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Aptitude Train Problems & Answers for SSC | IBPS | SBI Clerks | RRB

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1. A Train 360 m long is running at a speed of 45 km/hr. In what time will it pass a bridge 140 m long?
A)  40 sec
B)  60 sec
C)  30 sec
D)  40 sec

A train 125 m long passes a man, running at 5 km/hr in the same direction in which the train is going, in 10 seconds. The speed of the train is:
A)  60 km/hr
B)  80  km/hr
C)  70 km/hr
D)  50 km/hr

1. A man takes 6 hours 15 minutes in walking a distance and riding back to the starting place. He could walk both ways in 7 hours 45 minutes. The time taken by him to ride both ways, is...
A) 4 hours 30 minutes
B) 4 hours
C) 4 hours 45 minutes
D) 5 hours

Two trains of equal Length are running on parallel lines in the same direction at 46 km/hr and 36 km/hr. The faster train passes the slower train in 36 seconds. The length of each train is:
A)  60 m
B)  50 m
C)  80 m
D)  90 m

2. A moving train crosses a man standing on a platform and a bridge 300 metres long in 10 seconds and 25 seconds respectively. What will be the time taken by the train to cross a platform 200 metres long?
A) 16 sec
B) 18 sec
C) 20 sec
D) 22 sec

3. A and B are 20 km apart. A can walk at an average speed of 4 km/hour and B at 6 km/hr. if they start walking towards each other at 7 a.m., when they will meet?
A) 8 AM
B) 8.30 AM
C) 9 AM
D) 10 AM

2. A train speeds past a pole in 15 seconds and a platform 100 m long in 25 seconds. Its length is:
A)  150 m
B)  130 m
C)  140 m
D)  120 m

4. A train running at the speed of 84 km/hr passes a man walking in opposite direction at the speed of 6 km/hr in 4 seconds. What is the length of the train (in metre)?
A) 150 m
B) 120 m
C) 100 m
D) 90 m

5. A train 50 metres long passes a platform of length 100 meters in 10 seconds. The speed of the train in meters/second is...
A) 50 m/sec
B) 10m/sec
C) 15m/sec
D) 20 m/sec

A train 108 m long moving at a speed of 50 km/hr crosses a train 112 m long coming from opposite direction in 6 seconds. The speed of the second train is:
A)  88 km/hr
B)  92 km/hr
C)  82 km/hr
D)  64 km/hr

6. A train crosses a platform in 30 seconds travelling with a speed of 60 km/h. the length of the train be 200 metres, then the length (in metres) of the platform is
A) 500 m
B) 400 m
C) 300 m
D) 200 m

7. You arrive at your school 5 minutes late if you walk with a speed of 4 km/h, but you arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled time if you walk with a speed of 5 km/h. The distance of your school from your house (in km) is...
A) 2 Km
B) 4 Km
C) 5 Km
D) 10 Km

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Aptitude Train Problems & Answers for SSC | IBPS | SBI Clerks | RRB


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