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“Now, For The First Time… A Secret Underground Community Of The World’s Greatest Seducers, Pickup Artists, and Dating Experts Break Their Years Of Silence To Teach You The Battle-Tested Techniques And Strategies They Use To Meet, Date, And Seduce The Most Beautiful… Most Desirable Women On The Planet…”

How Would Your Dating Life Be Different If…

  • You Had The Rock-Solid Confidence To Approach Any Woman, Anywhere… And Knew Just The Right Thing To Say To Smoothly Start Up A Conversation…

  • You Could Size Up A Woman Instantly And Know EXACTLY What To Say To Turn Her On And Make Her Want You…

  • You Knew The Simple Secrets Guys Who Are “Naturally” Good With Women Use To Give Themselves An UNFAIR Advantage Over All Other Men…

  • You Had Complete Control Over Your Emotions And Anxiety… And Could Completely BANISH The Nervousness And Anxiety That Has Spoiled Your Success With Women In The Past…

  • You Knew How To Use Secret Eye Contact Techniques And Sexual Body Language To Spark Feelings Of Primal Attraction In A Woman From Across A Room… Often Getting Her So Excited That SHE Makes The First Move…

…Well, It’s About Time You Found Out.

Now you can discover the top-secret strategies of a very small group of men who have FAR more success with women than they rightfully deserve… and STEAL their proven, word-for-word tactics for:

…approaching women smoothly

…getting phone numbers and dates from women most men consider “out of their league”

…making women feel positively addicted to being around you

…getting women back to your place easily

…how to get your Woman to bring other women into the bedroom with you

…and much, much more…

If you’re serious about taking your success with women to a level most men will never even DREAM is possible, this just might be the most important letter you’ll ever read…

From: Clifford Montreal,
Canada Saturday, 5:53 p.m.

Hey there,

What if I were to tell you that while you and your friends are out there struggling to meet women and get dates… there is a very small group of men who have figured it all out… and quietly enjoy more women in a month than most men will have in a lifetime?

You’ll never hear about these men or their amazing conquests. And you wouldn’t be able to pick one out of a line-up if your life depended on it.

Why? Well, they typically aren’t rich or handsome… and very few fit the picture of what most would consider a “pick up artist” to look like.

In fact… most of them look rather… well… plain.

Up until very recently they have preferred to keep their secrets to themselves… discussing their tactics only in secret forums and private mailing lists tucked away in the far corners of the internet… where only the extremely curious and stupidly lucky could ever hope to stumble upon them.

I’d like to share with you the amazing story of how I “accidentally” become one of the founding fathers of this community. and tell you the secrets we’ve discovered that YOU can use to meet and date the women of your dreams.

But I have to warn you: What you are about to read may shock you. and will DEFINITELY change the way you think about women and dating forever.

The Discovery That Changed My Life…

I don’t know about you… but when I was in my teens, I was pretty shy.

I guess the best way to describe me would have been “nerdy”.

It seemed in the beginning that getting a woman into bed was an almost insurmountable task. I was able to make “friends” with women, but being intimate was another story. This may sound funny to you, but I’m totally serious.

I didn’t have a girlfriend until I was about 18, and my time with her lasted for two periods of about six months each. I attribute that to pure luck… because I really had no idea how I was able to get her interested in the first place… and I didn’t know what I was doing that kept her interested in me.

But it certainly wasn’t because I wasn’t trying. I looked everywhere for information on how to be successful with women. You know those old “How To Pick Up Girls” books you would see in the back of magazines? I ordered them all… and I scoured used book stores for more of them.
Well… as you can imagine, nothing REALLY gave me the results I was looking for. I learned a few things but I was far from where I wanted to be.

I also forced myself to approach women. I remember one of the first times I went up to a woman in a disco. I was really shocked when she was totally uninterested… as I couldn’t understand how she couldn’t see that I was a good guy.

I learned rather quickly that there was a lot more to meeting a woman and getting her interested than just having the nerve to go up and talk to her.

The next few years were filled with “hit and miss” successes and lean times. But finding out how to attract the kinds of women that I was interested remained a mystery… and a burning desire.

But between you and I… I was secretly worried it might NEVER happen for me.

Maybe there has been a time when you’ve felt the same way…

Fast forward a few years. one day I heard couple of local radio announcers were talking about how a “Seduction Guru” was a guest on a television talk show.

I missed that show… but I was determined to find out what the fuss was about. I called up the station in New York and they gave me the “guru’s” phone number. I called it and the person on the other end of the line told me that he had published a book, which I ordered immediately.

A couple of weeks later I received a glued together collection of hardcore “how to pick up women” tips which I absolutely devoured. Through this “guru” I managed to meet up with some other like-minded guys who were interested in this stuff… and some of them were VERY good.

This was about the same time the Internet was starting to play a role in society… so I decided to try the whole “email” thing out, and make my own email list for guys who were interested in improving their success with women. I started by sending out some of my own tips and questions I had about meeting women to some of my new friends…

And well… what happened next was INCREDIBLE.

