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Earn money on the Internet in 2023: 30 ideas to make money

Making money on the internet has never been more accessible. E-commerce websites and sales platforms are proliferating, and more and more French people are leaving traditional employment to start their own businesses. Among these new entrepreneurial ventures, many are online: diving into e-commerce or offering services such as web content writing or web design are solid ways to make money on the internet in 2023.

However, aside from establishing your own business, there are numerous other ways to earn money online.


By leveraging your skills, professional expertise, or passions to serve others, or by reselling items you no longer need. Here are 30 ideas to explore for making money online in 2023.

1. Sell a product or service of your choice online

Not everyone is cut out to be a merchant, whether it’s running a physical or online store. However, you may have a lot to sell: vintage items, your creations (objects, paintings, photographs, jewelry, and crafts, furniture…) or those of one or more creators who inspire you. Online sales also apply to selling services and intellectual services. Do you have a special talent or skill that you’ve developed in your professional life (degrees, jobs…) or in your leisure activities? You can offer your expertise to people in need and sell it online: language lessons or learning a musical instrument, business consulting…

You can then sell your products and/or services through your own e-commerce website. E-commerce tools designed for small businesses and beginners, such as Shopify, provide a turnkey solution, including free e-commerce training.

Startup Time: A few days or even weeks, Depending on the time and knowledge you have available to establish your sales strategy, choose your product, and train yourself in website creation.

Effort: Effort to be considered, as you will need time to train and transform yourself into an online entrepreneur, so it’s essential to be motivated by your e-commerce project!

Initial Payment: Upon the first sale

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2. Participate in Paid Market Research

This idea for making money online in 2023 offers many opportunities without any required investment.

Companies are constantly looking for consumers to test websites and digital products and provide feedback on their latest features. The good news is that you don’t need to be an expert in using a product or service to participate in market research. In fact, brands often seek individuals who know little about their product to get their initial thoughts! For example, a video game company might pay a game novice to test how intuitive the game is for players of all levels.

There are many websites that analyze the behaviors and opinions of people browsing a website or using a new product and pay them for their efforts. Some of these rewarding platforms include Toluna.

Startup Time: A few minutes to create an account on each website.

Effort: Minimal effort depending on the number of surveys or research activities you want to participate in.

First Payment: Immediate

3. Sell your clothes and belongings

Who doesn’t have an unworn shirt hidden at the back of their closet? Selling your clothes and other items you no longer want is a common way to make money on the internet, to supplement your income, and clear out your drawers and closets at the same time! Reselling your items online is probably the simplest solution to quickly earn money, and you also contribute to the development of a circular economy.

Mobile apps and online platforms for selling clothes, such as Vinted or Facebook Marketplace, allow you to list your clothing, accessories, and other items for sale to buyers from around the world. This is not limited to just clothing; consider selling knick-knacks or furniture on platforms like Leboncoin.

Startup Time: About an hour to take photos of your items and upload them to the sales platform of your choice.

Effort: Some effort, including taking photos of your clothes, listing them online, and shipping items if necessary.

First Payment: Depends on how long it takes to sell your first item.

4. Become an online teacher

Teach what you know. Everyone is likely to have specific knowledge, whether it’s trigonometry, classical literature, or Spanish conjugation!

There are various websites that allow people from around the world to sell their knowledge to students and make money online through this expertise. And since most lessons are conducted via video chat, you can work remotely from anywhere.

This source of online income has exploded during the pandemic, providing people with an easy way to earn money online, regardless of their mastery of a subject. Sites like Superprof and Preply allow you to promote your services to potential students in different countries, whether you’re teaching math, science, English, or another language. Furthermore, if you have expertise in a specific area, you can create short video tutorials or sell your courses directly to businesses!

Startup Time: Just a few minutes to create an account on the chosen tutoring platforms.

Effort: Minimal effort to get started, but it will require commitment to maintain a consistent income.

First Payment: Within one week to one month.

5. Write Content

Do you enjoy writing and have a knack for it? Writing web content could allow you to become a freelance writer online.

How to make money online by writing? You can sell your services on freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Malt, or 5euros, or directly approach blogs that rely on content marketing. Skilled writers with expertise in a specific niche are often in high demand.

If you’re disciplined and can write relevant blog articles, consider starting a blog with the goal of monetizing it by choosing a niche and building an audience over time.

Whether you’re passionate about travel, cooking, sports, or any other hobby, there are countless resources available to help you create a profitable blog and monetize it. This way, you can ensure an income from home and free yourself from restrictive or inflexible office hours.

