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Recycle Baby Bath Tub To Outdoor Guppy Pond


Few of my neighbors had Outdoor Guppy Ponds. They looked really nice as additions to their gardens. This inspired me to have one too.

Also, I Love to Recycle. My niece had a Baby Bath Tub when she was 2 years old. Now that she is 4 years old, she had outgrown the tub. And I needed a container to create the Outdoor Guppy Pond. So I thought – why not recycle the tub into that container and make it into an Outdoor Guppy Pond?

Here’s the video I made to share how I Recycled the Baby Bath Tub into an Outdoor Guppy Pond:

First step – Wash the Baby Bath Tub thoroughly

The Baby Bath Tub had been used for quite some time. So it was better (and safer for the fishes and aquatic plants) to wash and make sure there was no residue of any cleaning solutions used before. Needless to say, I washed the Baby Bath Tub quite a few times, the last couple of times with just water.

Second Step – Add Water

Duh. Hahaha.

But it is not so simple. Fortunately, I had bottles of water conditioner that I used for the tank for the tortoises. I used the same to condition the water here.

These days, it is very important to condition the water. The reason is the water, especially in Singapore contains chemicals such as chlorine and chloramines. Supposed to make it safe for us. But the fishes don’t like it.

In the past, I have had hardy fishes like Bettas become ill or deformed because of these chemicals. So please, to be safe and to make it safe for your fish friends, use water conditioner. The rule of thumb is to fill a pail with water, add right amount of water conditioner, then let it condition for at least 6 hours. After that, the water is safe for the fishes and the aquatic plants.

Third Step – Aquatic Plants

I was very fortunate to have good neighbors who gladly gave me a Water Lettuce and Water Hyacinth to start off my Recycled Baby Bath Tub into Outdoor Guppy Pond. They grow so fast! In no time, I had many more Water Lettuces and Water Hyancinths! So much more that I have to cull them time and again in order to not let them overrun the pond. The latter is not good as the fishes may not have oxygen.

Fourth Step – Guppies!

I visited the nearby pet store, and bought a packet of Guppies for only SGD2! They were guppies meant for feeding fishes like Arowana or Luohan. So I figured I am saving them, too.

I placed the packet of guppies into the pond for a while to get them acclimatized to the pond water’s temperature. After half an hour, I released them into the pond. And they were swimming around, happily exploring the entire space.

They sure look excited in their new Recycle Bath Tub that is now an Outdoor Guppy Pond.

A couple of weeks later

As I mentioned earlier, the Water Hyacinth started to sprout baby Water Hyacinths. You can see it in the video above. And the Water Lettuce had babies too!

The guppies were as happy as ever and chasing each other all over the pond.

Another couple of weeks later … Happy Guppies!

The Water Hyacinth sprouted more babies and they are growing bigger every day!

And the Guppies are still happy, playing and swimming in their Recycle Baby Bath Tub converted into an Outdoor Guppy Pond.

The Water Lettuce has reproduced more, and almost covered the entire Outdoor Guppy Pond!

Water is changed every few days to make sure the guppies enjoy good clean living environment and home. As the guppies eat, shit and urinate in the water, the water becomes filled with valuable nutrients that I recycled and used to water the plants in the garden.

The plants flourished with this recycled water. I still do it till today, and the plants in my Mom’s garden are showing how much they love the nutritious water – lots of new branches, leaves and flowers. My Mom even commented how the peppermint plant used to be quite lifeless, and now is glowing with such good health. Beautiful flowers keep blooming and all the plants look so healthy now.

Another Few More Weeks Later … Baby Guppies!

More good things happen with this Recycle Baby Bath Tub converted into an Outdoor Guppy Pond. The females gave birth to lots and lots of baby guppies! You can see them all in the above video.

My neighbor friend who gave me the aquatic plants asked how was my Outdoor Guppy Pond doing. And when I updated him that there are many baby guppies, he was smiling and said my home must have very good Feng Shui. Well, I did do some Feng Shui at my home (see article about Flying Star Feng Shui for Year of Fire Monkey), and am glad they all came to fruition.


I hope you enjoyed this article, and watched the video.

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Blessings to all.

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Recycle Baby Bath Tub To Outdoor Guppy Pond


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