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The Unchanging Love of God

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The Love of God

God so much Love the things he created in this world that he have to make a huge sacrifice of sending his only treasure the beloved son to come and die for the sin of the world through, agony of pain and sorrow. God sent us a Messiah to come and carry our Gluttony, to whip out our bloody sin and yet we refuse to acknowledge the love of God in our life.

God has given us victory over death by sending us a Messiah to come and die for us on the cross yet we refuse to acknowledge his love in our life. Jesus the son of God has come and paid the price he was sinless and holy, but because of the love he have for we human make him to undergo pain of rejection and a sorrowful agony in the attainment for our sins.

The love of God prevails in Leveticus 19:34.

That says, unto the strangers that live among us shall be treated equally as our own self, that we are also strangers here on Earth, him alone is our God and Savior.

Also Deut. 10:12 says what God demand of us is to love and obey him. To fear the Lord our God to walk according to his commandments which says we should love one another as we love ourselves. We cannot say we love God and hate what he created out of his love and generosity. To serve God is to love.

We do not serve God by replacing peace with crisis of hatred. God is love and if God is love it means serving God requires our love for what he has created. Just like life without Christ is full of crisis, the love of God exit in a peace and loving environment. Serving God is beyond the physical.

For the love of God to exist in our life today is from our deepest innermost soul that control our physical being not with mere words from our lips is beyond procrastinating, serving God requires peace and love which will make us to feel the true love of God.

All that God ever wanted from mankind is to live in peace and harmony which can only be achieved through our love for each other as one.

The love of God has no end and that is why in Deut. 39:6 says God wills purity our heart and the heat of the seed in loving our Lord and God with our heart and soul that may live. The love of God speaketh.

The love of God has instructed us to listen and obey the voice of God, we should cleave unto God for him is life and for us to experience and to inherit the kingdom of God according to his promise to us through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that is the love of God for us.

See how the Love of God delivered a man from the hands of his accuser

The Love of God is to deliver godly people out of their temptation and trier, and to keep the unjust people up to the judgment day, which will surely come according to the world of God as they will be punished, (2peter 2:9).

There was a man that was been taking to court in five years ago in the dream by a woman, this man was terribly afraid before the judgment day because he was unable to speak before the court judge for him to defend himself and the woman that taken him to the court was able to convince the judge and everyone present at the court with all sorts of lies but there was a change of plan by God, something happened to her. She was disappointed by the Love of God over the innocent man.

The love of God is capable of disappointing all your enemies who accuse you wrongly even though all hope seems to be lost, God’s love never fail those that hope and trust in God’s love. Something happened at the final judgment of this man that was drag to the court by woman in the dream. When it was time for the judge to make the final pronouncement on the man there came into the court, three looking respected gentle men and the stood as witness to testify against this woman, saying this woman is lying against this man we know this woman for long and that all the accusations laying on this man is not truth.

That is what the love of God can do when you trust God, he will disappoint and put all your enemies to shame.

The man that was about to sentence to suffering or to death, to the glory of God was discharged immediately and the accuser was arrested immediately and those men that testify and save the man disappeared thereafter. Just for the man to wake up and saw he was a dream.

It was when he woke up from the dream he knew that those men were not an ordinary men but, God himself, the three of them where God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit, he knows that the Love of God actually forth for him in the dream.

The history of God’s love is unshakeable at all time, all that God requires from us is a total submission to his love in our life, if it is on our nature to love God with our emotion then, we shall be cold towards God each time we are not happy.

The love of God make him to finally hang himself on the cross as a sign of hope for us who believe in him and who ever believed in him will be save, as the greatest commitment indeed of human need.

Every Sunrise proclaimed the love of God in our life

The love of God in our life is a call from God to every human existence under the creations of God’s people, for the light of God’s love to shine on us so we can see clearly with the light of God the Maker, not the darkness the devil gives.

When we are in the middle of darkness and sins, sin will never let us try light instead we prefer darkness which is not the love of God. Because love is peaceful, love has nothing to do with darkness, darkness is a sinful act of deceitfulness that leads to sorrows and shamefulness.

The sign of the Cross is the Love of God to mankind

Jesus was crucified as a sign for the love of God in our life, I want us to know that Jesus live a sinless and holy life yet he was nail to the cross for us to be free from the sin of man.

The love of God made Jesus the Messiah the son of God to pay the price for our human sin for dying on the cross of Calvary which he died for us, God offers to us the gift of eternal salvation, that mean God has given us the assurance that whoever believe in the love of God will live with him forever in heaven as he has promise from the beginning, the Messiah has make it clear to whoever believe in the cross as the sign of hope for eternal life and work to achieve it will surely have it because Jesus is the way, the truth and life. That no one will see the kingdom of God except through Jesus the only son of God.   

The love of God has reached out to everyone that believes in the cross; the cross is an opportunity of being his children. As many that may accept and believe in the cross as a sign of hope to human existence, God give every human that exist on earth the right opportunity to become his children. 

The love of God was demonstrated to us by the sacrifices of a pure and holy lamb on the cross for the attainment of our sins. Even when he was rejected and mock by us stone by us, the love of God never let him back off from the journey of our redemption. God’s love is unchangeable and he never change his plan for us and in all God never fail us as his children.

We are being created in the image of God, the love of God make him to create us in his own images and likeness. He did not just created us to be like him but also to be happy with him forever and ever.

He created us as his own children no matter how sinful we are God still love us God is calling and waiting for us to come to him and repent from our sins. The love of God never change he is the same yesterday today and forever.

The everlasting life belongs to those who believe in God’s promise.    

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The Unchanging Love of God


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