Startup Time: Several weeks to set up your services on specialized platforms, promote your skills, and find your first clients.

Effort: You become both a writer and a seller. You need to promote your work online, approach clients, and write professionally.

First Payment: Upon your first online sale.

6. Sell Your Illustrations and/or Designs

Online Just like writing, illustration and design are skills you can monetize online as a freelancer. Platforms like Fiverr are where many new artists, offering different design styles, find clients for marketing projects or creating personalized portraits.

If you want more artistic freedom while ensuring income, consider Print on Demand and apply your designs to products for sale (t-shirts, posters, bags, mugs, etc.).

By choosing a print on demand service, you can monetize your designs (selling clothing or decorative items, among others) and minimize financial risks. Once you’ve made your first sales and identified the most popular designs, you can consider investing in your own stock.

To turn your designs into sellable products, remember to meet the needs of a niche market or build a strong brand.

Hate Copy is an example of a brand created by an artist who applies designs to a variety of products.

Check out these resources to learn more:

  • The guide to starting an online t-shirt store.
  • How to create a t-shirt store online without stock by outsourcing order management and shipping.
  • How to start a phone case and accessories sales business: The ultimate guide.

Startup Time: Several weeks to create your online creations, list your services, or establish your print-on-demand brand.

Effort: You become a creator and a seller. You need to present your work online, handle formatting, promotion, and customer interactions.

First Payment: Upon your first online sale.

7. Sell Your Photographs Online

If you have a good camera and know how to use it, your talent could allow you to make money online!

While you can promote your photography services as a freelancer, you’ll be limited to local events that require a physical presence.

To create a part-time venture offering more flexibility, consider selling your photos online through stock photo agencies or as printable art. Of course, you can always use your photography skills to build a substantial audience on Instagram and monetize it. To start, choose a niche or style that appeals to you.

To grow your Instagram audience and make money from home, you can reach out to fashion influencers and offer to collaborate with them on various projects. Fashion influencers often need a professional photographer to shoot their looks, especially when collaborating with a brand. Many have a budget dedicated to photography.

Startup Time: Once you have your photos, it takes a few hours to upload them to online sales platforms and regularly update your promotion platforms, such as Instagram.

Effort: The effort lies in maintaining stock photo agencies and/or personal promotion platforms with your photos.

First Payment: Upon your first online sale.

8. Sell Your Handmade Creations Online

If you enjoy working with your hands and creating candles, bath bombs, soaps, or jewelry, why not share your creations with the world? Thanks to the internet, online shopping extends to everyone, making it possible to sell and buy original handmade items with great ease. If you make your own handmade items, your clientele for extra income may already be just a few clicks away.

Handmade products are synonymous with quality and authenticity, providing a level of care and uniqueness that large brands don’t offer. You can test the demand for your products by initially selling them (on a small scale) to people you know or on marketplaces like Etsy before considering establishing a full-fledged business once you’ve validated interest and acquired customers.

Here are some product ideas that can be handmade from home (numerous online resources detail how to create them):

  • Candles
  • Bath bombs
  • Soaps
  • Jewelry
  • Furniture
  • Rugs

Startup Time: If you already have your creations, it takes an hour or two to list your products online, photograph them, and publish them on the platform.

Effort: After creating your items, effort involves photographing, listing, communicating with potential buyers, and shipping.

First Payment: Upon your first online sale.

9. Rent your stuff

Sometimes, people don’t want to buy a product; they just want access to it for a specific period – this could be your lawnmower, gardening tools, car, or even your swimming pool. There are specialized websites like Swimmy for renting your pool by the day or Allo Voisins, which allows neighbors to rent equipment from one another.

Why not put this equipment or items you don’t use year-round up for rent? This way, you can make money online and supplement your income, provide a service, and prevent your equipment from gathering dust in your closets or garage!

You can even rent out your car when you’re not using it or the spare room in your home on Airbnb to earn extra money on weekends.

Startup Time: A few hours to list your items on relevant websites and browse through listings.

Effort: Varies depending on the products you’re renting; renting out your car or a room in your home requires more effort than lending out your kitchen scale!

First Payment: Generally immediate.

10. Become an Affiliate for Your Favorite Products

Amazon’s affiliate program allows you to add a unique code to a URL to claim a portion of the Payment if someone you know or have referred buys a product (it can be any product from Amazon’s catalog). However, there are also individual affiliate programs for different brands and storefronts that allow you to become an affiliate for your favorite brands.

