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51 Blog Traffic Tactics Which Would Drive Traffic To Your Blog

blog traffic tactics

how to increase traffic to your blog

Are you thinking about the Traffic of your blog? You have been waiting to get the results from a very long time. Are you striving to know the blog traffic tactics? People say that it’s hard to start a blog. But the main thing is that it’s hard to keep your blog the best one.

You have the goal to build a better blog which can stand on the top in its segment. Well, you should work hard for that. Are you thinking about the traffic and how to increase traffic to your blog? Stop thinking and take the actions.

In this post, I am going to provide the best tactics using which you can drive a lot of traffic to your blog. There are many things to look when you care about your blog and want to reach your content to more and more people on the world wide web.

How To Increase Traffic To your Blog?

Let me walk through the fact that the people have many choices on the internet and they want the best they can get. No one wants to visit a website which has zero content value. You should always this thing in your mind.

The Blog Traffic Tactics are:-

1. Be Consistent:- Consistency is one of the best keys you can use to unlock the door for more readers. If you write a blog article and then wait for two weeks. I mean why would anyone visit the website which hasn’t been updated since last two weeks.

2. The Long Articles:- Though, the discussion of the shorter and longer articles is still going on but still, you should try to write the longer articles. People like to read more. But not that much which can bore them. Try to reach up to at least 1000 words.

3. Guest Blogging:- It is believed that the more you write the guest post the more people will come to know about your blog. And the traffic would boost up. It is great to get introduced in front of the different audience. Ask your fellow Bloggers about writing the guest post on their blog.

4. Make Human Bonds:- It’s not possible to drive traffic to your blog just by writing. You should make human bonds with your readers. Always try to connect with more and more people. Visit others blogs and comment. Blog commenting is something people consider as the strongest weapon.

5. Try To Embed other Bloggers’ Name:- While writing a blog post, you should try to feature the name of others bloggers in your blog post. There are many bloggers who are doing a great job and deserve to be noticed by other people. I have come across many bloggers like Donna Merrill, Enstine Muki, Brenda and else. The list goes on and on.

6. The Email-Marketing:- You can get more people to your blog if you have the right email marketing strategy. Show the newsletter box in the right place. Don’t use the pop-ups. People get annoyed when they get pop-ups. Craft your newsletter with the clear message and don’t put many links.

7. Think About SEO:- Some bloggers neglect the fact that writing an SEO-friendly article can get more visitors to their website. There are many people who think that SEO is dead. They should think about it again. Follow the SEO tips which can help you to drive traffic to your blog.

8. The Roundup Post:- Nowadays, bloggers are doing the roundup posts a lot and it’s working. You should try to ask the influencers about their advice to build a better blog, for better SEO or anything you want to ask about the niche they have an expertise.

9. Quality Of The Content:- You can’t deny the fact that people come to your website to read something valuable. If you provide the content which isn’t worthy to read then people won’t come back which would increase the bounce rate of your website. Build the base by proving the quality content and have a reputation.

10. Use Social Networks:- There are many social networking websites on which you share your blog posts. Try to connect with other through the social media and let people know about your piece of the content. There are many ways to promote your blog post on social media. It is believed that the social sharing count of your blog posts enhances the SEO.

blog traffic tactics

11. Reciprocate:- When someone shares your blog post or comment on it then it’s your duty to show gesture by sharing and commenting on that person’s blog. Some bloggers think that they are getting the more no. of comments then why would they need to comment on others blog. Don’t ever have such kind of thoughts in your mind.

12. Ask For The Share:- Sometimes it’s good to ask your fellow bloggers to share your content. It can work only if you have a bond with them. Follow the lead and you do the same when someone asks you to share. It would work the same for both of you.

13. The Comment Response:- One of the major blog traffic tactics is that the return of the visitors depend on how you handle them on your blog. When someone comments on your blog post then make sure that you reply with the same pace. Don’t just say thanks and over. Join the conversation and point out something from the comment which can relate to the content.

