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The Pensieve publishes immersive fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry by emerging writers. If you want a good, short read each week for free, visit us! Writers may submit their work for possible publication on the blog.
Around The Edges
 By Brittany RoeperIt was 7:32 p.m., and Eliza waited underneath the restaurant awning, barely out of reach of the rain. Wasn’t rain on your birthday supposed to be good luck? She… Read More
Encounters XIII: Can't Get Enough
By Susan JohnsonWhat I encounter says more about me than what’s encountered.“There’s fresh bear scat ahead,” an approaching hiker says. “Oh great,” I say… Read More
The Year Of Golden - Episode 3
By: Kelly McDonald Editor's note:  This is Episode 3 of a three-part memoir series comprising micro-essays. Each essay touches on a memory highlight, describing it in less than 500… Read More
From:  War And Peace
By: John Dougherty A book you gave me once bedecksMy bookshelves still (an inscription safely tucked within)From back when giving books was still the thing.How permanent its presence ha… Read More
By Lauren Derrick Two universes collided. That’s how I came face to face with myself. I—she—looked good. Man, that version of me looked good. Ever since I can remember… Read More
 By Marietta CalvanicoIt seemed I always walked in just as he was squeezing his coffee sock. I don’t feel like explaining what that means; it’s enough to say that the inmat… Read More
The Year Of Golden - Episode 2
 By Kelly McDonaldEditor's note: This is Episode 2 of a three-part memoir series comprising micro-essays. Each essay touches on a memory highlight, describing it in less than 500 words… Read More
By Elizabeth SmithThis morning, the tree sparklesin its blanket of white,bestowed from the mostrecent storm.The snow drips down a branch,almost becoming an icicle locked in place,reflecting… Read More
Good Girls Don't Get Angry
By Jeanette MillerIn the 1960s, an invisible, unwritten code of the small, midwestern town where I came of age required girls to grow up Iowa-nice, and nice meant you didn’t get angry… Read More
The Year Of Golden - Episode 1
 By: Kelly McDonaldAuthor's Note: This literary piece is the beginning of a series of micro-essays, which is an experiment in expressing memoir as a sequence of remembered experiences… Read More
By: Melissa CookThe days before my mother died are a blur of colors. I am not sure if this is because I was too young or because so little of it seems grounded in reality. It was not until a… Read More
At The Gym
By Elizabeth SmithThree women stretchTogether with the bands and gabAbout some family drama at Christmas.A couple dozen members flood inFor the morning spin classAnd finish in an exodus.An e… Read More
Episode 14: The Load You Carry
By Lauren DerrickEditor's Note: This story is the final episode of the Marvelous Mind of Marilyn Hansen series hosted on the Pensieve. Madelyn aimed a small pistol at Byrd. &ldquo… Read More
By Tony Hozeny1Virgil was glad to escape home for errands. He stopped at the liquor store and bought a six-pack of India pale ale. At the library, he selected a new biography of Harry Trum… Read More
 By: Kelly McDonaldIf the path before you is clear, you areprobably on someone else’s. Joseph CampbellI was the youngest of five brothers, growing up in a rural Utah community… Read More
 By: Mitchel MontagnaStanford Goldman’s rental skidded into the parking lot of a school just west of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, near Amish country. He’d forgotten how suddenly… Read More
Episode 13: Power
By Lauren DerrickEditor's Note: This story is part of the Marvelous Mind of Marilyn Hansen series hosted on the Pensieve. “Brigham’s sending you the tracker link and so… Read More
The White Hair
By Elizabeth SmithI gaze at the hair in my reflection: It is evidence that I am ripening,that my body is catching up with my “old soul.”It is a testament that I have survived the… Read More
Lecture Hall
By Alexandria WyckoffThe clock ticks forward.It’s hard to believe only a minutehas passed while I listen to this monotony in front of me.I scribble down meaninglesswords as the ink run… Read More
Becoming Mr. Page
By: Kelly McDonald “Call me trimtab”                                     &nbs… Read More
Autumn Afternoon
By: Shelley SmithsonThe afternoon basks in the autumn light,Sunshine warming the seconds of the dayAs they tick onward against the aging blossoms.Future and past meet in the angle of the lig… Read More
Episode 12: Judgment
By Lauren DerrickEditor's Note: This story is part of the Marvelous Mind of Marilyn Hansen series hosted on the Pensieve.Finley and Robert Byrd walked through a subway station, followed clos… Read More
A Rookie's Poem
By Elizabeth SmithConfidence does not stay nearno matter how it comes, fast or slow,and I must try to keep it here.Like when the ice in March last yearquickly melted, retreating in a flow,co… Read More
By Kaitlyn R. SullivanIcebergs drifting in a line,one by one and side by side.I know you see them, seemingly fine.With what’s below will you collide?One by one and side by side,all our… Read More
The Breakfast Era
 By: Lauren DerrickAt the crack of dawnAn egg yolk slides upSizzling in skyPeeling back the skinSingeing the red flesh—Dewy grapefruit.Aroused from slumberUnable to wakeSearing, s… Read More
