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I was debating with myself whether or not to post this because I know it can cause potential conflict. But I've decided to take the chance and just prepare myself for any attacking comments I get on my decision based on this topic. I've felt the need to write my point of view on the subject, and I welcome debatable comments, as long as they're respectful. Lately the subject of the Measles and the MMR vaccine (the vaccine against measles, rubella and mumps) has come up on several occasions. Both on the news, and in casual discussions between parents.

I vaccinated Noah against whooping cough at the age of three months without looking anything up, and took for granted that it was the best decision. I later started doing my homework and educated myself on the matter and realised that there were two sides to the vaccination so a while back, I made another post about vaccinations in general, the pros and cons, asking my readers what they thought. It became a heated discussion both here on my blog, and on my facebook page. After having posted it, I received several personal messages from strangers around the world that have been or have had children harmed personally from vaccinations. I was added to a facebook group where people shared their stories about vaccine related injuries. I read the most heartbreaking stories about SIDs straight after getting a vaccine, children losing the ability to walk, heart failure, liver failure, and so much more.

A couple of months ago, Noah went for a check up again, when he got offered the MMR vaccine, and I declined, feeling that I did not have enough information on the vaccination. I was actually torn whether or not to have him vaccinated with the MMR, so I took my research to another level and dug in much deeper. I spoke to other parents, professionals, doctors, medical students; I watched films, read so many articles that I can't count, and for now I have made the decision to not give the MMR vaccination to my son. This is just the MMR as I now take one vaccine at the time to do my research with.

What have I based my decision on?

  • From my experience, it is the younger generation that has never experienced the measles that fear the disease and believe that the immunisation comes from the injection. The older generation that I've spoken to, that had the measles, don't fear the disease and don't think we should either
  • When caught on time, the disease is mostly a rash, sneezy, fever, blocked nose, etc, and can be treated. It is if it is not taking care of properly that it can lead to pneumonia, and it is then that it can have complications
  • One of the main ingredients in the vaccine is aluminium which is extremely toxic and harmful to the nervous system which attacks the brain and can lead to diseases such as alzheimers or parkinson's disease
  • Having the measles, leads to a lifetime of immunisation, which also strengthens the immune system, and decreases the chances of getting cancer in the future. Getting the vaccination as a child, a double dose of the "immunisation" last for twenty years, which means the disease can catch one as an adult and it is then that the measles is more harmful and complicated to beat
  • In the United States, there was not a single documented death from the measles for over 13 years, however, in that time, there were 108 documented deaths from the MMR vaccination. Those were only the deaths that were known to be caused from the vaccination, imagine all those deaths that did not have a "cause" that just mysteriously happened after getting the vaccine.
  • It has been said that the measles has now come back, which is false information because the disease never left however when the vaccination first came in 1963, the disease had already decreased 98% due to clean water and better hygiene

These are of just some of the main points but I do think they're important to address. Sometimes I believe people just listen to the billion dollar pharmaceutical company without actually doing any research themselves. Be careful, be educated, and know your rights for your own children. Do what feels right for you and your family!

Here is a photo of Noah at three months after getting his first vaccinations. He was so sad, but took comfort in his teddy that sadly disappeared in Australia :(

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