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Development to all asundry is a binding factor of existentialism and the practice of Development has taken a big turn with the emergence of mordern age .In the piece below,  we observe the significance of development to human society and its general imperativeness to human existence and survival .

Development is the  institutional code of social progress and the ability to sustain growth over long haul based on the quality of social ideology and existing standard of capacity building enterprise at a time .How well it is maneuvered determines how strong a nation can be  and wade through development turbulence .Societies with better perusal grow so quickly to spread universal development and the decadence rot tens wherein by  ethics it  is abused which is a function of poor management of this turbulence gripping development cycles  .Getting it right so quickly is the greatest challenge in the transition of development economy of the world –author .

The practice of development has a long checkered antecedence down the millennia based on the  above quotations and the  subtlety of its winding turbulence  leaves much to be desired in our world today .World development economy is highly hyper-competitive and perennially in transition which would persist until the golden age cycle is attained .Competing for development by competing for tomorrow is the greatest time investment  in the comity of nations ordinarily raises the bar of development and the quality of development density  existing in a  development enterprise that can mustered at a time .This promotes and enhances the capacity level of capacity building enterprise itself .The demographical challenges facing world economy and the leverage of information enterprise required  to stimulate development density  is easily vulnerable  in the bereft of this competition .A derogation somehow that slows down  this density .The rarity of developers’ muses and the mobilization nature of capital into such clime launches outrage and signifies the extent of the denial-side effect  of competitive advantage  hitherto mortgaged and devitalized  by liability pressure and volatile burden  of development  at a particular period .
Nations that thrive on competition  foundation do not last the long haul .It seems  that the dexterity  to mobilize development  capacity to boost  this density lies  in competition incentives .Obviously , since these incentives  hardly survive  the long haul ,without a primordial motive and strategic intent  behind development density , competition foundation  stimulant of development environment  might not also  outlive earlier development mustered in the course of the stimulation cycle period .Outstretched ideology provides a better benchmark and stresses the quality beyond the incentives  that  competition foundation  can provide to bridge development that separates social classes from development market .On the other hand ,the practice of development besides development cycles ’ trajectory begins from  human development or individual incorporation to material corporation , social , economic and political development corporation types. This indicates that for the trajectory to evolve or transit the development cycles , it must ordinarily  by law of development architecture passes through this stimulation cycle period   .Though they operate on the stimulant hurdler’s framework [SHF/STIHUF]  stimulating each other  but they do not really share similar values during transactional evolution and divergent prices placed on them vary , to spiral development inequity formation which is the basis of social inequity .
Even though human development must give up its gain  in the venture to contribute its quota to general development framework in the society, the mutual buying impulse and sale of needed scale  that must be adhered , to allow such even growth is another matter that can be resolved in a long statistical proof and  link of this error of omission  .The concept  of collectivist development architecture or development neo-collectivism implies that by building impetus  from this strategic aggregation ,  formalizes against such disenabling incentives that have long truncated the size of development that a nation can experience at a particular period and the velocity rate  through which they are mobilized to bridge against development arbitraging and holocausting existing  in modern society  .The elliptic nature of development economy can be easily understood once this apprehension is built into development planning and capacity building endeavors  .
Development neo-collectivism usurps optimum value accrued to corporation types and ethics of these unique corporations sacrosanct to their lever can be  lumped together to embody and accumulate universal developmental values much needed  to sustain affordable social life  . Development neo-collectivism or the collectivistic law of development architecture  is the foundation of egalitarian social architecture found wanton today and also the theory of general capacity oriented to mobilize capital development into golden age development maturing the cycles through the stimulation cycle period , reducing the cost of development mobility and accelerates attainment of capital development having scaled through all development cycles and stages of growth . It assumes that human developmental values by excesses should ordinarily  not dampens the burning motive that strengthens mobilization fabric of social, economic and political development . That each corporation types and brands existing in the development economy  , should contribute  its quota to general ethical guidance that adhere to stimulant framework of universal development with each brand giving up their autonomy and values  to sacrifice and contribute to the welfare and  for the betterment of  the whole .If they cannot grow at the same time , which is not possible they should endeavor  but the gap should be minimal . However,   the original leverage must be explored  to maintain  ethical composition of development neo-collectivism . The synoptic value of corporation brands must subscribe to final value  of universal development devoid of cumbersome lapses that may stampede and impede the quality of  the stimulation cycle period , to dovetails  collectivist social value .
