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Six Habits That Separate The Successful From The Unsuccessful

One or two Bad Habits don’t matter. In fact, you may never meet anyone with just great traits to boast about. No human being is perfect.

Certain habits, even if society views them as bad, won’t affect your life. Still, it is highly recommended that you try to avoid them.

Bad habits may not appear harmful at a glance. But when they take control of your life, success becomes a distant dream. This does not mean to say that you should become perfect to succeed in life. Just protect yourself from certain compulsions that may thwart your dreams of success and prosperity.

Given below are some of them.

  1. You are never punctual

Problems do happen that may make you late for work. But when tardiness becomes a habit, your professional life gets affected. Chronic lateness often indicates anxiety or a search for thrill all the time.

  1. You just waste your weekends

You may be well-organized and highly productive at work. However, if your weekend is a mess, you will suffer badly. The situation gets worse if you give in to alcohol and over-eating during the time. The people around you will never treat you as Successful. Besides, the habits are sure to haunt you on Monday.

  1. You keep on talking

Doing something is far better than announcing it. This is a common knowledge. However, the unsuccessful enjoy doing the opposite. They announce whatever positive thing they do on social media.

There exists not that difference between doing a thing and talking about it for our brain, say scientists. When you talk of something, people appreciate it. This tricks your mind into an illusion that you have attained the goal. Avoid talking of your goals. Keep it before your eyes and attain it.

  1. Your impulses guide your actions

Unsuccessful people always act on an impulse. They buy something on an impulse. Afterwards, they happen to see something of greater value. This makes them regret their first choice. They buy that thing too. The process gets repeated and they keep on spending. At last, they will have nothing left. This too causes regret.

Shortsightedness is the hallmark of unsuccessful people. Their only concern is momentary pleasures. They never care to consider the consequences of their impulsive choices.

  1. 24 hours are never enough for you

Lack of time management is a tricky thing. It may mean that you are spending too much time on one task. Wandering on social media during working hours too is a time waster. Know how to prioritize things and move accordingly. If this is not feasible, set small goals. The sense of fulfillment that accompanies the completion of a goal will push you forward.

  1. You are jealous of successful people

Everyone is guilty of this great sin at one or the other point in life.

Comparing yourself to your successful co-workers will create a sense of worthlessness and bitterness. The best thing to do is to focus on your strengths. Note down your skills and work to hone them. Do not view your successful friend as your competitor. Learn from his/her success and use those insights to improve yourself.

Finally, you are a TV addict. There is no harm in watching one or two programs every day on television. But when you spend all day in front of it, things get worse. Minimize your time in front of TV and use it to learn a new skill or read a book. You will learn something and will feel happy at the end.

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Six Habits That Separate The Successful From The Unsuccessful


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