Startup Time: A few minutes to generate your affiliate codes.

Effort: Minimal initial effort, but continuous effort may be necessary to earn a substantial amount of money through affiliate programs.

First Payment: One week to one month, depending on the payment terms of the affiliate programs you’ve chosen.

11. Create and sell online courses

Whether you’re an IT professional, artist, chef, or marketing expert, you can create a course that teaches your specific skills to others. You can then publish it on platforms like Udemy, Coursera, or Skillshare, which allow you to publish and sell your courses to a wide audience. You can create courses in the form of videos, written documents, webinars, or a combination of these elements.

Startup Time: Plan for a few days to a few weeks for creating the course content. This time varies depending on the complexity and length of the course. Registration and uploading to a platform can be done in a few hours.

Effort: Creating and selling online courses requires a significant initial effort, as it involves planning, creating, and recording the course content. Once the course is created, the effort needed for maintenance and responding to students is usually lower.

First Payment: Payments can occur as soon as the first sale, but the timelines and conditions vary depending on the chosen platform. Some sites may have a minimum threshold before paying you, and payments can be monthly or weekly.

12. Start a podcast

Podcasts are highly appreciated by consumers. You can create a podcast to share your thoughts, stories, knowledge, or passions with the world. It’s an excellent platform to discuss current topics, health, technology, or even your hobbies. With basic equipment and editing software, you can record and publish your episodes on platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts, and even monetize your content through affiliate programs, subscriptions, or advertisements.

Startup time: It takes a few days to a week to plan your content, acquire the necessary equipment, and record your first episode. Uploading to platforms can be done in a matter of hours.

Effort: The initial effort for setup and recording is not very complicated, but the key to a successful podcast is consistency. You need to maintain a regular publishing schedule, respond to comments, and promote the podcast through specialized marketing.

First payment: If you choose to monetize your podcast through advertising or affiliate programs, it can take several months to generate a significant income. Subscriptions or donations can generate income earlier, depending on your audience.

13. Start a YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel allows you to share your passions, skills, thoughts, or anything that interests you with a wide audience. You can create cooking videos, makeup tutorials, travel vlogs, video game reviews, or any other content related to your interests.

In addition to building a community around your niche, you can monetize your channel through advertising, affiliate programs, sponsorships, and more once you meet the criteria for their Partner Program.

Startup time: It takes time to plan, film, and edit your first video. Opening and configuring the channel can be done in a day.

Effort: Like any media, making money on the internet through YouTube requires consistency in publishing. Take the time to engage with your audience, respond to video comments, and work on optimizing your YouTube channel’s SEO through keywords.

First payment: Monetizing on YouTube requires meeting certain thresholds (such as specific watch hours and subscribers), which can take several months. Once these criteria are met, payments can be monthly, but they will vary based on your advertising revenue and other monetization sources.

14. Develop and Sell an App or Software

If you have programming skills, you can decide to develop and sell an application or software. Ideally, your creation should solve a problem or meet a specific market need. It could be a mobile app that helps people manage their health, a productivity tool for businesses, or an entertaining game. Regardless of the type, software development offers significant entrepreneurial potential. You can sell your product through platforms like the App Store, Google Play, or directly to customers through your website.

Startup time: Development can take from a few months to a year or more, depending on the complexity of the application or software. Uploading and marketing may take a few additional weeks.

Effort: Creating software or an application requires a high level of effort, especially in the beginning. This includes design, programming, testing, bug fixing, and establishing a marketing and customer support strategy.

First payment: Once the application or software is available for sale, payment can be immediate, but it depends on the sales platform and the chosen pricing model (e.g., one-time purchase, subscription).

15. Offer consulting or coaching services

You can also make money on the internet through consulting or coaching services by monetizing your skills and expertise in a specific field. Whether you’re an expert in business, health, education, or any other area, there are likely individuals or businesses that could benefit from your knowledge and personalized advice.

You can offer your services in person or online and choose to work with clients on an hourly basis, project basis, or even long-term as a mentor or coach. Consider diversifying your business by offering downloadable and paid summaries or e-books that highlight your expertise.

Startup time: The beginning may take some time as you need to define your services, set your rates, and create a website or social media accounts to promote your business. Acquiring clients may take a bit longer, depending on your network and marketing efforts.

Effort: The initial effort to set up your business and attract your first clients can be minimal, but ongoing effort will largely depend on the number of clients you choose to work with and the nature of the services you offer.