14. Use Forums:- There are many forums available on the internet in which you can ask questions and can share your blog post. Though, many bloggers think that using the forums is the waste of time. But you should try it once. If you become successful in building your reputation then it would drive a lot of traffic to your blog.

15. Follow The Trends:- Get connected with the news and know the latest trends. Keep your fingers ready to write about it. People like to read about the present piece of the trend. If you are good to provide the content related to that then it would be a plus point.

16. Use Stumbleupon And Digg:- These two websites can help you to drive traffic to your blog. the more people like your post the more chances would increase that your blog post reaches on the first page. Which would generate the traffic to your blog.

17. Organize Contests:- People like to join the fun contests and if you are the organizer and smile, you are going to have blast on your blog. More people would join the contest and the traffic goes high.

18. Do case study:- Try to do case studies of the influences how they have reached on this position. How did they survive in this blogosphere? Try to know more about their lives. It would get more traffic because the influencers would share their story with the people.

19. As For Interviews:- One of the blog traffic tactics is that you ask for conducting interviews of influencers. There are many people around you. Just follow the right person for taking an interview. Ask the questions related to the blogging strategies, marketing or anything related to their niche.

how to increase traffic to your blog

20. Exchange Mentions:- It is something which can be done if you find anyone with the same niche blog. It happens when two bloggers agree to feature each other on their blogs. It’s a kind of exchange thing for both of the bloggers. Both would get to connect with the different audience.

21. Create your own guide:- Try to write a featured post to start a blog, build a blog or anything you feel good about. Writing a featured article with 5000 to 10000 words would be an effective piece of the content on your blog. People would like to read about it.

22. Use Infographics:- You can add infographics in your blog post. People like to see more instead of reading. It’s not necessary that you create your own infographics. You can ask others to use their infographics on your blog post. Just give the credit to them.

23. Slideshare:- You can use the SlideShare to share the slides created for your blog. It is a good idea. Though it would require a lot of time to create the slides about a blog post or one particular niche. But it can drive traffic to your blog.

24. Use Social Sharing Buttons:- Don’t just write the blog post. Provide the medium to get it shared by others. More the shares more the visitors on your blog. There are many plugins available to add the social sharing buttons.

25.  Use Facebook Groups:- You know that Facebook has millions of users and you would find the groups related to your niche. Just promote your blog post in those groups and interact with other members of the group.

26. Choose Celebrities:- You know that people are crazy about celebrities. You can take advantage of this. The post which can relate to any celebrity can get you more readers and followers on the social media.

27. Choose The Social Sharing Buttons Carefully:- An idea of putting social sharing button is awesome but if you show many buttons then it doesn’t make nay sense. Show the buttons to share on the platforms with your followers. Don’t just dwell into every social networking website.

28. Use Pinterest:- I just came across a post written by one of my online friends Babs. The Pinterest is an amazing tool to pin the images you use in your blog posts. Create the effective images which show your work with the visuality. Use Canva or any other tool to enhance the quality and creativity of the images.

29. LinkedIn Groups:- Though, I haven’t experienced it from the LinkedIn but still, it is believed that you can drive traffic to your blog using this blog traffic tactics. LinkedIn is the biggest professional network, you can use it to enhance the visibility of your blog posts. Make connections with other members.

30. Facebook Advertisement:- You all know that Facebook provides the ads to show your professional page to others so that you can get more likes. You can take advantage of the ads to boost your blog post. It may result in getting many visitors to your blog.

drive traffic to your blog

31. Create Your eBook:- It is a good idea that you share your experience through an eBook. Provide it free of cost to your readers. Show your readers that you care about them by writing for them. Spread your knowledge to others through writing.

32. Join Communities:- There are many blogging communities where bloggers help each other. You should join them and contribute to help other bloggers. It would build your online reputation and you would connect with new bloggers.

33. Show Your To-Do List:- One of the best ideas to have the answer for how to increase traffic to your blog is that you make a to-do list and share it with your readers. It would be an effective step because people like to see to which they can relate.