We need conjugate the concurrence that stimulation cycle[otherwise also known as middle age cycle ]  period  itself shares wide disparity with change cycle that naturally influences its nature and dimension inducing its steam for it to stimulate effectively development cycle in the transition period that traverses fate until the golden age .It connotes that these triple cycle does influence the sovereign fabric of social life and the underlining forces behind unpredictable nature of socioeconomic system .As foremost cycle works on the transformation of development ideology and its social pattern in the transition , it does also influence  the middle age cycle which in turn  also  refines , reforms and ensure safe passage of the development cycles in the safe  transition towards golden age . It is safe to affirm that the security of change cycle-as an act of mother- nature  to prowl at ease usually maintains the development pattern  but the wherewithal to smoothens the development cycles lies in the maturity of human arts and its ability to influence the middle age cycle which is  impossible without the exemption of static learning .Effective cycle management can be harnessed by focusing on the management of stimulation cycle and its smoothening effect on development cycle trajectory. It therefore behooves since foremost cycle is excluded from the confines of  human control , the two cycles are inimical to control without affordable information access . The costly implication of the inherent  information asymmetry involved in the socioeconomic system unleashes dislocation and gross inequity found in the power market system which is a mirror of the betrayal of the ethics  of the great charters of liberty .
The modern  framework  through which  we devolve and evolve social pattern of development  in modern age is a repugnant and defeatist to development collectivism and neo-collectivist enterprise in virtually every country of the world .Human development grows at a disproportionate rate to economic ,material social and economic development corporation types . The similar  structural inadequacy that is common in the web  of stimulant framework to every corporations tends  to derogate  the mutual  quantity and egalitarian quality  of development  arbitration that can be obtained by societal fabric and vital capacity to  ensure universal development . The de-stimulant parity which exchanges inequality  among brands overheats the stimulant framework to slow down development velocity of a nation .There is no doubt that social behavior is also inimical though also as a  facilitator  to the discharge  of socioeconomic development .If human development grows so quickly or too quickly  ,it is often at a great cost  to a larger segment of the society and the same pattern is common to other corporation types . This structural decadence  regarded as growth ambiguity or growth inequity facilitates growth abuse  because these lapses and gap dovetails in the long run to defeat the essence of development collectivism and neo-collectivist architecture which is paramount to quicken development velocity and mobility cost  .
The aggressive pressure to survival actually stimulates this growth abuse .Development neo-collectivism when ensured can then promotes  development equalitarianism which bridges the gap between these corporation types. The neocollectivist architecture  implies that  an increasing disproportionate capacity growth of corporation types if persist , do not contribute to perennially augmented and accelerated development cyclical flows and capital development respectively and mutually in the long run even if sustainable development is sustained .Using the criteria , the quality of development rests on this  independent but unanimous motivation of development which is defeated as growth abuse flags its flames to deny the collectivist and the neo-collectivist or egalitarianist enterprise . The inherent mutual liberal proportion must be contributive to general development .Where the balance is attained and de stimulant parity expunged , the collectivist nature of development  is more than possible  and growth abuse ,made alien to stimulant parity framework .The use of Parity signifies the disenabling of the moral exemption so as to dampen and possibly annihilates growth abuse  . Competition foundation incentives  can also produce or boost such growth abuse when misappropriated .The value added incentives that competition foundation provides can be more effectively explored once a specific  ideological pattern and effective humanitarian strategy is leveraged  to motivate or when appropriate  universal development model has been fiercely identified ,apprehended and utilized .
 The disproportionate ratios between these corporation types offend development pattern and most if not all do not observe the defective  implication of the destimulant in real developmental strategic practice and destabilizes the environment of  development and make development  mobilization too costly .It also implies universal capacity must be  boosted on the framework for the purpose of universal development where each brand assumes sacrificial responsibility  to work for the glory of common good and justify  their qualitative quota contribution to universal development .The quantity and quality of development  grows sustainbly once the stimulant framework is modeled to ensure and secure  its parity mobilization via the corporations  and contribute to growth evenly .The worst diatribe ever contrived against development discourse and planning lies in  growth abuse inadvertent usurpation of the moral authority vital to catalyze  capital development and the underestimation of the cost of growth abuse in an economy . Downturns ,recessions , joblessness and poverty are graphically tested symptoms of growth abuse which unleashed development arbitraging and holocausting , once it is sustained in an economy .Potential development and growth quality and quantity have been ejected from  stimulant cycle devoid of the parity framework .Whether growth abuses are  averted or not , growing development is a reflection of growing character  of a society .

