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The Mainstream Medias Journalistic Disgrace Covering Tommy Robinson

The Mainstream Medias Journalistic Disgrace Covering Tommy Robinson

Free speech is a hot topic at the moment. Bizarrely it seems that the liberals of the world are pushing for censorship of ideas, and opinions, in stark contrast to their foundational ideas of freedom, and equality. Comically the far-left approach to supposed far-right ideas, is to suppress and sensor opinion, often by force. Pressure movements such as United against Fascism, and Antifa routinely use violence to stop people expressing thoughts that they do not agree with. It is hard to find a better definition of fascism that that. Notable targets are people such as American president Donald Trump who they label a racist, Milo Yiannopoulos a Christian homosexual that they hilariously label fascist, and a Jewish man named Ben Shapiro that they bemusedly call a white supremacist fascist. It seems among the far left that free speech only exists for opinions they agree with. Equality of ideas and freedom of speech is being undermined by the very people that should be standing up for it. Hypocrisy to the highest order.

Much of the crackdown on free speech comes from the delusory idea that religion is race, and that criticising a religion is racist. It is baffling that with the rise of atheism, people still bow to the idea that faith is untouchable, and that religion cannot be challenged. To this point, nothing confuses the left wing masses as much as the subject of Islam. The propensity for Muslims to have dark skin somehow in the eyes of the ultra-liberal, means that criticising their religion is racist. But Islam is multicultural, it is a set of ideas belonging to no race in particular. Astonishingly much of the teachings of Islam is fascist in itself. The theme of using violence to control thought, and action, again emerges in the Quaran. It is strange that the left wing so vehemently defend a text promoting slavery, misogyny, and violence towards homosexuals, non-believers and adulterers. Not very liberal or anti-fascist at all. The hard left make it harder for people across the world to escape Islamic oppression, and shame on them for forsaking their own principles to appear more culturally welcoming.

One of the strongest critics of Islam Tommy Robinson has faced harsh condemnation from the mainstream media, and the left wing alike. Many blindly call him racist without any proof at all, because there is not any. Recently Robinson was arrested for contempt of court, (Initially breach of the peace) for live streaming and reporting on a trial about Islamic grooming gangs. This as you can imagine was a very real, very serious issue for him, as he himself had witnessed his young cousin being groomed and raped by Islamic gangs. Robinson was whisked away and given a 13 month sentence for reporting the case, under the nose of the public. Indeed it was only because of media, and public pressure that a gagging order placed on his sentence was lifted. Of course the liberal media gleefully celebrated the arrest, choosing to highlight the arrest, and condemn Tommy Robinson, rather than the barbaric atrocities that he was reporting on.

Robinson could very well lose his life with this sentence, due to abundance of Islamic prison gangs in the UK prison system.

The arrest sparked mass protests with many claiming the sentence was used to supress free speech. It certainly would appear that a 13 month sentence is a very strong sentence for contempt. This gives credence to the argument that the arrest has been used to quell dissenting views. It seems much of the mainstream media believe one man and his views, to be worse than the multitude of Islamic rape gangs spreading throughout the UK.

A petition has been launched to free Tommy Robinson, which has already amassed over 549,000 signatures and counting. You can find the petition here:

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The Mainstream Medias Journalistic Disgrace Covering Tommy Robinson


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