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Chintu – The Story Untold – Part II

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Read the Part I –

The signal turned green and I accelerated to race forward. I could listen to the smooth sound of the new tires that is making on the Road with that speed, I felt top of the world, with adrenaline rushing Down the road, I could see the road so empty, which thrilled me to go more faster – The speedometer touched 130!
I was lost in the terrace of the speed, but fully focused on the road ahead. As I turned my head for a quick glimpse through my right window………………….

Chintu is on his cycle racing matching up my car speed and his head is just turned towards me, not on the road. I couldn’t see any face, but a dark shadow of it.

I was shocked to the core, while I was trying to slow down. The cycle hit my car and I could his face strike the window. As it happened, out of that shadowed face, there came the two blood shot eyes and looked at me. Won’t you allow this Chintu to cross this road.

I could feel my heart stop for a moment and body getting paralyzed out of shock.

I opened my eyes and jumped out of the bed, as if I m dodging an attack.

I am dreaming!

I am in dream –f****

This scary dream and that scarier Chintu left with a severe headache. Uff!
For the last two days, the memories of this incident are not fading. Looks like, I have to solve this.
10th March – I don’t know why I am running behind something that is not existing. It might be a hallucination. But I have never seen my dad so fragile after this incident.
When you witness the unknown, you senses are challenged. Suddenly, you feel less powered, when you are being controlled by beyond life phenomena. I started praying God after a long time for his strength.

I told my friend about this. He said simply – not to chase the dark. He told me that ghosts or spirits of this kind carry a curse with them, chasing them not only risks your life, but you will have to carry forward that curse.

The way he explained me was frightening indeed!

Time 3 PM – I tried to sleep the whole morning and afternoon, so that I can stay for longer hours with more focus. I shouldn’t miss a bit of what might happen today. I am not sure that I will find what I am searching for, but the only question in mind – Who is Chintu?

I parked my car near the Old Ganesh Temple. The otherwise busy junction on any given day is kind of empty today. Sort of surprised! As I walked along the pavement on the highway, talking to couple of localities, I found that the head of the local trade merchants passed away and hence the shops are closed.
Shit! The local shopkeepers are the first source of information on this road. I missed them. As I started walking down the road, a man in late 50’s wearing a shabby lungie and kurta started limping towards me, asking for 50 rupees.

I plainly rejected him and started walking ahead. He kept following me. I found a old man sitting near the wall, enjoying his chutta. I went to him, gave him 10 rupees to get his attention and started asking about Chintu. He looked at me and blank eyes and said, “ Chintuji? I am a big fan of him. I liked his first movie “Bobby”. Dimple is so beautiful in the movie. I also liked him in Chandini and Deewana. Bol Radha Bol is good too”, he kept talking and singing songs of Chintuji’s ( Rishi Kapoor’s) songs one after the other.

I decided to run as soon as possible from there. Stopped at a tree for shade, when I look back, the man who is following me for the last 1 hour is still there. I went to him and gave him 50 rupees. He looked at the note on both sides and kept it in his pocket, “You are asking for Chintu. I know about him.”

He started walking and I was behind him asking various questions. What-where-how….

He didn’t open his mouth, till we reached the deserted highway. Looks like 10 km from where I kept the car. I have looked at my watch – 7 PM.

OMG! Time just flew, I am outside for the last 4 hours.

The man sat on a bench, looking at the road.

“Jitesh Govardhan alias Chintu came with his father and two sisters to the city for some labour work. Kashiram, his father was once a decent farmer in the hometown, but got cheated by his own friends and partners, he has to leave the town for survival. The embarrassment left him with a paralysis attack, which made him partially handicapped to do any labour work.

The burden came on to Chintu, who has passed his Grade 10th in distinction. He has dreams for further studies, but all nipped down to the current responsibilities. Right now, he has to work his ass off to earn some bread for the family.

For almost 4 days, Chintu and sisters had to beg for food to feed his father. The most humiliating situation for him, who had a great upbringing by his dad in the village.
He has decided to work. Daily jobs are of no guarantee. Get a monthly paying job – his distant relative who is working in the city, advised.

He got a job in the MPM Mall in MG Road, the most elusive mall of the city. Chintu is young and attractive, but doesn’t have proper dress to carry work in a big mall. The greedy team lead who traded his first month salary for 4 tee shirts and pants and worn out cycle.
No first month salary for him. Over that he has to travel 35 kms to the mall from his so-called home.

He waited for more 15 days in the second one, with hardly 100 rupees in his pocket, went to his team lead in the mobile shop, he works and asked for an advance.

That guy treated him like shit and threatened to fire him, if he entertains this kind of drama for advance any more. Poor Chintu, he has compromised with the pain, tight under the lip.

The first week of the month arrived. Chintu was relieved, that atlast his hands could feel the touch of currency, his hard earned money. Atlast they can buy a stove to make food and not begging or wait the community center for generous food anymore. He can take his dad to the doctor.
With all the excitement in his heart and mind, he called the mobile phone of his landlord of his slum house to give the call to his dad. He reluctantly took the phone to his dad.
Whatever he talked on the phone, brought smile on his dad’s face that day.

Before disconnecting the call, Chintu said that he will be coming early with biryani – his dad’s favorite dish and for his sisters. They all have will have a party.

The clock struck 9:30 PM and the shop will be closed in 30 minutes and Chintu didn’t get his salary. He went to the team lead for it. He made him wait till 11:30 PM that night. He made him close the shop, lock it, made him get the liquor for him and his seniors for their behind shutter party. As they shut down their drinking session, the team lead has given his salary.

Chintu pushed the currency without even counting it, into his pocket and started rushing on the cycle. He started crying and cursing himself on the way, for cannot buying fresh food for their family, for missing giving their first ever party on the salary. Now, all he want to rush home faster and show them the money, that gives a hope for a better tomorrow.

Chintu was on the highway and was already out of energy, but looking at the empty road, he gathered all the energy to pace forward on the cycle. His energies are almost drained, for having food only once a day. His eyes on the dirty street ahead, where home lies. As he almost reaches the turn, he wanted to cross the road, giving the hand signal. A sports car which is in 130’s came from nowhere hit him from behind and didn’t stop.

Chintu was thrown into the air, as he was hit by the car. The cycle got smashed into pieces. His head hit the road and in no time, the grey road turned red with his blood. Severely wounded Chintu tried to crawl and cross the road, saying, “I have to go home. I have to meet my dad and tell him that we have hope to live.”
Vehicles just passed by him, not stopping to help him at all. Humanity works only day times.
He was dead after few minutes.

When his body was taken home, there was silence around. Looks like the pain has become a pleasure to them. His dad prayed to god loudly, when he was about to cremate.

“Thank god, for taking Chintu from the jungle of wild animals. We just don’t have guts to follow him.” He collapsed.

Chintu died, but his intention to feed his family didn’t. He has been trying to come home since then, but this civilian world got scared, as he is a ghost!

Neverthless, he will have the attempt today too. “.

My eyes are with full of tears. I don’t have a word to say. I held my head and sat on the bench beside and was silent for next few minutes.

“Chintu had a right to live in this world, like all of us. Is there a way, that I can reach his family and help them on Chintu’s behalf.”
No reply from the man, I raised my head to look at him.

There is no man and no sign of him nearby. I searched for him around, but in vain.

“ Who is that man? – his dad or the landlord or the neighbor, who knew about Chintu or another ghost?”
Before my mind started searching answers for these questions, I closed my eyes and I whole heartedly prayed God, “ May Chintu’s soul rest in peace.”

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Chintu – The Story Untold – Part II


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