How Hundreds Of Guys Were Able To Go From Failure To Success With Women. And How YOU Can Do The Same…

Over the next few weeks my inbox was FLOODED with new mail.

Several of the “top guns” I had sent the email to responded to my questions… and their insights were amazing.

I had asked for advice on how to get a woman’s phone number… and one of these guys had written back with a detailed, word-for-word plan that showed me EXACTLY how to walk up to a woman and strike up a conversation easily… get her phone number with ZERO resistance… and exactly what to say to her on the phone to set up a date…

I had also asked about tips for meeting women in bars and nightclubs… and another guy wrote back with a detailed strategy he had been using for the last 4 years to meet women and bring them back to his place the very same night … week after week.

I also shared a tip I had discovered for striking up a conversations with waitresses and cashiers… and a friend wrote me back and said it was so good that he just HAD to share it with his friends…

I took all of the great suggestions and tips I had gotten back, put them all together in one big email… and send it back out to everyone on my list.

Little did I know that that moment would be the start of something BIG.

From that point on, every time I sent out an email, I was received DOZENS of replies. It was a regular thing for guys to forward the emails to their friends… and for their friends to ask to join “the list”. Guys would look up their friends who were “naturals” with women and invite them to come on board. I started to hunt out for men with skills – when I found out about someone who was successful with women, I wanted them to be on the mailing list and I wanted them to send in their thoughts.

Friendly competition came into play… people began sharing their very best tips and strategies- stuff they had worked years to develop -to claim newfound fame among their peers. Newbies were free to ask questions which the “gurus” fought to answer… adding more and more priceless knowledge to the bank.

My tiny list had quickly turned into an TREASURE TROVE of seduction material. Once or twice a week I would take the very best stuff and put it together and send it out again… prompting a whole new torrent of replies. Guys began referring to it as “Cliff’s List”, and the name stuck.

Several guys turned me on to other secret places on the internet where this stuff was being discussed. These places were often password protected, and guys would share tips and even pictures of the women they had seduced (and let me tell you. many of these women were AMAZING. Some men were even skilled enough to seduce famous actresses and models. and posted the “proof”.)

Of course I would scour those forums and chat rooms for the very best stuff, which I would then share with my readers.

The Amazing Secrets We Discovered…

My little list has been around for over 16 years now. Of course the really great thing about it is what it has done for men personally… including myself.

Over the last 8 years, thanks to all of the great information guys around the world have been so generous to share, I have helped turned the lives of many guys around. They no longer have the same problems they used to have with women. It sure feels good to have made such a difference, let me tell you.

And now… I want to continue helping other guys do the same.

But here’s the thing…

Even with all of the great information flowing through the list, it is still not easy to put together all the bits and pieces someone needs to be successful in their dating life.

Maybe I would pick up a great tip for building one’s confidence one week, and a new great first date idea a couple weeks later… but due to the format of the List, there has never been an A-Z plan for success that would cover all of the bases in one fell swoop.

If a guy were to subscribe today, it might take him a while to absorb all of the information that he personally needs to be successful with women. And what if the one piece he needed was in a back issue? It would take a year to read them all…. and that’s no good.

I knew EXACTLY what I needed to do…

A Detailed Plan For Success With Women

I decided that I needed to get very best contributors together in one room… bring in a camera crew… and get them to share their detailed strategies and secrets live on tape for the benefit of all men who had shared in our struggle.

But would they do it?

I sent out an email to the list… and got back a resounding “YES”.

Dozens of men volunteered to speak. Many of them were among the “best of the best”. Of course I hand picked only the cream of the crop.

I had to twist a few arms, but eventually I had the All-Star line-up that I was looking for.

In total, I had 21 of the world’s greatest seducers and pickup artists, and dating experts. Each one agreed to share their exact formula for success with women, and reveal the secrets they had spent YEARS to perfect. The event was to be 3 whole days long, so each one would have plenty of time to lay it all out.

I couldn’t wait!

After months of preparation, it all came together. And let me tell you. it was incredible.

Here Are The Secrets That Were Shared At This Amazing Event

How To Approach Women, Meeting Women Online, Getting Women To Call YOU, And More…


It might be safe to say that the first presenter you’ll hear from has had more experience with hot, exotic women than most men will ever have with their own right hand… and I’m deadly serious.

Brent has lived a life most men only dream about. Although he is not a “natural” and did have to go out and learn this stuff like everyone else, he has definitely taken it to a whole new level. having had relations with an untold number of women. Many in the community consider him to be the best of the best.

In his early days, Brent’s motto was “run it like a business”. and that is exactly what he did. He developed a “clockwork” system for going out and meeting women. getting phone numbers. and turning them into dates and more. To say he was successful would be an understatement.

None the less. Brent wasn’t satisfied.

He felt that all of this was too much like “work”. so he made it his goal to meet a sexy, bisexual girlfriend to help him out.

