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Top 10 juiciest Indian Controversies of 2017

2017 had been an exciting year for India,not only Manushi Chillar was crowned as MISS WORLD 2017 after a long time but also there had been many other controversial moments that rocked the nation as well as Social Media in the year 2017. We are compiling the list of most trending and most happening controversies of 2017 that divided Indians into two halves. And a fierce debate engulfed TV news debates,print media and social media taking simply ‘support vs against’ sides.


Oh My God! Suddenly it became the most heated debate in the nation,several state governments got involved,various bans followed, Karni Sena flexed muscles,dead bodies were hanged,death threats were issued against the star cast namely Deepika Padukone,film sets were burnt and what was this fuzz all about? Well Deepika dancing as Queen Padmavati and portraying a fictional character from the poem of poet Jayasi who is muse of Moughal Emperor Allaudin Khilji!

The best part? Nobody has seen the film yet and latest rumour is that film is about to be released after changing its name to Padmavat!

Zaira Wasim Molestation

The Dangal famed teen Diva from Kashmir and latest Bollywood young sensation goes straight to Instagram Live from Vistara flight to demonstrate how another passenger was putting his leg on her seat and molesting her. She cried and blamed things and added few more feathers to her ever controversial personality. Whole Bollywood favored her as usual and bifurcated Indians into two halves one who were blaming the shameless molester and others questioning Zaira Wasim intentions. Well what can we say about the secret Superstar?

Perfect  Bollywood Heroine in making! The outcome: the man is jailed without any inquiry! 

Kangna Ranuat-Hritik Roshan ugly spat

This is going to be the ugliest Bollywood spat ever when the Ex lovers Kangna Ranaut and Hritik Roshan washed their dirty linens in public and the world watched in awe. Kangna said “how Hritik was dancing lot-lot ke on her birthday” and how Susanne the Ex wife of Hritik Roshan and sister of Kangana Ranaut, Rangoli jumped into the controversy taking sides on Twitter. The TV debates by both the Bollywood stars and show appearance by Kangna on ‘Aap ki Adalat’ and Hritik on Republic TV aided to the whole charm. Much fun I must say!

The controversy died after Queen flopped onscreen.

Kangna Ranaut-Karan Johar Face Off

Kangna Ranaut called Karan Johar ‘Flag Bearer of Nepotism’ on his very own show ‘Koffee with Karan’ where she appeared for the first time ever.  Karan Johar retaliated by making fun of ‘Nepotism’ on an award show and Kangna retaliated some more. Whole world participated! Though we are sure she is not getting any more invitations on ‘Koffee with Karan’ but ‘Nepotism’ has become the hottest word in the dictionary after that.

Two of the biggest controversies-are in her name,no wonder the controversy queen is Bollywood top heroine.

Godman Gurmeet Singh Baba Ram Rahim controversy

This once powerful and mysterious owner of Dera Saccha Sauda and self acclaimed God Man Baba Ram Rahim with millions of followers sang songs,danced,fought the goons and what not in his super hilarious movies along with his super sensational alleged daughter Honeypreet only to be thrown into the jail mercilessly. Curfews were imposed,few people died, followers cried,media rejoiced with this super sensational news but nothing could prevent his entry to jail along with Honeypreet in much drama.

The outcome “Some serious faith and hope from Indian Judiciary and lot of respect for the real saint Judge” 

Jaheer Khan and Mohammad Sami slammed on Social Media

yes, Jaheer Khan and Mohhamed Sami were slammed brutally on social media by trolls! Not over their poor performance but over the alleged nudity of their wives. Alleged because Jaheer Khan’s wife was flaunting her finely painted nails and showed her bare hands and Mohhamad Sami’s wife was wearing a gown in the controversial pictures.

Apparently it’s against Islam. I know, I felt like tearing my hairs too. Sigh! 

Priyanka Chopra exposed legs before Prime Minister

If you live under some cave and somehow skipped Jaheer khan controversy and still not believing the uproars it created ,jump onto this piece of similar news involving two prominent celebrities of India. What was the fuzz all about? Well, the Top Bollywood and Hollywood actress Priyanka Chopra partly exposed her legs in her knee length dress which she chose during her meeting with Indian Prime Minister abroad. Apparently it was counted as most shameful act any Indian Woman could do before any elder,leave alone Prime Minister of our cultured nation.

Hail our ‘Sanskari’ Brigade! Please stop that urge to jump into a nearby well after knowing this controversy.

SnapChat CEO remarks on India

Remember the once most trending hastag on Twitter India #UninstallSnapChat which resulted into ugly cat fights on social media and nasty TV debates? Apparently all Indians were hurt by the highly insensitive alleged statement by SnapChat CEO Evan Spiegel calling Indians “poor”  and that his business can run without India”  People cried, down-rated Snapchat on Google play-store,uninstalled it,in sheer display of their patriotism,which evaporated just after the news died down and they installed it again.

Phew! Only if Indians could show this patriotism in unison over topics that really matter like poverty,hunger,unemployment which is a reality in India!

Sonu Nigam tweets on Azaan

You give your opinion on any religion in India,especially if you are a celebrity and you think none will notice? A big Joke! Religion is what this secular country cares about,hunger,poverty,rapes,dowry,deaths rate down in the ladder. Somewhere between complaining about ‘noise pollution’ and peace, Sonu Nigam used the term ‘forced religiousness in his tweets.

The end results? Sonu Nigam quitting Twitter after much abuses. 

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma Wedding

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma wedding can be rated as event of the year 2017 which was attended by Bollywood and Cricket world of India which are equally loved in our country and we even always loved Virushka as couple. So what was so controversial about? Hold your breadth! A BJP leader and many other questioned patriotism of Virat and Anushka over their wedding venue away from media glares in Tuscany on foreign lands. Now laugh! 

At last All’s well that ends well and we look forward for more such entertatining controversy in the year 2018 where news are created out of nothing, ready to engulf nation into useless flares and false ego distracting us as citizens from asking our rights.

Happy New Year to all you lovely readers,keep sharing! 

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Top 10 juiciest Indian Controversies of 2017


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