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Welcome to Comic Towel where we discuss/review our latest books, share colorful drawings, and inspire creativity within lives.
Currently Reading On This Cold Day...
I'm sure everyone is experiencing the freezing temperatures and snow and ice. I also hope everyone is bundled up, safe and warm. With, of course, a book. I decided to continue forward with m… Read More
New Reading Journal & MORE Tracy Clark
Baby, it's 6:12pm and I am making it happen. I'm 100 pages into Tracy Clark's second Harriet Foster Thriller, Fall. This one has my full attention, without a doubt. The story centers around… Read More
Another Currently Reading...
"Fifteen-year-old Justin Billings wants nothing more than to break the destructive chain of enmeshment clouding his deliberately sheltered adolescence. However, autonomy is fiercely chastise… Read More
November 2023 TBR Menu
Naturally, as all readers understand, this is fairly tentative. The idea is to read all the new releases I'm looking forward to, catch up on a series I gorged on back in July, and support an… Read More
Man, I love bookmarks. But, at the same time, know I can't own (nor necessarily use) all that I come across. Regardless, the last thing I do when I go to a bookstore is look through the… Read More
Top 100 Mystery Novels Haul
While I "dedicated" August to tackling some of the books featured in the Top 100 Mystery Novels of All Time list, it is now September and probably time to move on. Part of me wants to push f… Read More
Unread Titles Shelf Detoxification
Many got to stay. Many had to go. I got a huge summer shelf unread books detox going on strong right here. So sick of hanging on to books year after year; I did a fairly complete shelf detox… Read More
3 Rare (For Me, Anyway) Book Finds
I went to this amazing out of town discount bookstore Tuesday to do what I do when it comes to used bookstores–scour EVERY shelf for hidden and rare treasures. And this visit did not d… Read More
Stormlight Archive Boxset
While the truth is I was more or less moved by my completing of reading The Way of Kings back in October, I still wanted (at some time or another) to give Brandon Sanderson’s The Storm… Read More
Gifted Myself A Wacom For My Birthday
 I finally, finally bought a Wacom One beginners drawing tablet! Now I just must learn how to draw something in the digital realm. Old millennials problems, I guess. It’s just har… Read More
New Book Release Alert
Of courseeeeeeeeee, J. D. Robb’s new release, Encore in Death, would be on this list. Of course, chile. Of course. Nevertheless, Eve Dallas’ latest case has us readers falling in… Read More
Afternoon At A Cafe
Spent an afternoon at the café “studying” my way through my long-term journey reading The Feeling Good book by David D. Burns, MD. An absolute GREAT book that looks at tre… Read More
CHOP IT UP: One Visit By George Veck
 "In sleepy, rural North Wales, Frankie Gibbs, a recently laid off, aimless twenty-year-old on Universal Credit, wants nothing more than to keep his younger brother out of the care syst… Read More
Amelia Peabody Series Is Wrapped
"Banned forever from the eastern end of the Valley of the Kings, eminent Egyptologist Radcliffe Emerson's desperate attempt to regain digging rights backfires—and his dream of unearthi… Read More
Vanille Caught Something New Today
"Little Caribbean, Brooklyn, New York: Lyndsay Murray is opening Spice Isle Bakery with her family, and it’s everything she’s ever wanted. The West Indian bakery is her way to gi… Read More