It didn’t take him long to make that dream a reality. and Brent lived the fantasy for several years before again finding himself single.

And as it turned out. his most remarkable discovery was yet to come.

Several years ago Brent accidentally stumbled upon a way to get women to pursue HIM. and these days his phone rings OFF THE HOOK with women calling him up to ask HIM out.

The best part about Brent’s discovery is that any guy can use it to get women to literally chase him down. and this strategy was the foundation of Brent’s presentation at this year’s Convention.

And as you can imagine. it was also a MAJOR highlight. This is the first time Brent has shared his complete system. including the exact sentences of what to say to the woman you want to have her call you up and ask you out.

And that’s not all. here are a few more of the groundbreaking techniques and strategies he shared

  • A great “save” for when you run out of things to say to a woman that comfortably gets HER doing the talking
  • How to get your power back on the first phone call to a woman – say just this one simple line to get HER pursuing YOU!
  • Newsflash: Approaching a woman right after she gets hit on by someone else is actually EASIER than approaching her out of the blue. when you know this one simple but ultra-effective line
  • A new way to approach the one woman in the bar that EVERY guy is hitting on and get her to choose YOU (You haven’t seen jealousy until you do THIS.)
  • How to get a woman to reveal the very best “line” to use on her (It sounds crazy. but it works. Here’s how it’s done. )
  • How to get a woman WITHOUT hitting on her. and actually get HER to hit on YOU (A crowd favorite from the man himself)

Tyler RSD

Although Tyler is now famous in the community for his awesome contributions to the game, many don’t realize that his success did NOT come easy.

Like many of us, Tyler struggled to meet women in his early days. and even after he discovered the community and all it had to offer, success did not come easy for him.

But after two solid years of back-breaking work—going out 6 to 7 nights every single week—Tyler began to figure it all out. and was soon attracting SMOKING hot women on a nightly basis.

Many who meet Tyler are STUNNED at the level of success he has achieved. as he looks just like your regular, normal guy. But get him in a nightclub and you will soon see why Tyler is one of the best in the world.

I have personally witnessed this man achieve things that I would have never believed had I not seen them with my own eyes. from walking up to a woman surrounded by men—only to be kissing her minutes later. to making one lap around a club and having every woman in the place FIGHTING to get in his pants. This man is something else.

Tyler was one of the first people to teach “in-field” workshops. and in the last 2 years he and his team of instructors have helped literally hundreds of men become more successful with women and dating. including Fortune 500 executives, celebrities, college students, and professionals from over 30 countries.

In his awesome presentation, you’ll learn the techniques he uses to give himself an advantage over men that are better looking than he is. and exactly what you need to do to bring yourself from failure to success with women in the shortest amount of time humanly possible.

Here is a quick preview of what he shared:

  • The DEADLY TRAPS that prevent guys from EVER getting this stuff down. and how to be absolutely sure you avoid them
  • 4 “quick tricks” to convey high status and power when you meet a woman
  • Why meeting a woman “cold” is actually MORE POWERFUL than meeting her through your circle of friends (This will change the way you think about approaching women forever)
  • The REAL REASON why bartenders and nightclub bouncers get a lot of women. and how YOU can duplicate their success without actually working at the club
  • The 2 traits of guys who have THE MOST success with women. and how to cultivate them in yourself
  • An easy way to barrel through a “cold shoulder” and get a woman to warm up to you FAST
  • A simple way an older guy can give himself a MASSIVE ADVANTAGE over younger “competition” in a bar or nightclub
  • The difference between “direct” and “indirect” openers. and how to use each to spark attraction in a woman with your very first sentence
  • A major mistake guys make when using a “canned” opener that ruins their chances no matter how good the actual line is (If you’ve ever learned a so-called “great” line somewhere but it DIDN’T work for you, this is probably why. )

Dave M.

The Amazing Secret Of An Ordinary 32 Year-old Guy From South Florida Who Gets Over 18 Dates With Attractive Women Each And Every Month. Using Nothing But His Home Computer!

What’s the fastest, easiest, lowest-risk, most convenient way to meet literally DOZENS of interesting, sexy, attractive, available women?

The answer is, of course. ONLINE DATING.

You’ve probably heard a million stories from friends about how they or someone they know has met a great girl online… and maybe you’ve even tried it.

It’s a fact that online dating is becoming more and more socially ACCEPTED… and with its growing popularity, more and more REALLY interesting and attractive women are joining these sites looking for good men.

But unfortunately for most men. actually MEETING WOMEN on these sites can be HARDER than meeting them in real life.

Women are bombarded with DOZENS and DOZENS of emails a day from every type of guy you can imagine. and it gets old fast.

And even if you do get through and get a woman to actually read your email and respond. getting her to meet up with you in person is a COMPLETELY different story.

It can be an impossible task. but now, it doesn’t have to be that way for YOU.