Human society was invented by social development with the emergence of Neolithic but same clustered with the aggregation of human development cumulative efforts  . Over time ,  the  division of  lab our , specialization of labour and division into classes as components to boost changing pattern of development  ,  had done remarkably well to boost the profile of  development and quantity and quality of growth as man departed from nature into confucianist age .This boosts development of skills and growth in technical capacity in the most opportuned segment of the society .The disproportionate  growth in the quality of labour and quantity of human resources over the  long haul tends to perpetrate irreparable damage and  contributes to growing social inequity into  which the most opportune segment had mortgaged universal welfare for sectarian interests altering the existing form of social progress as they deem fit . This segment not only misappropriated the social prosperity but the eruption of growth abuse they helped perpetrated had persisted from the ancient to the medieval and modern times .Its cost to development is quite an unfortunate labyrinth to development economy at large .
From the very inception , sectarian human development rather than broad based human development [with universal spread ]  grew at a disproportionate rate to all corporation types .And economic development did the same, grew at the same rate furthering spreading the parity-less destimulation decadence which authors the arbitraging and holocausting  .The development inequity existing between corporation types  betrays the proportion of projected development colonized by the few .Broad based development in real sense is a  legal process  midwived by even growth of corporation types on the stimulant parity framework .Human development , social ,economic and political must grow at the same proportion required for effective universal development and represented of all classes otherwise the few opportune could be imperial lords of tomorrow to incense social unrest and crisis .Already this negligible factor have been the basis of all social problems  .Equalizing growth among corporations could lead to eradication of inequity in the stimulant framework first  and the eradication of social inequity existing in the power market system secondly  and then the eradication would stream down to human society where  it had much earlier being perpetrated .In our world today , freedom  we mean not just  constitutional freedom but freedom golden age devoid of growth  abuse can then be possible  once social inequity is possibly  eradicated .


The structural inequity existing on the stimulant framework was perpetrated due to uncontrollable ego of development evolution and its uncoordinated changing pattern
In the same way as the Darwinists , the natural selection of development subscribes to the general notion of how it evolves primitive pattern  into modern pattern possibly  onward into golden age pattern .The social pattern of development markedly grew from communalism through its principles of social relations which involves family,  age grades and kinship had evolved into to feudal age with stages  which  evolved also from clashes between peasants and landlords and then later landlords and merchants .This happened in feudal societies .With the emergence of capitalist age and its attendant class contraction , the merchants and the industrialists carrying over their feudal sentimental and moral psychological  contagion turnovers  challenging nature through machines for the first time in mortal history seem to consolidate on the lead in the modern times .Those who advocated socialism as the last waves were fully convinced this stimulant inequity can be avoided  but  they do not clearly discover   growth abuse  let alone  recognize how this framework operates and so they propounded Marxism or communism blindly to deal with the inequality of the ages when  they do not know its  origin which had become a paramount factor from the ancient until now .
They failed to diagnose the structural decadence and inequity existing in human society which was not caused by capitalism though was worsened by them through technological duress  or tech.,imperialism or by using scientific doctrine of dualism  but rather a dislocation in the stimulant framework ranging from information asymmetry was responsible for its long stretch throughout all of human history .Infact , to be precise the power market system  inequity was also caused by it prior to its explosion and manifestation of its dire effect to be borne by  the socioeconomic system .