First payment: This can vary significantly depending on your payment terms, but it’s possible to receive payment at the end of the first session or project.

16. Manage business social networks

Managing businesses’ social media is a great way to make money on the internet using your knowledge of digital marketing. Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn are of paramount importance in any marketing strategy. Companies are, therefore, seeking experts to manage and optimize their online presence.

As a social media manager, also known as a Social Media Manager or Community Manager, you can assist companies in creating and publishing content, engaging with their audience, building a strong brand following, monitoring performance, and creating targeted advertising campaigns to increase visibility and engagement.

Startup time: A few days to define your services and rates, create a portfolio if needed, and start contacting potential clients. Setting up with a specific client may take a few additional days to understand their needs and objectives.

Effort: Ongoing effort varies depending on the number of clients and the complexity of the services you offer, but social media management is often an ongoing commitment that requires daily attention.

First payment: Payment depends on your arrangements with each client. Some may choose to pay hourly, others on a monthly basis, and terms can vary from upfront payments to payment terms of 30 days or more after billing.

17. Create and sell e-books

Creating and selling an e-book is an excellent option for any talented writer looking to make money on the internet. Indeed, an e-book can cover any subject and is a great way to share your knowledge, stories, or expertise with a global audience.

You can write an e-book as an expert in a specific field, a fiction writer, or simply to share an idea you’re passionate about. The key is to create original content that will set your e-book apart from the strong competition. E-books can be sold on platforms like Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Google Play Books. You also have the option to sell it directly from your own website to your established audience.

Startup time: Creating an e-book can take from several weeks to several months, depending on the length and complexity of the subject. The process of listing it for sale can be relatively quick, especially if you use a pre-existing platform.

Effort: The level of effort varies depending on the nature of the e-book. Research, writing, revision, formatting, and promotion can be complex steps.

First payment: Once the e-book is for sale, you can start earning money immediately. Payment timelines vary depending on the sales platform, and some may hold payments until a certain threshold is reached.

18. Writing a Blog

Writing a blog is a creative and flexible way to share your passions, knowledge, or express your opinions on various topics, and potentially generate income. You can choose to write about a hobby or passion, your professional expertise, daily life, or express your views on current affairs.

There are numerous platforms for blog editing, such as Shopify, WordPress, Blogger, or Medium. Choose a domain name, write your first article, and publish it – getting started has never been easier! You can monetize your blog through advertising, publishing sponsored posts with product placements, or even by selling products or services from your own brand.

Startup time: A few hours to a few days to select a platform, set up the blog’s design, and write your first articles. Building an audience may take more time and require a well-thought-out marketing and content strategy, emphasizing SEO keywords or reposting on social media.

Effort: Blog writing can be as simple or complex as you desire. Some bloggers publish multiple times a week, while others prefer a slower pace. Researching, writing, editing, and promoting your articles require ongoing effort.

First payment: Monetizing a blog typically takes time. It may take several months or more to start generating income, depending on your monetization strategy and audience growth.

19. Offering Editing and Proofreading Services

Offering proofreading and editing services is a viable business model for earning income on the internet. Whether for writers, students, businesses, or publishers, the demand for professional proofreading and editing is constant. This can involve correcting spelling and grammar errors, improving style and clarity, or even reorganizing entire sections of a text to enhance coherence.

Startup time: The startup time can be relatively short, especially if you already have the required experience and skills. It might take a few days to create a professional profile, set your rates, and perhaps register on platforms like Malt, Upwork, or Fiverr.

Effort: The initial effort to find clients can vary, but once you have established a reputation, work can become more regular. The level of effort for each project will depend on the complexity of the text and the specific needs of the client.

First payment: Depending on the platform or the direct agreement with the client, payment can be received immediately after the completion of a project, or there may be an agreed-upon payment schedule, such as 30 days.

20. Creating a Subscription Website or Patreon

Creating a subscription website or Patreon is a way to monetize your content and build an engaged community around your passion. This involves creating exclusive content, products, or experiences for subscribers to your site. It is a system particularly suitable for influencers, journalists, artists, content creators, or educators.

A good practice is to build an established audience on social media or a website by publishing free content and then offering your community access to exclusive premium content. Patreon or Substack are well-known platforms for this, but there are also other options such as creating your subscription website using WordPress plugins.

Startup time: A few hours to a few days to set up your page, define your subscription levels, and start promoting your offering.