The next guest you’ll hear from is a man who has literally “cracked the code” of the online personals. and gets over a DOZEN dates every single month. without ever leaving the house.

His name is Dave M., and in this remarkable presentation he reveals the unique “autopilot” system you can use to turn any dating site into your own personal GOLDMINE of attractive women.

It took Dave over 5 years to develop these powerful strategies. but you’ll get them all in less than one hour. from how to turn your profile into a MAGNET that practically forces women to write you. to the word-for-word emails and responses Dave uses to get phone numbers and set up dates. It’s all laid out for you right here. step-by-step.

Here are just a few of the tips he shared in this remarkable presentation:

  • The 3 biggest mistakes guys make when trying to meet women online (Any one of these will completely ELIMINATE your chance of getting a reply. so listen up)
  • A simple 2-step email system that all but GUARANTEES she will reply to your second email with HER PHONE NUMBER
  • 4 great word-for-word lines you can use to tease a woman online that create instant attraction and separate you from the rest of the LOSERS that are trying to get her attention
  • A secret way to “spy” on guys who are good at online dating and steal their techniques!
  • What you MUST do at the end of your emails if you want a woman to reply. and a way to challenge a woman that gets her to write you back EVERY TIME (This tip alone was worth the price of admission. )
  • A sneaky way to get women to reply to you who ARE NOT subscribed to the site (85% of the women you see are not paying members. so you can see why the online dating sites HATE when you do this… )
  • How to get a woman to send you her phone number WITHOUT you even asking
  • The kind of pictures you must use to have the best chances of getting a response from a really attractive woman
  • How to make yourself look desirable by being PICKY in your descriptions
  • A simple trick to get your profile at the VERY TOP of the search listings (this way a woman will ALWAYS see YOU first when she is looking around)
  • The subject lines that DOUBLE the chances of a woman opening your email (With women getting DOZENS of emails every day, this is KEY. Another


Steve is a spiritual guru and renegade hypnotist who is known throughout the community for his powerful metaphysical routines and unique knowledge of the female mind and body.

There are few who haven’t used his teachings to have more success with women, and after you hear what he had to say in this groundbreaking presentation, I’m sure YOU will do the same.

Here are just a couple of the ultra-powerful routines you’ll learn from Steve:

  • A simple 3-minute exercise you can use with a woman you’ve just met to create a deep spiritual bond (She’ll feel like the two of you are “meant to be” when you do this right. and it’s surprisingly easy to do.)
  • A powerful exercise that will show you how to completely SILENCE the negative “inner voices” that are killing your selfconfidence and sabotaging your success with women. FOREVER (Steve learned this technique when he was doing suicide interventions. and there is no better or faster way to eliminate the crap inside your head that is slowing you down.)
  • How to extend your connection with a woman beyond sex. the secret to creating a deep heart-and-soul connection that lasts as long as you want it to
  • What you must do differently when looking for a relationship rather than a one-night-stand (If you miss this, women will notice and immediately mark you as a “player”. so listen up.)
  • “Celtic Soul Gazing” – A live, word-for-word demonstration of one of the most famous and powerful routines in the community. by the originator himself. This is one of the VERY BEST ways to create an amazing bond with a woman that she will NEVER forget. and you can use it within minutes of meeting her. In this special one-time demonstration Steve also shares an ancient Huna breathing exercise you can use to double the strength of the connection and give a woman an experience she will NEVER forget. (Just wait till you see the smile on the face of Steve’s lucky assistant. PRICELESS.)


Will is a man you will rarely see posting to the List. he’s too busy meeting women. His unique sense of humor and powerful, easy-to-use techniques were one of the highlights of the convention. and you’ll be able to use them the very same night you learn them to meet attractive women and make them want you.

Here are just a few of the hilarious and effective techniques he shared:

