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Why real time tracking of shipments is imperative for your online store?

A Merchant often assumes that his job is done, the moment an order is handed over to a shipping carrier, letting them assume responsibility for delivery from that point onwards and directing customers to the shipping carrier for any further updates about the order. However, in the eyes of the customer, they only have a business relationship with the merchant and for them, it is the merchant who is directly responsible for an order till it reaches their doorstep. This disconnect has the potential to leave a wake of unhappy customers and is something that a business could easily address with an efficient real time Tracking system that helps in several ways  to craft a great online purchase experience for your customers.


The most important factor that drives online shopping is trust. When a customer orders a product from your website, unlike a conventional brick and mortar store, he pays in advance for it and ensuring that he is kept updated in real time about the status of his order until it reaches him becomes very important to win and retain his trust. Providing timely status updates when the product is under your control can be managed easily through internal systems, however once a shipment leaves your warehouse to a shipping carrier, maintaining the same level of seamless status updates becomes a little harder. This is exactly where real time shipment Tracking Systems help you in crafting an exceptional customer experience.


Imagine ordering from a store, not receiving any updates about the and eventually have it show up on your doorstep a week later. Even if that order was handled exceptionally well by the merchant, the lack of regular updates about the order only serves to worry the customer about this purchase and the merchant. This feeling lingers on even after the order is received with no issues. On the other hand, when a merchant uses a reliable and seamless tracking system that proactively provides updates about an order, it inspires more confidence in a customer to shop from the merchant again. The fact that he was constantly updated about his order till the point of delivery eliminates one of the most common reasons for not shopping from a merchant again; lack of regular updates about an order.  

Attention to detail

When evaluating a purchase experience, what often stands out in a customer’s mind are little things born from a merchant’s close attention to detail, which elevate a satisfactory purchase experience into an extraordinary one. Having a real time tracking system helps by letting a merchant reclaim the last mile delivery process from a shipping carrier. Simple provisions that most real time tracking systems possess such as letting a merchant create a custom tracking page for their customers enables merchants to build an entire ecosystem around customers that can be tweaked with minute detail to always ensure an exceptional purchase experience  

Proactive problem solving

Apart from customer facing benefits, a real time tracking system also proves invaluable in enabling a merchant’s support team to fix shipping issues proactively rather than reactively. Real Time tracking systems usually lay out information about all packages in transit across all shipping carriers in a single dashboard, making it easy to spot any potential delivery issues and address them even before having to face an unhappy customer or prevent costly delivery errors such as returned shipments that affect the internal bottom line.

If your business ships a considerable volume, especially retail orders to customers, it becomes imperative to have a reliable real time tracking in place that not informs customers about the status of their orders but also to identify and proactively prevent service failures. Till the quite recent past, such a system was out of reach of most business due to the expense and effort involved in tracking packages in real time. However technology today has progressed enough to deliver systems like LateShipment Pulse which can effortlessly enable full fledged real time tracking in less than 5 minutes, leaving your business with no excuses to not take complete control of your customer experience.

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Why real time tracking of shipments is imperative for your online store?


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