Effort: You will need to provide initial effort to set up your subscription site, followed by ongoing effort to maintain an engaged community. This includes creating exclusive content regularly, interacting with your subscribers by responding to reviews or comments, and managing all technical and administrative aspects.

First payment: Payments can start coming in as soon as you have subscribers, but payment timelines vary depending on the platform. Patreon, for example, offers monthly payments, while other platforms may have different conditions.

21. Selling E-Products

If you’re a designer, illustrator, or just a fan of well-designed Excel spreadsheets or aesthetically pleasing Notion pages, you can sell your digital products and graphic resources on the internet. This includes online calendars, document templates, plugins, templates, and more. These digital products can help customers organize, plan, or improve their workflow. They are typically sold through specialized platforms, e-commerce sites, platforms like Etsy, or even directly through social media.

Startup time: A few days to a few weeks to develop the product, create an appealing sales page, and promote your offering. The time can vary depending on the complexity of the e-product and the platform you’re using.

Effort: Creating high-quality e-products requires time, skills, and sometimes expertise in a specific area. Once the product is created, the effort required for marketing and sales management can be relatively low, especially if you use a platform that handles many of these aspects for you.

First payment: Payments can start arriving as soon as you make sales. Payment timelines depend on the platform you use, with some offering instant payments, while others may have payment schedules of a few days or weeks.

22. Offering SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services

As more and more businesses seek to optimize their SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it presents an excellent opportunity for those looking to make money on the internet. SEO is a technique that involves optimizing a website to appear higher in search engine results, such as Google. This can include keyword optimization, building backlinks, analyzing user experience, and more.

Businesses of all sizes are looking to improve their online visibility, and an SEO expert can help them achieve this goal.

Startup time: A few weeks to a few months to develop your skills, create your portfolio, and start marketing your services. It may be helpful to have specific certifications or training to gain the trust of clients.

Effort: The initial effort can be significant as you need to learn the latest SEO techniques and management and tracking tools. Afterward, the level of effort will depend on the number and complexity of client projects.

First payment: Payment can vary depending on the agreement with each client; some may require monthly payments, while others may require partial payment upfront. Payment timelines can range from a few days to a month or more.

23. Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is a flexible and in-demand opportunity for those with organizational and communication skills. A virtual assistant (VA) works remotely to provide administrative, technical, or creative support to clients or businesses. Tasks can vary widely, from managing emails and calendars to conducting research and handling social media.

Startup time: A few days to a few weeks, depending on your ability to identify your skills, set your rates, and find your first clients.

Effort: The effort to become a VA can vary depending on your clients and tasks. It may require careful coordination, attention to detail, and the ability to work independently. Flexibility is often a significant asset, but it may also require strict time management.

First payment: Payment can start as soon as you find a client. Some may pay hourly, while others may pay per project. Freelance platforms may have specific payment timelines, while working directly with clients can lead to faster payments.

24. Creating and Selling Music or Sound Effects

If you’re a musician, producer, sound engineer, or just a music enthusiast, you can create and sell music or sound effects. This can be for films, video games, advertisements, or other media that require original, high-quality, royalty-free sound content. Artists can sell their work through platforms like Audiojungle, Pond5, or even directly to clients through their own websites or networks.

Startup time: A few weeks to a few months, depending on your existing skills, available equipment, and the time needed to create a portfolio. Beginners may require more time.

Effort: Creating high-quality music or sound effects requires time, creativity, and technical expertise. Ongoing effort is required to create new content, maintain quality, and build relationships with clients or sales platforms.

First payment: It can vary significantly depending on the platform and the popularity of your work. Some platforms offer payments shortly after a sale, while others may have specific payment thresholds or timelines. Selling directly to clients can also lead to faster payments.

25. Play online games in paid tournaments

Playing online games in paid tournaments offers a great opportunity to make money for video game enthusiasts. The world of esports has exploded in recent years, with numerous tournaments and leagues available for popular games like Fortnite, League of Legends, and Dota 2.

Whether you’re a professional gamer or just skilled in a specific game, you can participate in these tournaments to compete against others and potentially win cash prizes. You can also choose to stream your participation on platforms like Twitch to diversify your monetization methods.

Startup time: A few days to a few weeks, depending on your skill level and the need to register for specific platforms or tournaments. Participating in tournaments often requires a deep understanding of the game and a certain level of skill.

Effort: Playing games in a competitive setting requires time, focus, and constant commitment to improving your skills. It may involve hours of practice, watching replays, and participating in ranked games.