  • How to befriend the doorman at the hottest nightclubs and get in for FREE. without waiting in line! (Think about how many women will want to roll with YOU when you know this. )
  • How to walk into a bar or nightclub with a powerful presence that makes you stand out from every other guy in the place
  • How to let a woman know you can “take her or leave her” (Will shows you exactly how he uses this to get women to OFFER their phone numbers to him!)
  • How to use a “wingwoman” to DOUBLE your opportunities to meet women. without doing any extra work
  • The world’s WORST pickup line (this one is hilarious. and makes a great opener just talking about it – “Hey girls. want to hear the WORST pickup line ever?” )
  • The world’s WORST pickup line (this one is hilarious. and makes a great opener just talking about it – “Hey girls. want to hear the WORST pickup line ever?” )
  • A simple electronic device you can use to get women to approach YOU in a bar or club
  • A great way to start a conversation with a woman the SECOND time you make eye contact with her
  • How to smoothly stop a woman that is walking through a bar or a nightclub (or down the street) and strike up a conversation (this is one of the hardest situations to meet a woman. unless you know this)
  • One of the best ways to introduce yourself to a woman that I have EVER heard! (In all of my years of publishing my newsletter, this is one of my favorites)
  • The 4 questions you must NEVER ask a woman (Any one of these will tell her you are a CHUMP instantly. and most men never even realize it)
  • Awesome conversation topics that get women talking and almost automatically take things in the right direction
  • A great “default” question you can use to start a conversation with a woman anytime anywhere. and the follow-up question that smoothly launches you into a conversation (Will has used this HUNDREDS of times, and you will too when you learn it)
  • A way to give a woman YOUR phone number that almost GUARANTEES she will call (This is hilarious and fun. and will build her curiosity to the breaking point. Will has actually had women call him MINUTES after he does this!)
  • The Barometer Test – A simple way to find out EXACTLY what type of woman you are dealing with so you know the absolute best way to seduce her
  • A ballsy way to approach a woman when you are with a wingman that makes almost any girl DIE laughing
  • A cocky and funny way to bust on a woman you just met that tells her you are an opportunity she SHOULDN’T pass up
  • A cocky and funny way to bust on a woman you just met that tells her you are an opportunity she SHOULDN’T pass up
  • A funny line to say to a short girl to keep her interested in you
  • 7 simple words you can say to a group of women to win over each and every one of them at once
  • “Killing Them Softly” – Will’s secret “stair-stepping” method of building attraction that makes a woman want you more and more each time she sees you

And That’s Not All

Those are JUST A FEW of the awesome presenters you’ll hear from on Day One.

You’ll also hear from Stephane, Dr Alex, and Cameron T. 3 more of the world’s top experts who stunned the crowd with their insights and techniques.

These 3 guys have been some of the top contributors to my List over the years. and I was fortunate to get each one of these guys to take the stage for one full hour.

The secrets they revealed were mind-blowing. Here are just a few:

  • How to manifest your full potential as a person and become the type of guy who naturally attracts women
  • 3 Powerful drills that will expand your mind and make you INSTANTLY more effective with women
  • A secret to cultivating your sexual energy
  • A step-by-step plan to becoming a multi-orgasmic man (It’s surprisingly easy. but sadly, most men never figure it out.
  • The 4 types of women you MUST avoid if you want to have a healthy relationship
  • A great line to say to a woman who is “too cool” that lets her know you are on her level and opens her up to a conversation
  • An awesome technique to earn a woman’s trust in the bedroom that makes her feel totally comfortable taking things to a sexual level (You’ll use this every time you are intimate with a woman from now on. )
  • How to REALLY stop caring about what other people think of you and start living for YOU (This mental shift is MAGNETICALLY attractive to women. but it’s easier said than done. Here’s what you need to do to make it happen.)
  • What to do when a woman tries to control you – a simple way to take the reigns back that shows her who the man is in a gentlemanly way
  • How to position yourself while seated that lets women know you are confident, relaxed, and someone she needs to mee

Sexual Body Language, Seducing Actresses And Models, Getting Your “Inner Game” Together, And More…


Internationally recognized at “The World’s Greatest Pickup Artist”. Mystery has dated some of the most beautiful women in the world. including elite supermodels and “A-List” actresses. and is currently dating a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

He’s been featured in The New York Times, Elle magazine, The Montreal Gazette, and many more. In fact, media outlets are knocking on his door daily fighting to get an interview.

Mystery was the first man ever to put his skills “on the line” by taking students out to nightclubs and teaching his tactics LIVE and in the field. Many have since copied his “In-field Workshop” style of teaching, but all freely admit that Mystery is the original. and the best. Many of the most respected pickup artists in the community attribute their own success to his teachings.

Mystery has an open challenge to any man who thinks he can “out pull” him in a nightclub environment. and not surprisingly. no one has EVER taken him up on it. And my bet is that if someone did, they would lose.

Mystery is the creator of the Mystery Method – a proven scientific system that is geared towards attracting the most desirable and exclusive women in the world. and in his awesome presentation he’ll show you exactly how to use his system to attract women that most consider “out of their league”.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to handle “last minute resistance” – The things women think about before “getting down to business”. and how to make her feel totally comfortable with “going all the way”
  • A simple secret to ELIMINATE “approach anxiety” and create feelings of confidence in any situation you are in (You can even use this “in the field” to eliminate the hesitation you feel when you see a hot woman you want to meet.)
  • How to approach a woman who is with a group of men. get the guys to accept you as a friend. and even encourage the woman you want to PURSUE YOU (This is the most powerful part of the Mystery Method. and this lesson from the master himself will open up DOZENS of opportunities for you because you will no longer be afraid to approach a woman who is with or around other men.)
  • A way to make every woman in a nightclub see you as an attractive man (This simple tip will get even the hottest women in the club to wonder “who IS that guy?”. and do whatever they can to meet you.)
  • How to turn your fear of approaching women into a GOOD THING that actually improves your game (Believe it or not. even Mystery gets PETRIFIED when approaching a woman. Here’s how you can actually use this fear to your advantage and supercharge your game. )

David Shade

David Shade is one of the world’s foremost experts in the art of pleasing a woman. and has had his work published in several large magazines.

