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Careers With A Future?

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If you’re just starting out at work, or you’re already fed up with your job, you might be wondering what type of Career would satisfy you. Nobody wants just a job, after all. The trouble is, nothing seems to be very future-proof anymore. Back in the eighties, nineties, and noughties, everyone scrambled to get into careers in the public sector or financial services. Then the crash happened. Public sector jobs were culled, and some of the biggest financial institutions in the world went belly-up.

These days, analysts seem to be more vigilant. There is far more speculation about the future of our world and the work we do. There are perhaps more threats to our jobs than ever before, but some career choices could still serve us for the long term. If you’re looking for a job for life, try some of these future-proof options:


Robots are taking over the world! It’s the stuff of sci-fi movies, and it’s coming to a city near you. It’s true that automation is happening right now. But it’s been happening since the middle of the last century. Robots have been adorning our factory lines for decades. And computers take much of the hard work out of presenting graphical data and challenging calculations. Yes, they’ve put people out of jobs. They’ve made processes quicker and more efficient. They’re cost-effective, but they’re not creative.

Creatives, like writers, will always be in demand. Robots, computers and other automated processes simply cannot think like us. They see the world in one way whereas a human has the potential to describe, draw, or sculpt his viewpoint in an unlimited number of ways. Even if the process of painting a work of art were automated, it would require a creative coder and engineer to make it happen!


Lifestyle Changes

Online shopping is just one of the things that change our lifestyle. Even your groceries can be delivered to your door at the touch of a button. This can cut people off from their community, and reduce the need to leave the house. It is also putting workers in the retail sector out of a job as physical storefronts are no longer required. What is required, however, is delivery operatives. More and more of them knock on our doors each week. The logistical demands of this system are enormous!


If you are keen to sell goods or services, chances are you’ll set up and operate entirely online. Retail units cost a fortune to run, and fewer people are visiting them. With more and more purchases online, there will be greater demand for secure payment options and effective marketing solutions. Perhaps there is a career here for you?

The Needs Of The Many

The future of our planet looks to be overcrowded. The global population is growing at an alarming rate. Even more alarming is the age of that population. We’re living longer and longer, but our health is poorer. That means that medical careers and healthcare sector jobs are going to be in high demand for at least our lifetime. There will always be a need for medical professionals and they will always need the support of their team.

If you’re willing to learn medical coding, chances are you’ll be in with a good chance of picking up work in that area. Healthcare is usually funded by some form of insurance. The application for payment has to be made by manually inputting a designated code that correlates to the procedure or treatment. There are dozens to learn! With so many roles in healthcare to choose from, chances are this could be an excellent career choice.

Something New

We’re a curious species, and we love trying out latest gadgets and gizmos. If you’re good at creating something new, then chances are you have a future career. Innovative inventors can bring new technologies to the masses. Businesses are looking for ways to reduce the damage to the environment caused by everyday lifestyle choices. Electric cars, solar power, and sustainable forestry are just some of the developments that have started to make a positive impact on our planet.


Of course, there are new innovations in entertainment too, like VR and augmented reality. These ideas came from innovators and were developed and marketed by huge teams of people. Sure, trends come and go, but fresh ideas can develop what has come before and lead to the next big thing to excite audiences.


New technologies have also helped us to adopt new ways of communicating. In fact, they’ve changed the way we enjoy watching movies or TV. Technology is changing how we listen to the radio. There is still a need for these things, but we consume them in a different way. Movies, TV, and radio can all be streamed. We can watch at home, on the move, or even while on holiday. And social media means we can talk back!

It’s not just broadcast or mass media that has changed. We’ve changed how we talk to each other. More of our communication is done through text. We tend not to handwrite letters, but email instead. Why dial a number and go through the social etiquettes of a telephone call when we can text in just a few seconds? Telecoms careers are moving toward the transmission of data. And that data needs to get there faster and faster!


The Future’s Bright

There are still plenty of careers that have a future. And there will be plenty more careers in the future that will be developed as technologies develop. The way we work might change. Even the type of work we do might change. We might be working in different environments, and perhaps we won’t be working with other people at all?

Everything changes so perhaps we each need to be more adaptable? Perhaps every career will have to change in some way? Do you think your current career choice or job has a long-term future? What will you do to make sure you stay future-proof?

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Careers With A Future?


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