The First generation stimulant framework which deals with broad generation of broad based not sectarian based human development as society evolved  from communalist age perpetrated this  growth abuse .The depreciation began with this ego stripping because learning grew faster in the most opportune segment of the society contributing to depreciate and deteriorate  the true values of communalist age  that seriously needed technical reorientation  and polishing ,   compounded in the feudalistic and capitalistic epoch .Socialists did not properly understood this depreciation returns which they linked basically to capitalist epochs and were also affected by the same abuse which  truncated its dignity. With the emergence of  socialist lords , attempted drive to proffer solution failed woefully because for the umpteenth time they could not diagnose the original source of this social  inequity  blatantly  fell by the way side .Good philosophy but poor target with poor diagnosis of the social ailment they intended to solve .The capitalistic era that we are in did less either . The accumulation of this social ailment –the worst form of cultural hazard carried over the course of procrastinated period and wasted time was instrumental to long term protracted social crisis gripping human society .
Having diagnosed the origin of development collectivist atrophy , we can now proffer necessary solution that will outlive their  times as the legacy and common property of human society .This gives us marsolism to usher in collectivistic and neo-collectivistic then  egalitarianist era  under  potage golden templates advocating the roadmap towards universal prosperity  and  universal freedom or popularly regarded as golden age development or civilization [being the last cycle of development transition ] of man by first  banishing development arbitraging and holocaust that advocate growth abuse in the non-redistributionist societies of modern times .We preach that the adoption of great charters of liberty as the constitution of golden age development –being  the long term value of capital development must be endorsed for optimum value .Most specifically , Marxist principle of free education and free access to information especially its  technical assets and the uniform availability everywhere are pivotal requirement to dismember growth abuse  .

In the communalist enclave of the ancient history , the opportune age grade self-architected the decline of collectivist enterprise due to lack of effective socio economic model to sustain the epoch and thus using their social influence intimidated the existing development pattern to give way to feudalistic epoch .This era was opened by repression of the peasants .The scientific doctrine of dualism that they preached to intimidate their subjects ,  ignited new class of merchants to struggle with them which previously arose from such repression .When they also appreciated in social influence as learning and technology grew in their segment , recourse to use of similar dualistic doctrine ,they were  also eventually whisked away unmourned and unmoored  being also the imperial  lords of  this repressive era .Marx is a good of student of development natural selection learning from the past opined that the struggle between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat will continue until the latter is able to supplant revolution and usurp the capitalists with the same force .He encouraged unknowingly the usage of this doctrine which is fundamental to the decline of communalistic into feudalistic and then capitalist epoch .Marx properly understood that it is a natural law that without this doctrine the proletariat can not regain control of social system even though he linked the  relevant of force use to the failure of 1848 revolution .
It must be fully construed that the competition foundation incentives that catalyzed previous transition of the opportune segment that later regimented the power market system  from the communalistic to author the feudalistic based on sectarian interest lacked humane ideological muse inadvertently  opted instead for the dualistic doctrine .It is the origin of social debt and global crisis till date .This is disheartening given the avarice of human tradition ;that human bias hardly changes once they are formed  .The sectarian human development that appeared later in the dying end of the communalistic epoch perpetrated the mutiny to entrench feudalism .Consequently,  if we refer to history for a large portion of Europe after its decline , slavery spread everywhere as man attempted to price labour .The same was extended to every continent whether by internal or external chicanery  manipulation of evolutionary social forces  . The undue militarization of human society with the emergence of  growth abuse galvanized the breakdown of atavistic institution of freedom that much earlier underpinned  the elementary  stages of communalistic era transition and promoted or authored colonization of development that occurred thereafter to entrench remorseless social inequity .
The changes in the pattern of development whether communalistic or feudal etc, was caused by growth in capacity building such as growth in social formation [-i.e. organization of labour ] and skill formation induced by pricing of lab our and then increase in the mode of production .This can be narrowed down to changes in knowledge pattern and ratio of technical access to information .The section of the society that rapidly explore changes in this pattern usually have upper hands while the others still persist in endorsement of static pattern .Such insensitivity  informed later exploitation . Revamping the technology of production is vital to their dominance usurping the power market system hegemony from which they stranglehold the unknown laws of the market .The concept of class that began its evolution  in the latter ages of communalism solidified in feudal societies profited largely from this instrument .The social transformation responsible for unprecedented social prosperity and capitalist wealth may not be possible without this concept but however could also be counterproductive especially at this most critical period of  macroeconomic  history destroying all the gains ever accumulated if social tensions persisted as population and social inequity per population market increase could be calamitous .How workable should I say  is the mutual leverage of social stratification ? .The dual risk involved is not dis-similar to dual gain potentially untapped.

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