To make a long story short. he may know more about how to please a woman than practically anyone else alive.

He’s a sexual “guru” who teaches men and women how to have mind-blowing sex.

Several years ago he decided to make it his life mission to find out how to REALLY turn a woman on.

He was especially driven to find out what separated the “men” from the “boys”…why women remembered the bedroom skills of some men FOREVER… when most others they tried to forget.

He’s talked with HUNDREDS of women… and conducted some VERY wild experiments that I’ll leave to your imagination…

In his words… his specialty is “teaching guys how to take a woman’s pleasure beyond anything she’s ever imagined possible… and open up her up to things she is too inhibited to do… but KNOWS she would LOVE to do”…

So, as you can imagine… his presentation was fascinating.

Most men don’t realize that women are EXTREMELY sexual creatures… FAR more sexual than a man could ever imagine…

Unfortunately most men will never get to see this side of a woman… because they just don’t know how to bring it out.

But on the other hand… if you know how to bring out this “wild side” in a woman… you are in for a REAL treat.

In this stunning presentation, David will show you exactly how to do this with ANY woman… step-by-step (it’s not hard when you know how… but unfortunately most guys never even think to learn)

Here is a small sample of what he’ll share with you:

  • The things that “bad boys” do to get women SEXUALLY ADDICTED to them (This is the REAL reason “bad boys” can get away with almost ANYTHING)
  • An amazing way to get a woman to have phone sex with you the very first time you get her on the phone! (All women secretly LOVE this. the key is knowing how to bring it out. Here’s how it’s done. )
  • Newsflash: Why 77% of all woman have NEVER had a vaginal orgasm. and what to do about it
  • How to bring out the wild, sex-crazed animal that is hidden inside of every woman. yet most guys NEVER get to see (The secret is knowing how to make her feel comfortable enough to “let it all out”. and the good news is it’s easy to learn. )


Our next guest, Doc, is a practicing psychologist and a MASTER of the dating game. who frequently dates over 8 women at the same time— often for several years!

Doc is a personal friend of mine and I had a feeling his presentation would be dynamite. but it turns out I had no idea.

From the moment he took the stage, the crowd sat spellbound as he shared one amazing strategy after another. everything from how to make a powerful first impression. to how to become the “social director” of your entire town and position yourself so that the women come to YOU.

The best part about Doc’s material is that he covers parts of the game that no one else even thinks about. yet can improve your success with women practically overnight.

Many of the men in the audience were unfamiliar with Doc before this event, but when you see his presentation it will be come very clear to you why he was a crowd favorite.

Here is a small sample of what he shared:

  • Simple “tweaks” in the way you present yourself that you can learn and adapt in 5 minutes. and TRIPLE the chances of a woman responding positively to you
  • How to use the space around you to command attention and create a powerful presence that everyone around you will notice (Your friends won’t be happy when women notice YOU and only YOU)
  • How to create a unique “look” for yourself that says you are confident, sensual, and know how to please a woman
  • The 3 things a woman notices FIRST about a man. and how to nail each one so she sees you as DESIRABLE instead of DORKY
  • How to project STATUS and POWER when you first meet a woman in a way that is confident, not arrogant
  • A detailed system for expanding your social network and becoming “the man” in your town (Doc is truly a networking genius. and now for the first time he shares his step-by-step plan for creating a “social funnel” that practically pours women into your lap. )
  • How to make female friends. and become their FIRST CHOICE when they are looking to set up a sexy friend with a date


The next man you’ll hear from is a master of making women feel comfortable and curious about him, building attraction and sexual tension FAST, and keeping conversations “hot” for as long as he likes (which is usually until the woman jumps on him).

Toecutter is very experienced with women. He’s one of those guys you would call “natural”. who has met and dated women all around the world… He has a particular kind of experience and perspective that is unlike anything else out there.

He’s built quite a reputation for himself with his unique strategies and insights… and many of my readers INSISTED that he share them at the convention.

Well. as to be expected, Toecutter came through. Here’s a small sample of what he shared:

  • How to move to a new town and create a new life for yourself from the ground up
  • How to walk into a bar by yourself and find a great wingman (This way you’ll never miss a night on the town if you’re friends are busy)
  • A way to “warm yourself up” when you first enter a nightclub that sets you up for massive success later on
  • How to create powerful routines that make women curious about you out of the everyday questions they ALWAYS ask you
  • How the mistakes you make with women can actually be a GOOD THING that help you come up with great routines in the future
  • A mental mistake guys make that causes them to display NEEDY body language “clues” that women pick up on instantly
  • The “3 Dances” Of A Seduction – The 3 things you must be aware of when you are talking to a woman in order to create attraction (Master just these 3 things and everything else will take care of itself)
  • The secrets of “conversational energy” – how to change the tone of your voice to create a deep connection with a woman and get her to see you as a potential lover instead of “just a friend”


Known for his innovative stories and techniques, Bishop is a legend among Cliff’s List readers. You might have seen his interview on the TV show “Extra” or heard him on KABC radio.

