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When Was the Last Time You Seriously Challenged Yourself?

Seriously Challenge Yourself for the New Year

I have a friend, whenever it is her birthday, she chooses a theme for the upcoming year, and I think that is a great idea. But I think all of us could have a learning theme for each year. When was the last time you seriously challenged yourself? If you took up the Challenge, what would be your learning theme for 2018?

How will you challenge yourself to learn new skills for work, so that you become more valuable and in demand? But we all know that goals are not always easy to achieve, especially when you do not have a plan in place. By February, most people forget about the goals they were so excited about at the beginning of January. How can you be different from most people? Will you create an individual development plan.

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What You Need to Do to Achieve Your Goals

Dr. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at the Dominican University of California, conducted a research study  and found that if you are serious about achieving your goals, you need accountability, commitment, and you have to write your goals down. Without those three coaching tools, it is unlikely that you will achieve your goals. Right now, before you forget, make a commitment to someone, who will hold you accountable for achieving your goals.

I have a learning challenge for you. The World Economic Forum says that you need 10 skills to thrive in 2020. I have listed the skills below for you, do you think they are important skills to learn? And how might learning those skills change your life?

Seriously Challenged Yourself

10 Key Skills Needed for Future Jobs

  1. Complex problem solving
  2. Critical thinking
  3. Creativity
  4. People management
  5. Coordinating with others
  6. Emotional intelligence
  7. Judgement and decision-making
  8. Service orientation
  9. Negotiation
  10. Cognitive flexibility

The Idea HunterThe Idea HunterA Technique for Producing IdeasA Technique for Producing IdeasThe Bright Idea BoxThe Bright Idea Box


How do you plan to learn the skills above? If you had a choice, who would be your accountability partner? Are you a self-directed learner, who can learn the skills on her own? If you are, I created some resources that will allow you to get the most from the experience. I also created the Strategic Reading Challenge, which I designed so you can learn the 10 skills needed for future jobs. This reading challenge is difficult to complete because you have to read five books each month. It is a worthwhile challenge because you get the opportunity to mine for ideas in the books you read. If you find the right idea to implement, it could transform your life. Imagine what would happen at the end of the year after you have read 60 books, there are so many ideas could you play with?

seriously challenged yourself

The e-Books to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Reading

I mentioned that I created some resources for you to get the most from your reading. The first is a checklist which is a system for you to learn the skills, and you will always know exactly what type of book to read each week. On top of that, based on my business experience, there are other skills that you need to learn in addition to the 10 skills, so I incorporate those skills in the e-book, Checklist to Learn Key Skills and Develop Cultural Intelligence.

The second book, Effective Note Taking Tips for Professionals, is aimed at teaching you how to take effective notes. Taking notes is a form of learning. And you will learn how to take notes when you are reading and listening. You may be someone who loves to listen to audio books and taking notes when you are listening is different from when you are reading. You will learn how to abbreviate words, so that you take notes faster. Also, when you take notes, you remember more of what you are reading, which is important if you are trying to learn skills.

The third book, How to Spot Great Ideas When You Read Books, is aimed at helping you to mine ideas from the five books that you read each month. The process is easier when you can review the notes that you took while reading the books. Since you are investing so much time in reading the books to learn new skills, I think it is important for you should get a return on your investment in reading time. This means that it is even more important to combine the ideas between the books you read, and tie them to a meaningful need. You never know what idea will emerge, and sometimes all it takes is one idea to transform your life.

Strategic Reading Challenge Facebook Group

I put out a call because I wanted 20 to 25 people to join me in learning the 10 key skills together, using the Strategic Reading Challenge. About 30 people answered the call, and joined the Strategic Reading Challenge to Learn Key Skills Facebook group. We are accountable to each other, and the community is there to support its members. As the leader of the tribe, I created resources to help participants increase the chances of success in the reading challenge. You are welcome to join the Facebook group, to participate in the Strategic Reading Challenge with others.

Have you read?

This Reading Challenge for Adults Locks in Future Jobs – Learn How!

For this coming year, I plan to continue learning the 10 key skills needed to thrive in 2020. That is my learning theme for the upcoming year. And that is a major goal that I would like to achieve in 2018. When you look at the 10 key skills, you will notice that many of them are related, so it makes sense to learn them together. And that is why in the first month of the challenge, you are learning problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, and decision-making skills. There are many books that teach you all these skills together. If you need recommendations, just let me know.

Accountability, Commitment, and Written Goals

If you take up the call to participate in the Strategic Reading Challenge, to show that you are serious about achieving that goal, join the Facebook group Strategic Reading Challenge to Learn Key Skill. The members in the group will hold you accountable, and commit to the challenge by scheduling time to read each day. And write down that you are learning the 10 key skills needed for future jobs. Place it where you can see it every day.

Have you read?

Your Best Year Yet by Jinny Ditzler [This provides a process to come up with your 10 goals for the year]

Next Steps to Seriously Challenge Yourself for the New Year

  1. If you are serious about doing the Strategic Reading Challenge, join the Facebook Group.
  2. Read the pinned post about the Strategic Reading Challenge, This Reading Challenge for Adults Locks in Future Jobs – Learn How!
  3. Decide on the books you plan to read during the first three months (write names of the five books you are reading in January).

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When Was the Last Time You Seriously Challenged Yourself?


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