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8 Email Etiquettes Professionals Should Follow

Almost all managers expect hundreds of emails every day. And they always stay glued to the reply buttons in their inbox. Still, studies say that most of them don’t know how to respond to an Email properly.

An average employee in the US spends almost quarter of a week reading the hundreds of emails he receives. However, the unfortunate truth is that most of us don’t know how to respond to the email we get. This may be because of the huge volume of emails we receive every day. Whatever is the reason, a majority of professionals often make embarrassing mistakes. And these often have a bad effect on their careers. Here are some of the rules you have to follow if you are a Professional.

  1. Give a clear subject

Readers decide whether to open or ignore an email based on the subject line. If you want your staff to open your email, give them a clear reason. This will help them decide if it answers their queries. They will do accordingly.

  1. Don’t write private matters

The Internet is a buzz about professionals discussing Private Matters through emails. They at times become viral. Avoid the embarrassment. Talk only about those things you would gladly write on a company bulletin board. Create closed door forums or chat groups to discuss private matters with trusted staff.

  1. Double check before sending an email

Make sure that you are reading the message at least once before sending it. The habit will help you avoid unwanted surprises. An email sent to an unintended recipient may have lasting repercussions. The best thing to do is to wait a few minutes before sending your message. If you are using Gmail, enable that “unsend” feature. It will withdraw your email for a few seconds. And you will minimize the damage a wrong email can cause.

  1. Refrain from making offensive comments

Double check the email you are about to send for offensive comments. It should contain none. Don’t abuse your boss or anyone else in the company. You have no idea how your comments will be interpreted. Just delete if you happen to receive an offensive email.

  1. Be brief and concise

Make sure that your email is short and sweet. Try to say everything you can in a single paragraph. Remember, it takes lots of time to write a short email. You have to read several times to avoid repetitions.  If done right, the recipient is sure to appreciate your effort.

  1. Be mindful of the salutation

The beginning and ending of a message are as important as its body. Every email you send carries your image. Most of the time, an email is the first form of the communication between you and the recipient.

Sound respectful and professional when addressing the recipient. You will receive the same in return. You should also sign it off well. Thank the recipient for his time. Make sure that your name is there in the email signature.

  1. Have a professional email address

Don’t use your personal email ID when communicating with your coworkers in the office. You may use it if you are self-employed or when outside the office. Whatever is your ID, make sure that it contains your name. An email ID that reminds you of your school days may sound great to you. But that is never professional.

  1. Set aside a few minutes to check emails

Check your inbox every day. Doing this will protect you from your boss’s wrath because of a delayed response. It will also help you avoid having to reply to piles of emails.

Lastly, don’t treat your clients as friends. Avoid forwarding jokes or anything as such. They will just delete them. Some may even complain that you have crossed your boundary.

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8 Email Etiquettes Professionals Should Follow


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