First payment: Payment can vary significantly depending on the tournament and your ranking. Some tournaments pay quickly after the competition ends, while others may have specific timelines. Furthermore, the amount can vary from a few dollars to substantial sums in high-level competitions.

26. Monetizing Your Social Media

Monetizing your social media has become an increasingly popular strategy for influencers, content creators, and even individuals with engaged audiences. From celebrities like Kylie Jenner to niche bloggers, social media monetization can take many forms, including product promotion, brand sponsorship, affiliate marketing, and creating exclusive content for paying subscribers.

The key to standing out from the competition? Publishing authentic, engaging, and consistent content tailored to your niche.

Startup time: From a few weeks to a few months, depending on the size and engagement of your audience. If you are new to social media, it may take more time to build a follower base.

Effort: Monetizing social media requires ongoing effort to create appealing content, engage with your followers, and find and manage partnerships. It can be a full-time job!

First payment: Payment can vary widely depending on the chosen monetization method and the level of audience engagement. Sponsorship contracts may pay quickly, while other methods like affiliate marketing may take more time.

27. Online Customer Service

If you want to work from home and have a flexible career, you can choose to do online customer service. Competent customer service is essential for any business looking to stand out from the competition and provide a good customer experience.

This role involves answering customer questions, solving problems, and providing information through channels like live chat, emails, or social media. Companies of all sizes, from startups to multinational corporations, hire online customer service representatives to provide fast and efficient support to their customers.

Startup time: A few days to a few weeks, depending on the company and the training process. Some jobs may require specific training or knowledge about the company’s products or services.

Effort: Online customer service can be both rewarding and demanding. It requires empathy, patience, and strong communication skills. Daily effort can vary based on the volume of inquiries and the complexity of the issues encountered.

First payment: Generally, payment is made on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis, depending on the employer’s terms. Earning opportunities can vary based on experience, location, and role complexity.

28. Becoming an Infopreneur

An infopreneur creates and sells information in various forms, such as e-books, online courses, webinars, and podcasts. This content is typically centered around a specific expertise or passion and is designed to educate, inform, or inspire those who consume it. Infopreneurs can work in any field, from health to technology, and everything in between.

Startup time: A few weeks to a few months, depending on the nature and complexity of the content you create. You need to develop a solid business plan, conduct market research, and create high-quality content.

Effort: Becoming an infopreneur requires a significant investment of time and energy. Creating quality content, marketing, managing customers, and continually updating information to keep it relevant and accurate can be demanding.

First payment: The payment timeline can vary significantly depending on the monetization strategy and the target market. Some infopreneurs may start seeing a return on investment within a few weeks, while others may take several months to establish a customer base and generate sales.

29. Offer translation services

If you are proficient in two or more languages, you can offer translation services to many businesses. Despite the improvement in the quality of translation applications or software thanks to artificial intelligence, businesses often require proofreading and even rewriting to adapt the text as closely as possible to the desired tone. High-quality translation is essential for businesses to internationalize their products or services.

Translation is not just about converting words from one language to another but accurately conveying the meaning, tone, and nuances of the original text. Translators can work in various fields, including business, law, medicine, literature, and information technology.

Startup time: A few days to a few weeks, depending on your experience and available opportunities. Certification in a specific language pair can increase your credibility and open more doors.

Effort: Translation requires meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the languages you are working with. It can be demanding work, especially for technical or specialized texts.

First payment: Payment can vary depending on the complexity of the work and the client. Some may pay immediately upon delivery, while others may have net terms of 30 days or more. Freelance translators can also set their own payment terms.

30. Becoming a Twitch Streamer

If you want to share your passion for video games, entertainment, or even education with a wide audience, Twitch is the platform for you. It is a live streaming platform where you can broadcast your video game sessions, discussions, tutorials, and much more. With an engaged community and creative freedom, becoming a streamer can be both fun and profitable.

Startup time: A few hours to a few days, depending on the equipment and setup you have. You’ll need to set up a Twitch account, invest in basic equipment if you don’t already have it (like a camera and microphone), and familiarize yourself with streaming software.

Effort: Becoming a successful streamer on Twitch requires regular and consistent commitment. Building an audience takes time, and you’ll need to dedicate hours to planning, streaming, and interacting with your community. Creativity and personality can help you stand out.

First payment: Earning money as a Twitch streamer may take some time. Monetization can come from various sources, such as subscriptions, donations, and partnerships with brands, but it may take a few months to start earning a significant income.

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