Starting back in 1998, Bishop began to post his detailed written seductions of women. which launched him into the upper levels as one of the community’s top seduction masters. His creations became the templates for countless seduction techniques and strategies.

From 1998 to 2001 Bishop was THE GUY every seducer-in-training wanted to learn from. Through his original book “Bishop’s Journal” he helped guys from all corners of the world become more successful with women, and there seemed to be no end to his impact.

But then. controversy struck. and Bishop vanished from the community for nearly 4 years. Many wondered what became of him. and no one knew where he could be found.

But now. for the first time in 4 years. Bishop is BACK. with all-new powerful strategies that he claims will make his old teachings obsolete! This was the first seminar Bishop has presented at since his return. and his presentation proved that he is still on top of his game.

In it, you’ll learn how to meet women WITHOUT pickup lines. and the things you can observe about her and comment on without looking like a typical schmuck.

He’ll also cover the inner issues and drama you must eliminate if you want to avoid looking like a “dork” in front of a woman. and THREE awesome ways to fend off a “cockblocker” that make him look and feel like a total MORON for even trying to get in on your game.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. but I’m going to leave the rest as a surprise. I will tell you this. you will NOT be disappointed.


Patty is a world champion ballroom dancer, and is an EXPERT at reading and projecting SEXUAL body language.

She trains men and women how to get in touch with their INNER sexuality, and in this presentation, she’ll show you how to project a powerful sexual energy that FORCES women to notice you. and often even APPROACH YOU.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this fascinating presentation:

  • LIVE demonstrations of the easy-to-learn SEXUAL body language techniques that make women feel attraction for you
  • A way to shake a woman’s hand that tells her you are confident and sensual
  • A simple way to touch a woman while you are opening a door for her that makes her feel like a woman. and shows her YOU are a strong, powerful man
  • How to turn a woman on by simply standing BEHIND her The body language “tells” that let a woman know you are FAKING IT and
  • The body language “tells” that let a woman know you are FAKING IT and not really the womanizer you are pretending to be
  • The subtle body language sign that lets you know you should back away from a woman (Miss this and she will think you are following her around. NOT GOOD.)
  • A simple change in the way you walk—used by male models and ballroom dancers—that practically FORCES a woman to notice you (You can learn it in 3 minutes. and when you use it you’ll literally see women turn their heads as you walk by. Awesome.)

How To Set Up Threesomes, Ways To Touch A Woman That Drive Her Wild, How To Meet Women In Bars And Nightclubs, And More.

Thousands of men around the world attribute David DeAngelo to be THE SOURCE of their dating success. He is author of the popular book “Double Your Dating” and creator of many innovative programs dealing with all aspects of dating and attraction. each of which all will agree is a stroke of genius.

But what many men do NOT know is that David DeAngelo’s first step to becoming the world’s leading authority on the topic of dating advice for men was posting his theories and insights on Cliff’s List!

Veteran readers will remember when David. first posting under the pseudonym “Sisonpyh”. turned the List on its head with a groundbreaking 10-page post detailing his unique strategies for meeting and attracting women. I have never gotten so many responses to one email. and I wasn’t surprised. His theories were incredibly powerful and easy to use. and guys went absolutely crazy with them. To this day I STILL receive success stories from men who have used his techniques to take their success with women to the next level.

That first post became the foundation for David’s now-famous eBook, “Double Your Dating”. which catapulted him to his present position as the KING of men’s dating advice. These days you can’t go anywhere on the internet without finding his material. and there is one reason for that: It works.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to have David return to his roots and share his insights at the Convention. As expected, the material he shared was second-tonone. and you’re going to love it. It was also completely BRAND NEW. and you can’t find it anywhere else.


The next presenter you’ll hear from has been called “the most powerful of the Jedi”. and few will argue that he is one of the best seducers to have ever lived.

But perhaps the most amazing thing about Style is that just a few short years ago he was having ZERO success with women. and actually entered the community as a reporter. looking to do some research and write a book about our “secret society”. but never expecting to actually have success himself.

Style got his start when he signed up for Mystery’s first ever in-field workshop. It wasn’t long before he became Mystery’s top student and wingman. and one of the top originators of new material the community has ever seen.

Many people are also shocked to discover that Style is a New York Times Best selling Author, having written the well-known biographies of Jenna Jameson, Motley Crue, Dave Navarro, and Marilyn Manson.

His upcoming book is called, “The Game – Penetrating The Secret Society Of Pickup Artists”. and is sure to be a hit.

