabetes and blood sugar. It’s his buying food she can eat. It was him not wanting her to be stuck in a house with horny football players while her BFF screws a girl in his room. It’s Lucy worrying about stuff like risks and rewards and realizing loving Matty is its own reward. They were such a wonderful couple.

So now I’m wondering whose story will be up next. Hammer? Who is a funny guy and loyal friend, but can’t seem to keep it in his pants.  Ace? I really liked Ace in the first book, but I might be mad at him for a while after the shit he pulled in Jockblocked. Although, I am intrigued by the Ace/ Stella Lowe storyline. Jack? I would definitely be up for some Jack. Although it doesn’t really matter, I will absolutely be reading the next book in the series. Final Grade- B

Favorite Quote:

“You’re going to need to do the hard work because my ribs are sore from practice.”

“Too sore? I could just give you a hand job?”

He rolled his eyes. “That’s about the most ridiculous thing that’s ever come out of your mouth.”

I know what the man wants and I want to give it to him. I want to totally rock his world.

Rating: B
Jockblocked by Jen Frederick
February 11th 2016 by Tree LLC
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Review: Jockblocked by Jen Frederick


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