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Pranayam - Limited Version
2024-02-13 12:12
Title: Pranayam – Limited Version Genre: Flipbook of Pictures, Poems in Malayalam with Translation in English Poet: Jayarsree T. Translator: Sujatha Warrier Photographers: Basanth Peri… Read More
Book Launch: Pranayam - Limited Version
2024-01-11 14:06
 Introduction to the e-book by Sujatha WarrierPranayam – Limited Version was launched by Geethanjali Dilip, Poet and Curator, Yercaud Poetry Festival, at the 6th edition of the Fe… Read More
The Bing Bang Theory
2023-12-11 20:54 If this planet is my home...If my home is this planet and if I throw the waste – the garbage – generated in my home out the window of my home, where would it fal… Read More
2023-10-28 19:04
While in the nightly hours...Sparkles of the vinous,musky moonlight spill o’er the urns of the skies, speckle the nooks and crannies of the night, cling to the fences of my senses, and… Read More
2023-10-20 15:23
 Hosny Salah - PixabayA rumble of terror on the horizon,A fluttering of fear in the air,A foreboding, looming sense of doom,A dread of loss of what never was,A colossal outburst of molt… Read More
2023-09-18 15:50
 This isolation that enwraps me in a crowd. Holding me captive. Exiling me from the world. Or the world from me. An incarceration. That turns into an armour. Occasionally. This desolat… Read More
2023-08-08 11:10
And to no applause.The lone survivorThough lone, survivorThough survivor, lone. © Read More
Saaramilla – It’s Okay
2023-07-06 20:57
Book Title: സാരമില്ല (Saaramilla)Poems by: Jayasree T.Published by: Thinkal BooksI have been losing myself in the pages of Saramilla (It Doesn… Read More
2023-06-17 12:24
South Bank, MelbourneThe horizon is a blotting canvas. The ink of the sky spreads in layers. The earthy hues roll out and halt all at once in blobs. And before the sun can dry out the misty… Read More
If You Must
2023-05-13 12:05
Caught on the run.Call it not dusknor call it dawn,call it if you musta twilight daylongslipped and fallenoff the horizon. © Read More
2023-05-04 09:59
One for the road.A cupful of sungathered to last onefor the rest of the run. © Read More
2023-02-28 19:22
It's a tale of contrasts.Day peeps in,night lurks, time unseenmeanders. © Read More
2023-01-19 10:40
pc: Sue & RueSue: As times change, words take on a different meaning. Rue: Meaning? Sue: Often they mean the opposite of what they are supposed to mean. Rue: Like? Sue:… Read More
Serendipity Of Sorts
2023-01-05 16:57
My visit to the Wax Museum in Kolkata brought back to me the memory of a day I had spent narrating poems to my (poet) father. This was just over a couple of months before he passed away. Age… Read More
2022-09-13 11:35
The never-ending narrative. Life unfurlsaround every curvein slow swirls.© Read More
Matter Or Maya?
2022-08-18 04:08
Smitha Keeran Warrier[A Souvenir Shop at Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal]This little shop. And its pretty wares. Made from the grossest matter, by gifted hands. Such divine creations too!… Read More
2022-08-03 13:50
The finale. Watched for long, waitedall 'round the wall, breath bated,for the final fall.© Read More
2022-07-05 09:42
Intro... Drama... The End. A matineeunreeled and wrapped upby destiny.© Read More
Moving Stillness
2022-06-30 18:31
Sarangkot, Pokhara, Nepal"The stillness in stillness is not the real stillness; only when there is stillness in movement does the universal rhythm manifest." - Bruce Lee.I never could get th… Read More
2022-06-13 11:16
And the wheels roll on.Sujatha WarrierEndless roadinfinite journeytravel light.©  Read More
2022-06-13 11:15
When the storm passes on.The essence,the vital substance,the absence.© Read More
2022-06-08 10:24
 And it's another day.Vagrant breezebreathes a lazy pace,a new tale.© Read More
2022-05-27 13:25
When the storm (un)settles. Night’s long gone, passions worn, day stirs live embers.© Read More
2022-05-24 11:31
Descendingwaters, heavens un-relenting.©[Widespread rain and thunderstorms are likely over Kerala and Lakshadweep on Wednesday, May 25, 2022 -… Read More
2022-05-20 11:01
pc: Sue & RueSue: Man builds bridges for progress. Rue: Man burns bridges too for progress. Sue: What about bridges falling all on their own? Rue: That’s when he m… Read More
Of Yellow Hues
2022-05-12 17:59
PC: RIAമഞ്ഞചുഴിഞ്ഞിറങ്ങി-ക്കലരുന്ന… Read More
2022-05-11 16:34
PC: PUBLIC DOMAIN Clouds bore downwith the weight of a town’sprolonged wait.©[As all the Covid restrictions that blocked the celebrations for two years have been lifted, thou… Read More
2022-05-08 13:13
Remnants of a storm.Undried tears,sunken dreams, hushed fears,slushed up peace.© Read More
The Embroidery Of Darkness
2022-05-04 09:04
PC: SUDEVANWhen darkness and thoughts interweave, they trap a lone, raw nerve in their loops, wreathing solitude. A flower blooms in it, and a spring of smiles make way through the darkness… Read More
2022-04-27 18:24
Video Courtesy: Dhanya PappanSwept by the windand borne by the breeze,wherever they blowon their wings carried,dropped on the fence,left by the street,life rolls on like the freed seedo… Read More
The Transcendental Element
2022-04-15 10:32
PC: POORNIMAThe flower looks towards the sky, yet it belongs, by nature, to the earth. It merges back into the earth, yet it is divine, ethereal. This little bloom is but you and I. Reaching… Read More
The Moonlight Dance
2022-04-13 08:08
Jayashree PeringodeThiruvathira. The day Goddess Parvathi became one with Lord Siva. Women in Kerala celebrate this holy day by fasting, chewing on betel leaves, and dancing in groups around… Read More
2022-04-08 11:31
Just before the downpour.Ocean seethes,horizon simmers,fumes rise, earth fries.© Read More
Truth Or Proof?
2022-04-08 10:32
pc: pngtree.comSue & RueSue: What's truth?Rue: Fact, reality.Sue: What's a lie?Rue: An intentional untruth.Sue: What's burden of proof?Rue: The obligation to prove an allegation.Sue: Wha… Read More
2022-04-08 10:30
K. Krishnadas Love is like a pearlthe tear it keeps from the worlda smile to unfurl.© Read More
2022-04-08 10:16
At the end of war,unhealed scars and unleashed sparswill keep up the farce.©[PC: - "Ukraine invasion: Russia claims 498 of its troops killed and 1,597 wounded in f… Read More
2022-04-08 10:15
Right after the outpour. Sob-shaken,rain-torn, tear-laden,thunder-worn.© Read More
Found And Lost
2022-02-15 10:42
Shoonya is nothingness. It's that nothingness that encompasses everything in the universe. The world, as we know it, takes birth in this nothingness and dies in this nothingness. What remain… Read More
I Shall Console Myself
2022-01-15 11:13
This poem is in reply to Vineetha Mekkoth's poem "Shall I Console Myself" (from the collection 'Penpiravi - Birth of a Woman'), which is a translation of the Malayalam poem "Njan Ashwasichot… Read More
One More Line And Other Poems
2021-12-26 08:08
Title: One More Line and Other PoemsGenre: PoetryPublisher: AuthorspressBookstore: Amazon Excerpt from the Foreword to the Book"The mark of a good poet is to sustain the theme within th… Read More

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