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Cal Moore Season 2 Episode Three

Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, 28/07/2016, Ashford City, California

Darkness surrounded us
Apprehension surrounded us
The new world that had picked our world a part piece by piece was making its mark on all of us.
Draining us from strength. Leaving us to starve of hope.
It was hard to think positive when every where you looked. There was a face that spelt worry
A face that spelt
Even though we weren’t even dead. It felt like we were. It felt like I wanted to be.
I watched my dad and Ray check the body out.
I just wandered off in my mind. Nothing was interesting.
Just fear
And more fear
Standing in the way of everything
“I’m going to see, Mason,” I told
“You stay in this car,” mom ordered
“I want to see my friend, mom”
I went to get out and she held me back from over her seat.
“Don’t you even dear”
I went to sit down and straight after. I rushed out of the car with the shouting of my mom behind me.
I ran to Mason’s car and I saw Mason get out of his and run my way in the not- so- far- distance. His silhouette could be seen in the headlights. His mom and dad shouted also.
A few cars I passed
Just to get to my pal
We hugged each other. Both relieved that we could see each other again.
“Bro, that shit was insane,” he said
“I know, did you see it? They didn’t make it”
“I know, I watched it happen”
“Are you alright?” I asked
“Yeah, I guess, other than seeing our neighbours get massicred by aload of zombies, other than that, I’m ok I guess, you?”
“Same, other than the zombies”
“Do you think this’ll ever end?” I asked
“I don’t know, but if it doesn’t, do you know what the posive thing is?”
“What is that?”
“No school baby!”
I gave him a look that made it obvious I didn’t share the same enthusiasm.
“Just trying to have a rare laugh,” he said
“Not really the time is it”
“I guess not”
A Helicopter then flew passed us. High in the sky. Away from it all. Safety was in the sky and I abruptly wished
Like a young boy
I could fly along with the rest so none of the nightmerish creatures could get to us.
“Do you think they know we’re down here?” Mason asked
“No, I doubt that and if they did, I don’t think they’d wanna land”
“Fuck!” Ray shouted
The helicopter then span out of control. From a distance we witnessed somebody else’s life come to an end.
My eyes widened
My heart raced
And my mind also span out of control. We all gasped in utter shock as each second passed. Each second until it crashed and exploded and all we saw were the bright orange flames explode into the atmosphere.
“Holy christ!” Somebody cried
“What else is going to happen today?” Mason said
“Get in the car!” Dad told
“You too Mason, come on,” his dad ordered
The lights of the cars felt like it was our only protection. The darkness was outside and it felt like it had blackened even more with the helicopter crash.
“I’ll see you soon bro,” Mason said
“See you soon”
We gave each other one last look  and we walked back to our cars. Dad didn’t look impressed.
There was no real time to yell at his son who just wanted to see if his friend was alright.
“Lets go guys!” Ray told
We took off again into the unknown- horrific- night. Driving through the roads that would normally be lit up, but because of the power loss in the city. A darknened time wasn’t just a metaphor.
I looked over at Hannah, who cuddled next to her brother who was asleep, “hey,” she looked over, “you ok?”
“You know the answer to that,” she said, I looked away, “I’m sorry, I just wanted to stay put you know, it just felt like that place was safe”
“It was,” I said, “until that person led them all to us, you saw that right, or was I just imagining things?”
“No, I saw it too,” she told
“Good, I thought I was losing it”
“If you was I wouldn’t blame you with the way things are at the moment”
“Where can we go?” Mom asked
“I say we get out of the city,” dad answered, “away from it all, it won’t be as bad out there”
“Are we ok for fuel?” She asked
“Yeah, we’re fine”
“Well, lets just hope the others are”
I stared out of the window and my eyes began to blur.
They were heavy
With a tired mind above them
Feeling like they weighed three times more than I did.
As much as I wanted to stay awake because of the fear of something happening if I fell asleep. Exhaustion took over and all I could do was let it. I let reality fall under my feet and the dream world fall over.

I stared into thin air and let the screams fall over me and through me. Nothing but scenes of fire lighting up my eyes. Everywhere I looked.
Loved ones
Were being killed and I could’nt do a damn thing. I saw my mom and dad being chased by many of them and then I saw Mason be a surrounded.
His  squeals
My families squeals
Echoed nightmerishly in my ears
I was frozen in hell
Until I was woken up
“Cal?” Mom shouted
“Huh?” I muttered
“Nightmare?” She asked
“Yeah,” I looked around, we were at a gas station, “are we ok to be here?”
“We have no choice,” she said, “Harold needs gas”
I looked over and saw Harold filling his car up from a can.
Lit up from the headlights
A middle aged looking uncomfortable outside. He was a quiet guy who also kept himself to himself
Never spoke a word or bothered anyway.
“Whats that noice?” Hannah asked
A turn for the worse then shuck us back into an unsafe feeling. A truck then appeared. It flew through the streets and crashed straight into the building opposite of the gas station.
The truck wasn’t alone. The infected were close by. They came exploding down the street with violent hissing and bellows that never seemed to fail in grabbing your heart and making it skip a beat.
“Harold, lets go, now!” Ray shouted

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Cal Moore Season 2 Episode Three


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