In his awesome presentation, he shared a TON of great tactics you can learn in minutes and start using to attract more women immediately. Here are just a few:

  • How to use riddles, jokes, and games to keep conversations going as long as you want them to, let women know you are interesting and fun, and build attraction FAST
  • “The 5 Questions” – A hilarious trick you can play on a woman that is silly and fun and gets her in a sexually playful mood
  • “Eliciting Values” – A live demonstration of Style’s famous “Eliciting Values” Routine – 3 simple questions you can ask a woman to get inside of her head, find out what she REALLY wants in life, and create an instant bond with her by showing her that YOU can give her the feelings she longs for
  • The “E.S.P. Routine” – A funny mind-reading routine that fools a woman into thinking you have actual psychic abilities (Don’t worry. it’s totally innocent, and women LOVE it.)
  • Style’s “100% Perfect Girl” Story – A romantic story laced with a secret hidden message that subconsciously tells a woman that she better do WHATEVER she can to make you hers! (This powerful story is famous in the community for good reason. and now. for the first time ever. you can hear Style tell it in its entirety—while showing you exactly WHEN and HOW to use it.)

The First Ever “Threesome Panel”

As I mentioned to you earlier. many of the guys who spoke at this program have UNFAIR success with women. and for some, that even includes MULTIPLE women at the same time.

To truly take this program to the next level, I asked 3 of these experts to join each other on stage and share their secrets in the first-ever THREESOME PANEL.

The topic, of course. was how to score with more than one woman at the same time. and these guys left no stone unturned.

From how to find a woman who is bisexual and willing to share in the fun. to the best spots to find women who are open and willing. my 3 guests laid down each piece of the puzzle, step-by-step.

Prepare to be amazed. the information they shared was truly OUT OF THIS WORLD. and you need to hear it.

Here are just a few of the breakthrough discoveries they shared:

  • How to find and attract a hot, bisexual girlfriend that will help you go women, and bring them home. and even do most of the work for you!
  • How to find out if a woman is open to a threesome the very first time you meet her
  • The types of women that are most likely to have a threesome with you. and where to find them
  • How to bring up the idea of a threesome with a woman you are dating in a way that makes her feel comfortable and EXCITED
  • A big mistake guys make when trying to set up a threesome with a girlfriend that could cost you your relationship
  • How to put the fantasies in the head of a woman you are already dating. get her to imagine how much fun it will be. and what to say to actually make it happen
  • What to do when she tries to get you to bring another man into the mix
  • A step-by-step method for going out with your woman and finding another woman to have a threesome with. including the exact word-for-word lines and techniques to make things go smoothly. from 3 guys who have done it DOZENS and DOZENS of times before!
  • The places where you and your “primary” are most likely to find another woman to have some fun with
  • The exact words to say to get a woman back to your place
  • How to build and handle a “harem” of women that are always available to do your sexual bidding (I know this sounds far-fetched. but one of the guys you’ll hear from has actually done this SEVERAL times. and in this presentation he’ll show you how)
  • The “Dual Induction Massage” – An amazing way to get the actual threesome started smoothly once both women are back at your place that has a shocking 80% success rate!

And sexual guru David Shade wasn’t done yet. He took the stage YET AGAIN to share even more of his awesome threesome techniques:

  • The 2 types of women who are open for a threesome
  • How to get your woman into having threesomes with you what’s in it for her
  • The type of woman you should never even BRING UP having a threesome with (If you’re dating one of these women, even asking could ruin your relationship)
  • How to address her concerns and make her feel comfortable with the idea
  • Why you must NEVER have a threesome with one of her friends
  • The types of nightclubs where you are MOST likely to meet a bisexual woman (Hint: It’s NOT a lesbian or gay bar. here’s where you need to go instead.)
  • His step-by-step method for meeting a woman to have threesomes with, where to find her, how to test for bisexuality, where to find prospects, how to get them talking to each other, and how to “close the deal”

Lance Mason

Do you know exactly WHEN you should touch a woman for the first time?

Here’s a hint: If you do it too soon she’ll think you’re a creep. and if you wait too long you’ll be in “The Friend Zone” before you know it.

Lance is responsible for bringing hundreds of men from “zero to hero” through his live, intensive workshop. and his cutting edge techniques are the talk of the community.

During this hard-hitting presentation, you’ll learn everything there is to know about touching a woman in a way that makes her want you. from how to make that crucial first touch to how to amp up attraction FAST. and even how to tell a woman’s level of interest by the way she touches you.

This is the very first presentation of its kind. and there is nowhere else in the world where you can learn these techniques. The best part is that with Lance’s material there is no “learning curve” and not much practice required. Simply memorize the moves and start using them immediately to make women feel attraction for you.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this revolutionary presentation:

  • The best time to make that crucial “first touch”. and why you absolutely MUST touch a woman at this time if you EVER want to touch her again
  • What your touch says to a woman – how to let her know instantly that you are a desirable man. and the BIG MISTAKE inexperienced guys make that clue a woman in on their weakness
  • The exact distance you should stand from a woman on the initial approach. and a smooth way to get closer to her that still makes her feel totally comfortable instead of creeping her out
  • A se

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