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One Word Substitution in English Dictionary for Bank and Other Exams

1. amateur : a person who does something for pleasure rather than for pay.

2. ambidextrous : able to use both hands with equal skill.

3. ambiguity : an expression or statement that has more than one meaning

4. animate : having life

5. anonymous : that which does not bear the name of the writer.

6. antidote : a medicine to counteract the effect of another medicine.

7. aristocracy : people of noble families or the highest social class; government of a country by a all group of people, especially hereditary nobility.

8. atheist : a person who does not believe in  God or deities.

9. autobiography : an account of somebody's life written by that person.

10. avaricious : extremely desirous of money.

11. bibliophile : a great lover of books.

12. biography : an account of somebody's life written by another person.

13. centenarian : a person who is above hundred years.

14. colleagues : persons working in the same institution.

15. compromise : a settlement of disputes by both parties making concessions.

16. consensus : agreement of opinion among different groups and parties.

17. contemporary : belonging to the same period of time.

18. convalescence : the gradual return to good health after a period of illness.

19. cosmopolitan : broad and international outlook

20. edible : fit for eating.

21. egoist(also egotist): a person who is selfish, self absorbed and self centered.

22. endemic : of a disease that occurs within a specified area, region or locale.

23. epidemic : an outbreak of a disease that spreads among a group of people quickly and extensively.

24. epitaph : inscription on a tombstone.

25. eradicate : destroy or get rid of something completely; root out an evil or bad practice.

26. etiquette : rules of established behaviour.

27. exonerate : free someone from blame or guilt.

28. extempore : something said or done without preparation.

29. fanatic : somebody who has extreme and sometimes irrational beliefs, especially in religion or politics.

30. fatal : anything that leads to death.

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One Word Substitution in English Dictionary for Bank and Other Exams


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