Morning Walk
 By: Kelly McDonaldThe sun peeks over the east mountains as we begin our morning walk. Our long shadows reach toward the west as we, man and dog, start this regular regimen, tethered to… Read More
 By: Erin SchalkPraise the lifetime surgery scar, the hidden mark of a child-survivor.Praise the teenage hair loss, teachingbeauty can be grown within.Praise the damaged intestines… Read More
At Farmington Bay
By Elizabeth SmithTrucks full of gravel slow us on the country road, adorned with traffic cones until we turn toward the trailhead. We stroll, my family and I, along the thawed marsh, where… Read More
Chinese Summers
By Anita PanIn the hot, muggy days of July and August, China takes it upon herself to be as unpleasant as possible. Furious streams of light burst forth and tear curtains apart in forty-some… Read More
An Engineer's Guide To Death Cleaning
 By: Kelly McDonaldNow that I am on my journey as a septuagenarian, my regular exercise regimen of running has slowed to a brisk walking gait. But I keep going every morning when the we… Read More
Episode 11: Lures And Traps
 By: Lauren DerrickEditor's note: This is another episode in the series, The Marvelous Mind of Marilyn Hansen.Marilyn Hansen stood at the front desk of an aging reception room.  Th… Read More
By Elizabeth SmithTwo magpies glide to the treeOutside our bedroom window.“Look!” I whisper to my daughter,Who looks too much like meToday: tangled hair, stillIn a nightgown, wet… Read More
Episode 10: Speeding Away
By Lauren DerrickThe Pensieve Editor's Note: This story is a continuation of the Marvelous Mind of Marilyn Hansen series. Brigham’s phone lit up, and he jerked, then stood upright. By… Read More
My Upstairs Window
 By: Kelly McDonaldMy upstairs window looks out on many vistas.From my darkened room, I can see traveling neighbors,leaving their homes, then returning.I might wave, and they may notice… Read More
Silence Rushes In
By: Kallie FarraI remember afternoons filled with subtle wind, ruffling glass, and snow glinting off the distant mountain range. When the wind would carry my words to the wisps of dandelions… Read More
The Bakery
 By Elizabeth SmithThe Pensive editor's note: This story is the final episode in the Classified series.The baby screamed. Jade unplugged the curling iron and dropped it onto the bathroo… Read More
Episode 9: The Breaking Point
By Lauren DerrickThe Pensieve Editor's Note: The following is a continuation of the Marvelous Mind of Mariyln Hansen series. As the passengers dispersed into the airport, Finley turned to he… Read More
Trusting In Tech
 By: Kelly McDonaldThe timer counted down. A focused quiet surrounded me as I hustled to get everything ready for the finale, carefully following each item on my checklist, making sure… Read More
The Chapel
 By: Chanel EarlEditor's Note: This is an example of a literary form known as a 'haibun'. Haibun originated in Japan and typically combines prose and haiku.My two daughters and I travel… Read More
Episode 8: Grasping Secrets
By Lauren DerrickThe Pensieve Editor's Note: This is a continuation of the Marvelous Mind of Marilyn Hansen series. Brigham fidgeted with his phone, cycling through a series of cameras that… Read More
The Wedding Day
By Elizabeth SmithThe Pensieve Editor's Note: This is a continuation of the Classified series.Gloria knelt and buttoned her granddaughter’s lacey dress.“Are you excited, little f… Read More
By Jarom PetrichEach flake of drifting snow can tell a story all its own,The frigid cold and howling wind help shape the way they’re grown.And crystals formed in boiling depths compres… Read More
The Nativity Child
 By: Melissa SmithWith the Christmas season just around the corner one year, we had a baby.  This new addition changed the way I saw Christmas from that year onwards, but not in th… Read More
My Last Race
By: Kelly McDonald        I’m waiting for Heather, my running partner and a daughter-in-law, to arrive. Most of the congregating 975 runners are in costume, mine a… Read More
By Elizabeth SmithEditor's note: This story is the fifth part of the Classified series.“So which kind of bed are you thinking?” The saleswoman asked.Jade shifted her weight, her… Read More
By Kath RichardsPhoto by Rendan LovellNora hooded a hand over her eyes, a feeble attempt at blocking the yellow light blistering through the window of her cousin’s PT Cruiser. Talia ha… Read More
Spiders And Monsters
 By: Lauren DerrickEditor's Note: Though we normally publish on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of a month, we'll sometimes post a special publication in another week, highlighting something… Read More
On Inspiring Learning And Lifting
By: Kelly McDonald        I walked into the classroom as a few other students were finding their seats around the long conference table. I surmised the professo… Read More
Waiting For A Pumpkin
 By: Melissa SmithEditor's Note:  Normally we publish on the first Wednesday of the month.  However, due to a special day for the author, we published this poem on Thursday, O… Read More
The Fairy Place
By Elizabeth SmithEditor's Note: This story is the fourth part of the Classified series.  Jade unbuckled the baby from the bicycle attachment and set him onto the grass. The two held ha… Read More
A Log
