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Basic SEO: How New Bloggers Can Get Search Engine Traffic

Most of the new bloggers always struggle to get quality search engine traffic to their blogs. Even though they often work hard in producing content but they will not get proper traffic. The main reason for that is they often miss to implement few Basic Seo factors.

Here you all must remember one thing that is: “Always do smart work rather than hard work.” There is a difference between smart work and hard work. If you find the difference, then you will have the confidence to boost your blog.

Here I am mentioning few essential and basic SEO elements for bloggers to improve their blog’s SEO. So, New bloggers must always do these five crucial and Basic SEO elements to do their SEO perfectly.

Basic SEO:

  • Keyword research.
  • On-page optimization.
  • Link building.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Analytics.

Keyword Research:

Keyword research is one of the vital element in getting good organic traffic. That’s the main reason why I pointed this first in the list of basic SEO.

At Start, Keyword research will be the frustrating thing for the newbies and bloggers. Mostly they will get used to it once then have enough knowledge on how to select perfect keywords.

Selecting a perfect keyword always wins the race in SEO because if you choose a wrong keyword, and no one is searching for that keyword. Then you won’t get any traffic from that keyword. As a result, you can’t make sales.

But if you select a perfect keyword then you can get traffic from that keyword when you are on the first page of search results. Here we are mainly concentrating on basic SEO to bring your site to the first page.

Keyword Research is Vital
Keyword Research is Vital for seo

Usually, for small business owners and new bloggers, keyword research is a major factor because they just compete with the larger firms to dominate the keyword.

To do keyword research, there some paid and free tools, as you are the starter, you can simply start your keyword research with Google keywords planner. It is free to use, and it reduces 90% of your keyword work.

Just ask few relevant questions before focusing on keyword research:

  • Is the particular keyword is relevant to your website?
  • Will a customer search for these type of keywords?
  • Is that keyword getting any searches online?
  • Will that keyword generate any benefits to your business?

Always check above questions and then check for the competition around that keyword. Because new sites with low authority can’t just rank well at the start, there is a lot of process and improvements we must do to rank that keyword.

You can make use of Moz keyword difficulty tool to check the difficulty of the keyword, but remember one this don’t just go for shorter keyword try to be specific and try a long tail keyword. Long tail keywords work well regarding Search Engines as they are particular and specific to search queries.

On Page Optimization:

After doing keyword research, On-page optimization helps you to focus more on SEO. It helps you structure your page and to build a complete page which has a tendency to rank well. New business owners must learn these basic yet powerful elements to boost their SEO.

Opting the great keyword doesn’t bring better ranking for your site, optimizing the keyword with on page tactics will produce best results.

Basic SEO [On Page Optimization] Tactics:

These are the basic Seo tactics which are crucial in structuring webpage. Follow these basic on page optimization techniques to improve your search ranking.

Title tags:

Page title always plays a predominant role in SEO rankings. Newbie business owner must concentrate on title tags. The page title should have an H1 tag, and you must include a keyword and your brand name if it is applicable. Mostly Content Management software do this automatically, but some themes may overwrite this feature, so it’s better to check page title.

Mostly Content Management software do this automatically, but some themes may overwrite this feature, so it’s better to check page title.

Including your focus keyword at the start will bring you better results and title should be in 55 to 60 characters it should not be more than that because it exceeds the limit In search engines.

Start title with Keyword:

It’s always best to start your title with your keyword. This simple on-page SEO factor will help you.

Usually, search engines give more weight to your title. So the closer your keyword is to the beginning the closer you will get to the search engines.

In all cases, this is not applicable, but this point helps in most of the cases. It is better to use this easy and basic SEO tip to improve your ranking. If you are aiming for some particular keyword, then you should use this advice.

Start your title with keyword
Start your title with keyword

Meta descriptions:

Meta description plays a role in attracting visitors towards your site. Some business owners leave their Meta description for search engines, and search engines fill that Meta description. But it’s a bad practice. Writing separate Meta description is the best way to get some benefit from both search engines and users as well.

