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If Artists Can Doodle and Sketch, How About Writers?

“I don’t want to be a writer Writing about writing.” I told myself this. All pure. “I want to simply Write fiction. I want to channel all my creative energy and time into only fiction writing.”

woman writing in diary

First off, I keep writing other things besides “fiction.”

I write poems. Apparently. This is new to me.

Maybe they’ve been there all along, I just didn’t know how to polish them. This is my growing suspicion. But shortly before launching this blog I began writing these pieces that I called odes.

Because this was a mystery word to me, and these were mystery things. I’ve posted some here under the category Musings. Now I know that they are not, in fact, odes. They’re free verse.

But I’ve since learned a little more about poetry and accepted that I write it. And decided to keep learning and practice in public. So now I’m really enjoying the poem writing process. (Most of them end up on Instagram.)

Another thing I write that is not truly fiction is blog posts. Not the how-to ones all the monetize-your-blog experts say you should write. But observations of myself in the world. Part Story, part journal, but a little more defined.

Also, it seems I’m compelled to write memoir. I’m not as proficient at this as I’d like to be. I discovered Marion Roach Smith and happily fell down her rabbit hole.

But part of memoir is telling the reader What You Learned and I’m often still learning. She does explain you can still write memoir from that student mind, so that gives me hope. Still a lot to learn.

And then there’s story and writing. I like simply playing around with story ideas.

What if Snow White were fifty? What might be happening in her life?

What if a superhero had a sister?

How amazing that Han is “gut,” Leah is “head,” and Luke is “heart” as Matt Bird says The Secrets of Story. I wonder how that applies to other books or movies. How about in Little Women? And are the Little Women following birth order?

How would Pride and Prejudice look in a workplace setting?

What other things can characters in books do besides fall in love or die? Without having to write a superhero story or a fantasy or sci-fi novel.  

These aren’t things I’ve taken the time to write about, but I’m going to start. To just sketch the idea, capture the bones of it. Like sketching a quick doodle.

Artists and painters do this all the time. They even have sketchbooks.

Writers probably do it but call it something else. This is what Chase Jarvis talks about in Creative Calling. He says to do something creative every day. Even if it’s just taking a photo.

I can sketch a poem or a scene or a story idea question every day, throughout my day in random moments. Just as I can spend five minutes doodling circles and shapes.

If you’re an action photographer like Chase is, take other photos. It feeds your creativity.

painting in sketchbook on park bench

If you can knit and read between activities, why not write?

I wonder if I don’t have to sit down for two hours – or, okay, one hour – well, at least give it 30 minutes every day to WRITE FICTION, all serious and productive.

What if I can write between batches of home-made corn chips in the air fryer? Between evening One and Done exercise and watering the orchids? In the car just after a grocery run to Target for curbside pickup. (Do you know the joy of writing in your car? This is a pre-COVID pleasure I discovered that is perfect for now.)

Maybe since I’m opening to my creativity the words and writing will flow all day. Most editing can be done in short spurts. Not saying that’s ideal, just possible.

Yes, there comes a point that dedicated time is more beneficial. But, Caryn, don’t stop the flow just because you “don’t have the time.” Time is in you, as Gay Hendricks says. You make time.

Sketch your words and be open to all sorts of writing. Don’t limit yourself to fiction.

Apparently, I also write encouraging motivating pieces.

Who knew?

Can you add a few writing snippets into your day? Leave a comment below.

Sketchbook outside by Cally Lawson from Pixabay | Woman writing journal by free stock photos from from Pixabay 

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If Artists Can Doodle and Sketch, How About Writers?


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