34. Create Your Own Theme:- If you are a tech savvy person then it would be awesome that you create your own theme for your blog and distribute it free to others. No doubt that people would like to connect with you and your blog would get the traffic.

35. A Controversial Post:- People like to have an interest in the content which is not the same like others. Publishing a controversial post would be a plus point if you do it the right way. Ask questions to influencers and share your experience with the readers with your opinions.

36. Success Stories:- The story which can make people think that they should share it with others. Whether you write about the success story of a blogger, marketer, or anyone who have achieved his/her goal after struggling. The traffic light won’t stop anyone to read this story on your blog.

37. Create Your own Plugin:- To show your professional approach, you can bring a new plugin to the WordPress users which can help them. The people would award you with their support and publicity.

38. Don’t Forget Older Posts:- The bloggers forget their older post to share on the social networks. Well, you shouldn’t. Always try to update those posts and share with your followers. You have invested your time and writing skills in those post. Don’t let it get wasted.

39. Invite Others For Guest Post Writing:- If you have connections with other bloggers then you can invite them to write a guest post on your blog. You can hire any paid blogger who can provide you the best article which you drive traffic to your blog.

40. Original Content:- Don’t try to manipulate Google or your readers by showing the copied content on your blog. You can face the Google penalty. Write your blog posts with a unique style and let your readers know the quality. Google loves original content and you would be awarded by indexing your blog posts with the better SEO.

drive traffic to your blog

41. Ask Your Reader:- Your readers should be your main priority. You write for them, not for the search engine. Ask your readers about any topic they want to hear from you. Get the ideas of the new blog posts from their opinions. Solve their problems and engage more and more people.

42. Ask Influencers:- It would be great if you take advice from the experts of your niche. You should understand the logic behind their advice. They can help you to get more visitors to your blog.

43. Know The Audience:- Before launching a blog, you should have the clearance whether you want to target the beginners or the medium level bloggers or to compete with the professionals. Try to find the right place to engage with your audience.

44. Have A Write For Us page:- If you’re ready to let people contribute on your blog then provide the sign by adding a write for us page. All the bloggers would come to know that you are hiring the freelance writer or the guest bloggers. It would be a plus because the guest authors always try to promote the blog posts in the best possible way.

45. Analyze The Traffic And Improve SEO:- Most of the bloggers neglect the basic SEO things. Having an SEO-friendly permalink is important. You should know the usage of the keywords with the high authority.

46. The Best Time To Post:- Though there has been a debate going on since many years about the perfect time to publish a blog post. But you should try to analyze the graphs from your blog and the country you live.

47. Create Your Own products:- To drive traffic to your blog, you should create your own products. Spread it to your audience. It would be great if you provide them free in the starting. You can do the monetizing thing later.

48. Give More Discount:- If you’re an affiliate to any product then provide more discount to your readers. This is one of the best blog traffic tactics you can use.

49. Submit Your Blog To Directories:- There are many blog directories on which you can submit your blog. Though it’s not that much effective as they were in the previous time. But still, you can expect a nice amount of traffic to your blog.

50. Create An App:- If you want to grow the traffic on your blog then create an app for your blog. It would provide the freedom for the mobile users to get the content of your website with the use of an app. Nowadays people are using the smartphones a lot. You should take advantage of it.

drive traffic to your blog

51. Show Your Charm:- Here you are with the ending of the lists. From all the blog traffic tactics, you should concentrate on yourself. Be confident and show what you got. Your readers are waiting for you. Write for them and show your charm.

Follow The Blog Traffic Tactics And Drive Traffic To Your Blog.

If you follow the guide shown above then you won’t ask any question like how to increase traffic to your blog again. You all know that to build a better blog, you should be consistent, provide quality, share, blog commenting and many other things.

The point is that you should do your best. Provide the best you have in your mind. Your readers would want you to explore so that they can let others know about your blog.

Just have the transparency in your blog posts, don’t try to manipulate by writing unnecessary things. Stick to your niche and provide the content with power. I am sure the blog traffic tactics would work for everyone.

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51 Blog Traffic Tactics Which Would Drive Traffic To Your Blog


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