Better include your keyword in Meta description and make sure your Meta description is about 150 characters.

Keyword Density:

In good old days, including keywords used to bring the first page ranks in search engines but due to the updated technologies of search engines if we include keywords to rank our site will get penalized by search engines.

So, keyword density percentage must be in control, and there is no such rule or formula that this percent keyword density is best and all. But it’s better to keep your keyword density lower than 2%.

Better use your keyword at the start of the article and the ending of the article. But don’t ever do keyword stuffing.

Use user-friendly URLS:

Making your URL short and sweet is one of the best practice to improve your SEO. People and search engines don’t like to see ugly and long URLs.

So it is best to have a sweet and short URL in 3-4 words. Matt Cutts has also stated that Google will give more value to the first 3-5 words in the URL. That’s why just include your target keyword in URL and make it short.

Avoid Ugly and Long URLs: Or ranking-a-website/

Best URL: Or

Site Load Speed:

Site loading has been a factor for search engine ranks; slow loading websites don’t rank well in search engines and not only that, but visitors also don’t want to see a slow loading website. As per survey 1% delay in the page, speed may reduce your conversion up to 7%.

Site load speed
Site load speed

You can use Google’s page insight tool to see how your site stands. Keeping at least 80 or above is best for the practice.

Social Sharing Icons:

Social media has a huge impact in today’s world, and it’s the primary place where small business manage their pages. Here search engines connection between your site and your social media pages will take the report of your social sharing and social activities to rank your keyword.

It not only ranks well but it also impacts on the overall site authority. Make sure you have proper working social sharing icons or floating social sharing icons to encourage users to share your content and also boost your SEO rankings.

Link building:

Link building is the most important thing to improve your SEO rankings. Links building plays a significant role in SEO rankings. It may be a frustrating factor for all the noob business owners. If you feel a bit trouble with that, then you can hire the best SEO agency. If you are curious to know about it.

Then there many white hat SEO tactics which help to build links and here a link building guide which explains each aspect of link building.

Useful links: Why and how outbound links improve your search ranking

Content Marketing:

Content marketing standards have been improved these days. Creating a compelling and unique content is always a best practice in getting influence to your website, and also there are more factors.

Build a longer piece of content which is around 2000 words and more to get the best view on your site. Content, which is shorter, can be effected with panda update. Search engines always want in-depth articles.

Still, dont believe it. Then have a glance at Avg length of top 10 google results.

Longer content perform well
Longer content perform well

After you create the long form of content, Focus on brand building through your content and include your brand name in every content that you manage and create. Stick to a schedule and post according and posting regularly can boost your SEO.  Content marketing is all about planning and doing it perfectly.

Make use of any scheduling tool to plan accordingly. You’ll get better results with ten carefully drafted article rather than posting 100 articles.

Ex: Look at the site only has 34 posts. But it is ranking well.

basic SEO example

Make use of Analytics:

Finally, the New business owner must look at the analytics to track all the details about the traffic. There are lots of analytics tools which are best in analyzing your website. But the free tool and the best tool is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is the best free analytics tool where it measures every metrics of the business. In addition to that, this tool also helps you to identify problems with your search engine presence and also notifies your week points in SEO.

Google analytics
Google Analytics

Google webmaster tools which are also known as Google search console is the other tool where you can use to find crawling errors, sitemap errors and reports of your website.

At, start everything will be a nightmare for the newbie because they can’t adopt all of this tools and SEO in one single short. All they need to do is practice the SEO and always try to learn new factors of SEO.


These are the Basic SEO factors which help any blogger to improve their sites ranking and also helps them to get traffic to their sites. I think I have explained all the necessary stuff for ranking. Now it’s your turn to shoot comments and your views.

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Basic SEO: How New Bloggers Can Get Search Engine Traffic


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