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Blogger’s Interview – Chandrakant Mishra of

Chandrakant Mishra of PlanMoneyTax, one of the top personal finance blogs in India.

Chandrakant is among the most popular personal finance bloggers in India who leaves on blogging. He has quit his lucrative job of being in Cnbc Awaaz to “be his own master”. According to him knowledge sharing is the great responsibility of a blogger.

Blogger Story Chandrakant Mishra

MDLT: Who is ChandraKant Mishra? Please share something about yourself.

Chandrakant: Chandrakant Mishra is an eager young man. He want to learn new things and new skills. The new technology and inventions fascinates him. Chandrakant enjoys the proximity of tech. He also loves to visit new places. Travelling is his passion. Chandrakant is news junky and keep a tab on the national and political news.

MDLT: Have you been featured in any media, website before that?

Chandrakant: Yes, I have been featured in the special edition magazine published by the Alumni Association of Indian Institute of Mass Communication. It would be first instance featuring in a website.

MDLT: What is your blog all about?

Chandrakant: PlanMoneyTax is an effort to help people in financial matters. I try to decode provident funds. I try to give clear picture of insurance & help in right investments. There are lots of topic to cover. I am going forward step by step.

MDLT: Are you a full time blogger?

Chandrakant: Yes. I am a full time professional blogger.

MDLT: Why did you choose blogging as your full time career?

Chandrakant: The blogging has given me liberty to work from anywhere. While, I am still part of communication sector. I like sharing information.

MDLT: Share your experience working  with CNBC awaaz?

Chandrakant: CNBC Awaaz has introduced me to the world of business and finance. Before that I was totally alien to money matters.

I was working as Assistant editor in the CNBC Awaaz. While my job was behind the camera, I got opportunity to learn stock investment and personal finance.

During CNBC Awaaz days, I also learnt the market dynamics of media sector. CNBC Awaaz was a niche channel, we worked with a small team. But, the earning of CNBC Awaaz was better than many established mainstream channels, which were multiple times bigger than CNBC Awaaz.

I learnt the importance of ‘niche’ from the CNBC Awaaz. It was a great experience.

MDLT: How tough it was while quitting such a job? Share how did you manage to convince yourself?

Chandrakant: For me, quitting the job of CNBC Awaaz was never tough. After some years in CNBC Awaaz, my learning slowed down. Hence, in back of my mind I always wanted to start something new.

I love the idea of being your own master. When I got to know that many bloggers are making decent money, I decided to venture in this field.

I have not thought about the comparable earning. For me, if blogging can sustain me and my family, I would be happy. However, I needed a trigger point to quit the job. The illness of my parents was that trigger and I came back to my hometown Allahabad.

MDLT: How is your family reacted with that decision?

Chandrakant: I am from the eastern UP. In that part of the country people die for the job, particularly government job. But, I never tried for a government job.

For my parents, a well paying private job was the consolation. Therefore, they never wanted me to quit the service forever. My parents were even suggesting to try for another job in my Hometown. But I persisted with blogging.

My wife also never wanted to quit a well paying job and venture for the uncertainties. But I have made up my mind and convinced her. I Have told her about the potential of earning. Now she is happy :)

MDLT: Why you have started blogging? From whom you got inspiration?

Chandrakant: As I have told, blogging is suitable to my potential and limitation. I never started it for the hobby. I always wanted to work as a professional blogger. The earning from the blogging was always in my mind.

The inspirations are many. Manish Chauhan was the primary inspiration. Now I also look to Karan Batra and Sandip Shenoy. From technology field Amit Agrwal and Harsh Agrawal are my inspiration.

MDLT: How is the personal finance niche for blogging?

Chandrakant: I think personal finance niche is as good as technology or auto. There are plenty of people who search for financial information. But it is constrained by the location. Going beyond India is difficult for a personal finance blogger.

MDLT: What are your future plans with your blog?

Chandrakant: I would like to use the full potential of After it goes into auto-pilot mode, I would like to have some micro-niche blog.

MDLT: Are you the webmaster of your blog? How did you learn all these webdesign, SEO etc?

Chandrakant: Yes I am the webmaster of I used the internet and tech blogs to learn the technicalities of web designing and SEO. It was all trial and error method.

MDLT: Would you like to share your earnings from blogging?

Chandrakant: I would not be able to give you the exact figure.The earning is enough for a decent lifestyle.

MDLT: Do you think blogging is changing in India? What is your thought about choosing blogging as a full time career option over a typical 9-5 job?

Chandrakant: Of course! Blogging is changing. It is no more a hobby. It has become the platform of knowledge sharing and earning. The blogging in India has widened the horizon of media.

Blogging is a full time business similar to Television channel and Newspaper. As the traditional media make money by sharing information, blogging can also make money by sharing knowledge. As long as economy is good, blogs will keep earning. The recession period can be challenging for Indian blogger as there can be a drought of well paying advertisements.

Blogging gives you the liberty to express, explore, enjoy and earn. There are not restriction of a typical job, but discipline is required.

MDLT: What is the career path you would suggest to your kid – CFP or Blogging? and Why?

Chandrakant: It depends upon the individual personality. If someone is good in selling and interpersonal skill, CFP can be a better option. The one who can write for hours and enjoy the technical things, blogging is good.

MDLT: Mistakes that you would like to rectify if given a chance in your career path or life?

I have only one grudge to myself. I did not know the importance of planning till few years back. I would have planned my life and time better. Now I am trying to be more organized.

MDLT: Anything you want to share as a blogger, to our upcoming bloggers of India?

Chandrakant: Knowledge sharing is a noble job. People are very grateful to us, the bloggers. They have faith on us, hence we should always try our best to give correct information. I think we should keep helping the society, the society will take care of us.

Thanks again Chandrakant for your time & share your blogging story with the readers. In case you want to know anything else about his blogging journey, please feel free to ask in the comments below.

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Blogger’s Interview – Chandrakant Mishra of


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