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8 Effective Ways To Improve Your Creativity

There exists no doubt to one fact. The more Creative a person is, the happier he is. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done for most of us. Some are of the view that it is an inherent ability. For others, it is gained through hard work. Whatever is the reason, Creativity remains an Illusive thing for many. Here are some simple tips that will dramatically enhance your creativity.

  1. Impose restrictions on yourself

Everyone hates restrictions. Unfortunately, the best way to enhance your creativity is to subject yourself to the severest of them. If you write 500-word stories, experiment with a 250-word one. Your choices too should be limited. The process will bring out the most creative side in your personality.

  1. Harness the power of collaboration

“Curiosity will arouse creativity.” Say experts. Talk to as many successful entrepreneurs as you want. They will tell you one thing; creativity is not an unpredictable flash of a genius. You can train yourself to be creative. Read until you feel fed up. Talk with as many experts as you can find. When you have read enough, new ideas will just pop up in your brain. Same is the situation when you have had your fill of informational communication. Perhaps, a bit of collaboration may be enough to boost the flow of that creative juice.

  1. Listen to some good music

The good effect of music on the brain is common knowledge. It increases concentration and enhances your creativity. The generally recommended type is classical music. It may not work for everyone. However, there is no harm in experimenting.

  1. Learn from your mistake

Analyze your recent mistake. You may find something you may never have thought; a better way to do the same thing. It is true that certain mistakes are better forgotten. Still, you have to try to see the result. Keep an open mind when doing so.

  1. Play a musical instrument

Playing a Musical Instrument requires the coordination of mind and body. And practicing one is perhaps the best way to boost your creativity. Eminent personalities like Albert Einstein attest to this observation. Try it for a few minutes. You are sure to see the result.

  1. Dance

Dancing has been with us for thousands of years. We dance to celebrate life. Dancing lets you get in touch with your inner self. It boosts your creativity because when dancing, your mind relaxes with the feeling that you have answers for all your questions. Next time, when you experience that writer’s block, dance a bit to your favorite tune and see the effect.

  1. Distance yourself from the problem

You may have noticed something in life. It is easier to advise your friend rather than solving your own problem. This happens because you are mentally distant from the issue. Try the same for yourself. Think about an issue in an abstracted manner. You may come up with an innovative solution for something that has been haunting you for long.

  1. Daydream

The advice may sound strange. But it is a fact. As mentioned above, creativity is not an apple that will just fall on your head for you to pick up. It is a matter of persistent training. You have to train your mind to imagine, to observe and to dream.

The struggles of modern life don’t give us time for anything, let alone dream. But that is perhaps the best medicine you can have to treat your current blank state of mind. Take a few minutes break from your work. Roam around in a quiet area and allow your mind to wander. It will come up with something to help you.

Exercising a bit more too may help you in this regard. Regular exercise is shown to offer numerous health benefits. It also improves your mental health.

Develop a workout routine. The creative ideas your mind comes up with will surprise both you and your coworkers.

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8 Effective Ways To Improve Your Creativity


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