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Why you don’t have a job yet – and what to do about it!

Many candidates looking for a new job usually don’t understand why they’ve been out of work for so long.  One of the obvious scape goat is the economy and the other is the thousands of job seekers competing.  If you aren’t clear on the specific opportunity, company, or industry you’re targeting, then you’re setting yourself up for disaster.  A job Search without purpose and passion is one that will only lead you on a wild goose hunt. 

Here are reasons why you most likely haven’t found a suitable job yet: 

You are waiting for the job to come to you 

Instead of proactively looking for your dream job by going to the careers page on the websites of the kind of Companies you would like to work with as well as subscribing to all the popular job sites and recruitment agencies, you spend time indoors waiting for a miracle. Get up and go! 

You don’t believe in advertised jobs 

Most reputable companies still recruit purely on merit, even where they are doing affirmative action recruitment for host communities and other special groups. So, go and compete! 

When asked to send your CV, you send it as Jpeg or PDF

A good recruiter will call you or email you to ask you to resend your CV in MS Word Format. Believe me, no one has the time to print out and start filling your details into a database whereas sending an MS Word file makes life easier for the recruiter/HR that probably has hundreds of CVs of qualified candidates to summarize in a standardized format to the client/employer. And if you are one of those who prefer to put your resume in PDF format, you should realize that some companies now use software to screen CVs, and the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) may not be able to scan and read the content. So, you now know why you never heard from all those firms you have sent your CV to? 

You Have a Poor Resume/Cover Letter 

Everything about your CV and Cover Letter needs to be right. From what you have written on it, the language/style used to talk about yourself and what you have done, the font used and the layout of the document itself. When you ask individual Recruiters directly, they report that they spend up to 5 minutes reviewing each individual resume. However, studies that included the direct observation of the actions of corporate recruiters demonstrated that the average recruiter spends a mere 6-10 seconds reviewing a resume. Do I need to tell you to get it right? 

You have nothing to offer

Even for entry level positions, the prospective employer needs to see what value you will add to the organization. The salary as well as other costs (training etc.) that will be incurred as a result of hiring you must bring dividends else you are useless. It is not enough for your CV to say that you have BA English or French, or even B.Sc. Economics. Specify your skills; writing, editing, financial modelling, fault tracking and restoration, etc. Indicate the value you are bringing, both on your CV and during interviews. 

You don’t check your email daily 

Your mobile data gets eaten up by social media i.e. Facebook videos and Newsfeed, Instagram, you miss those links to job adverts sent to you via email by friends and family or even the invitation to tests/interviews. 

You leave off applying until the last day 

Discovering a job advert late or deciding to apply close to the deadline can’t help your chances, because the first resume is received within a few minutes after a position is posted. So given that some vacancies get thousands of applications, shouldn’t you be one of the first to get a toe in the door? 

You are not at the right place 

You are on popular social media platforms especially Facebook, but not on LinkedIn or industry groups. For those on Linkedin, join as many groups as possible that employers you’re targeting belong. Reputable companies are all on LinkedIn and such professional platforms, and post vacancies there. (Create/update your LinkedIn profile today). 

Get your CV into recruiters and companies databases

Ensure you’re on the databases of companies you want to work for and reputable recruiters who handle assignments in relevant industries, and locations you have job interest. 

You don’t know what kind of job you want 

All you say is; “I just need a job that will pay”. If you don’t know where you are headed, you won’t recognize it when you get there. So have a career map – where you want to be and the necessary tools to get you there – education, professional certifications, skills, relationships, etc. 

You have difficulty focusing on things that matter

If you read this piece and found any part of it difficult to understand, you are probably unemployed and that status quo might remain so for a while – till you become more attentive. 

Your Profile Picture 

If you’re on LinkedIn, ensure you have a professional picture on your profile. Your profile picture can be one of the most important elements of your LinkedIn presence. It is important you always project yourself in the most positive and best possible way at every given opportunity. And the best part, it will cost you little or nothing to do this. Having a picture makes your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed by others. 

Make yourself easily accessible.  

Display your contact information i.e. telephone number and email on your profile. When recruiters and hiring managers ferret through profiles while conducting searches through databases, search engines and websites, search result with contact details of a qualified candidate helps the recruiter contact you to discuss your current situation and new vacancies. 

Keywords on LinkedIn profile. 

When writing/updating your LinkedIn profile, remember to use relevant keywords to target your job search i.e. keywords on your Industry, Job Title, Skills, LinkedIn headline.  Every time a user goes on LinkedIn and search for these particular keywords, your profile page will come up on their search result. 

All the same, best of luck!

I’ll like to end this post with this positive quote:

“Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell ‘em, ‘Certainly I can!’ Then get busy and find out how to do it.” –Theodore Roosevelt

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Why you don’t have a job yet – and what to do about it!


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