By Elias OrregoEditor's Note: This poem was first published on the author's personal blog, Writer's Digestion.A log, carried by time and the river,sat propped between two rock walls.The top… Read More
 Editor’s Note: This past June marked the second anniversary of The Pensieve, and as we had done last year, we marked this commemorative milestone with an author’s interview… Read More
By: Kelly McDonaldEditor's Note: We continue our exploration of the sub-genre of flash-fiction, complete fictional stories captured within a general range of 500-1500 words.“James, our… Read More
A Runaway Bunny
By Elizabeth SmithThe Pensieve Editor's Note: This is the third part of a series. The first is The Classified, and the second is The Plate.    Brett peeked through the bedroom… Read More
 Dear readers,Since we founded The Pensieve two years ago, we have consistently published four pieces of literature per month. Some talented writers wrote the poems, short stories, and… Read More
The Plate
By Elizabeth SmithThe Pensieve Editor’s Note: This story is the second part of a series of stories. The first part is  “The Classified”.    “Are t… Read More
Memoirs Of A Yellow Dog
 By: O. HenryEditor's Note:  This is a public domain short story by the celebrated O. Henry. We thought this classic tale from a well-recognized author would certainly qualify for… Read More
Living Water
 By: Jarom PetrichWhy does water always flowWhen it melts from winter's snowAnd the rivers rushFull of glacial slush,Down to valleys far below? It always seeks the easy wayTo navig… Read More
Becoming Grandpa
 By: Kelly McDonaldThough I had a living grandfather, I have one memory of when he was my grandpa. He took me for a tractor ride around his farm. I was five years old. But in a few year… Read More
Invisible Mothers Of Yemen
 By: Bronwyn BlankinshipI couldn’t tear my eyes away from her face. I stared, surely longer than was polite, as I considered what her story might be. Was there a boy somewhere who… Read More
A Beggar At The Gas Station
By Elizabeth SmithThis girl with flaxen hairand spiders ink-etched in her shouldersays she ranouttagas,has to be in Phoenixreal bad.She cradles cardboard—The same scratched-up, disquie… Read More
Episode 4:  Thursdays
By: Lauren Derrick Editor's note: This is the fourth in a series. The previous episode was published on February 9, 2022Marilyn looked burned out from the inside when she and Finley pul… Read More
I Climb The Old Cedar Again
By Elias OrregoI climb with great speed,I reach hand-over-hand,stepping foot-over-foot,grass below becomes smaller, and smaller.I fly through the branches.Swift and dreamy as the daysand the… Read More
The Desert Hike
By Melissa SmithAs the sun climbed over the horizon, I turned on my blinker and took the exit, heading for my favorite trails. It was time for a break. For weeks I’d been pouring over… Read More
By: A.A. MilneEditor's Note:  This essay, in the public domain, was written in 1920 by A.A. Milne, the author of the Adventures of Winnie the Pooh books. He was a prolific writer of man… Read More
At Seventy
 By: Kelly McDonaldI’m standing on the edge of a precipice, looking into its darkness. I can’t clearly see the other side, but I know I must soon begin my expedition through… Read More
An Opera
 By: Chanel EarlShe knew, she just knew there had to be a word for what she was seeing. A debacle?She had worked at the pet shop for two years, and in that time, she had changed ev… Read More
Moving Day
 By Elizabeth SmithOn this dewy morningthe apple blossoms' chastebursts of white promisefruit I will never taste Read More
Nothing Gold Can Stay
 By Robert FrostNature's first green is gold,Her hardest hue to hold.Her early leaf's a flower;But only so an hour.Then leaf subsides to leaf.So Eden sank to grief,So dawn goes down to… Read More
By Greg KirtonChildren are a wonderful gift,Their innocence makes heavy hearts lift.Imagination fills their souls,Creating wonder in all they behold.A simple courtyard becomes a palace,Color… Read More
Bus Ride Revelations
By: Eliza Howard    “Tu toca.” She said. Your turn. Wait, MY turn?!    I’m sure I looked like she had just told me we were having pig’s… Read More
The Doctor Will See You Now
 By: Elias OrregoThe child slid his hand gently along the surface of the porous red rocks, letting his palm get a scratch and a tickle. He picked up a couple and  tapped them toget… Read More
By: Kelly McDonaldI once journeyed afar.From Hawaii to Israel in just one day,east and west coast cities, regular destinations.But the evening-news, nowcasts shadows. In my once shrinking wo… Read More
Episode 3: The Problem With Madelyn
By: Lauren Derrick Editor's Note: Today's posting is the third episode of  a multi-part story. If you haven't read the earlier episodes 1 and 2, they can be found as postings on Se… Read More
The Widow Interim
By: Kath Richards                             photo attributed to: Conner CushmanA metronome outside his skin, like… Read More
The Classified
By Elizabeth Smith The woman entered the bakery and shook as much water from her hair as possible before adding her raincoat to the two already hanging on the rack. Checking her reflection i… Read More
Leave No Trace
By Melanie Gagon I’ve luckily had the opportunity to travel all over Utah, which has left me with experiences that forever changed me. From deep in the heart of the Uinta Mountains, wh… Read More

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