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OneCoin-The Bitcoin killer! The king of Cryptocurrency, Let's join .

Congratulation everybody! I am Mohammad Goljar Hussain writing here about One Coin Today. Present digital world is now suffering the mania of Bitcoin. This is  now the most powerful Crypto-currency in The world Which is based on Cryptography. Now the value of 1 Bitcoin is above $500(dollars).  So what about One Coin. One coin can be called an exchange or transaction method of next generation, where every aspects and levels of the world will be dominated by one currency. From my personal knowledge I can say, the notion of this currency has come from the concept of  One World---> One Government(World Government)---> One currency(One Coin). This is their future visions. To know about One coin We should know about Cryto-Currency. 

What is Crypto-Currency?

A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange and transaction that works like normal currencies such as USD, but designed for the purpose of exchanging digital information through a process made possible by certain principles of cryptography. Cryptography is used to secure the transactions and to control the creation of new coins. The first cryptocurrency to be created was Bitcoin back in 2009. Today there are hundreds of other cryptocurrencies, often referred to as Altcoins.

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In other words, cryptocurrency is electricity converted into lines of code with monetary value. In the simplest of forms, cryptocurrency is digital currency. Generally Currencies are supplied by the governements, but crypto-currencies are not supplied or provided by any governments. These are to mine through hardware connecting with internet. And through this mining process crypto-currencies are made  performing many kinds of algorithms, blocks and cryptography. Through a block chain logarithm it takes few times(Suppose five minutes) to be generated a single crypto currency, but it's difficulties level generally become higher  gradually with times. As a result it takes 15 days to 30 days or more to be generated a single cryto-currency while it's difficulties level reaches the highest peak. For this the exchange rate of crypto currencies fully depend on them.  Examples- 
Bitcoin, OneCoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin etc. 

We are all of us acquainted with general currencies such as Dollars, Rupee, Euro, Pound, Taka etc. All this currencies vary from country to country. The governments or central banks themselves control and generate these kind of currencies and they can increase and decrease their supplies,  on the other hand Crypto-currencies can not generate much more coins than its defined numbers. For an example One Coin can generate 120 billion coins at best.  
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Now we will discuss about OneCoin-

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What is one coin?

OneCoin is a digital currency, based on cryptography and created through a process called 'mining'. Just like the serial number on a paper bill, each digital coin is unique. Unlike money issued by governments, there is a finite number of OneCoins, ensuring they cannot be affected by inflation and are impossible to counterfeit. Because cryptocurrencies are not tied to any particular country or central bank, the value of the coin depends on factors such as usability, demand and supply. When joining OneCoin, users become part of a global network of millions of OneCoin miners, who are able to choose among different ways to use their OneCoins. You can mine the coin and benefit from its value. You will also be able to make payments and transfer money to and from any part of the world.
OneCoin's new and unique blockchain will set a new industry standard by storing KYC (Know Your Customer/Client)  information, running every minute and is tailored to customer and merchant needs.
With its finite number of 120 billion coins, OneCoin is also the biggest reserve currency worldwide.

  • OneCoin is a next generation Cryptocurrency that is totally built on the solution of Advanced mathematical Algorithm.
  • OneCoin is called the next generation Bitcoin. But  main difference is that OneCoin is the most powerful currency that will break  records of all times. When it began its triumphant, its value was 1 OneCoin= 0.5 Euro. At present it is 1 OneCoin=5.6377 Euro, that is increasing day by day. 
  • OneCoin is not a pre mined currency. All the user of it are continuously mining it and   Circulating it. Dollars/Rupee/Euro/Taka are generated and circulated by Governments but One coin is circulated by its millions of users themselves. 
  • Normal currencies are merely a medium of exchange but they do not give any profit to its users. On the other hands the whole profit will be received by onecoin users who will mine it.
  • It is fully safe as it is out of Inflation and counterfeit. 
  • It doesn't need any high cost hardware to mine
  • It will be enlisted in all possible public exchanges within very short time.

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New development OneCoin OneLife Network
June, 11th 2016 - News from OneCoin | Dr. Ruja Ignatova

  • Announcements by Dr. Ruja to establish OneCoin as the market leader of 2016 and onwards.
  • Merchant program will start end of this year & existing members will also make money out of it. 
  • Over 1 million merchants will come on board in the next 2 years.
  • OneCoin will go to Share Market, end of this year while merchant services are launched.
  • On 1st October, OneCoin will adopt the biggest ever blockchain of history with a capacity of 120 billion coins to be mined.
  • On 1st October, all existing member's coins will be DOUBLED as a gift from Dr Ruja regardless of the split procedure, just because we are the pioneers of OneCoin.
  • From 1st October mining time will be reduced to 1-2 weeks only.
  • OneLife umbrella has been created.
  • OneCoin Launched a new physical product for members - "OneLife tablet".
  • OneLife app will be launched in a few weeks to initiate the merchant program.OneCoin is expanding big-time as we all know, way above all expectations. 

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The Future of Onecoin:

Exchange starting value will be €0.5 per coin
Growth potential the first year:
Optimistic Scenario €2.50
Base Scenario €5.0
In 3 years based on BTC’s success:
Optimistic Scenario €100
Base Scenario €50

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The MLM program in Onecoin is based by a lot of different of bonuses.

Direct Sales Bonus. On all personally generated sales you will receive a 10% bonus based on the Business Volume (BV) associated to the various packages.

Network Bonus. You get paid 10% of the Business Volume that you accumulate on your weaker side.
Matching Bonus. Matching Bonus is designed to help you to grow your team and make you successful. When you help others earn, you also earn. Depending on the package you have, you can earn matching bonus on up to 4 Generations and up to 25%!
Start-up Bonus. Achieve the goal of 5500BV during your first 30 days and get 10% extra on direct sales.

for your MLM growth. Everything from a Sapphire Pin - A diamond travel and 500k Euro in AGC coins
ONE-LIFE Points: receive points every day based on your network. You can exchange your points for attractive items – as unique holidays, luxury watches and other amazing and exclusive rewards.

Get free Aurum Gold Coin, every coin is backed up with 1mg solid GOLD.

Bonuses paid in Euros every monday.

Now listen a story. When Bitcoin came to the market at first, its value was 1 Bitcoin=$0.10   A person named Lazelo Henge bought  two Pizzas with 10,000 bitcoins that he had. Probably it was first purchase with bitcoin.  Unfortunately he could not understand the value of bitcoin and lose the chance to be a billionaire. Very bad luck! indeed. From them withing 3 years the excange rate of the Bitcoin got upto 1 Bitcoin=1200 USD. Think a little bit, if 1 bitcoin is equal to $500, How much money he spent buying 2 pizzas. So dear friend don't  hesitate to join.....

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OneCoin-The Bitcoin killer! The king of Cryptocurrency, Let's join .


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