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Are You Doing Your Marketing Right?

One of the biggest challenges that bloggers and mom Entrepreneurs face is trying to get viewers to their content or product. We asked top mommy entrepreneurs, Social Media experts and Community builders the following question:

"Tell us something that most bloggers and entrepreneurs can do to improve their effectiveness when promoting their content and products"

Community Builders

1. Parul Mittal

Parul MittalMaking money out of an online business is quite an uphill task. From my experience as the Co-founder of RivoKids, I feel that partnering with complimentary offline and online businesses is a good way of promoting your product. Your ability to become one-stop shop for the user’s needs if you are a horizontal portal or offering depth in case of a vertical portal will decide whether you will survive the competition or not.


2. Mansi Zaveri

Mansi ZaveriTo create effective content, always be true to what you write, Readers can see through it. Promote and propagate what you believe in. Treat your readers with respect and value their time. If you don't think it will value add then don't share it. Lastly be consistent.

Mansi, a true believer in explore-to-learn, has a rich experience of over 10 years across FMCG, large format retail, lifestyle, start-ups and digital marketing. She followed her passion to becoming a mom-entrepreneur leaving behind her corporate life to start Kids Stop The mommy on-the-go also contributes to many leading webzines and is considered India’s first parenting blogger and starts conversations that are on top of mind for most parents. You can follow her at

3. Oindrila Purohit

Nishita TopaniMany use social media only to advertise product and sales deals. They post lengthy notes and product pictures in various groups and timelines. This is not socializing. This is spamming. 1. Join groups to network, not to only blast promotional materials 2. Read what others are writing, it helps in knowing customer mindset and trends 3. Share genuine views, it showcases who you are and rub-on to the brand’s personality 4. When writing content follow the ‘KISS’ rule - Keep It Simple Silly!

Oindrila, is Parent at Grooming Babies Global Pvt. Ltd. A born dreamer. Oindrila’s favorite pastime is entertaining children and working with parents on simple yet effective parenting techniques. A trained communicator, she has spent over a decade with Corporate Inc. Oindrila is also a guest faculty at the University of Mumbai and Whistling Woods International, she teaches the master’s students the art of communication. You can join the community at Grooming Babies

4. Ritu Uberoy

Nishita TopaniBloggers and Entrepreneurs have to work hard to make sure their work is seen and appreciated. There are only so many times you can ask Friends and Family to like and share your content! So its important to have a marketing plan and budget, even if the budget is small. Jump into social media and update your skills - try reverse mentoring with a young person who is just out of college to see how the younger generation is looking for and accessing content.

Ritu, has a BE in Computer Engineering from NSIT and a MS in Computer Science from Santa Clara University. In 2005 she co-founded Saviance Technologies. In August 2012, she co-founded RivoKids, India's Community for Parents and Kids. Ritu loves to travel, read and read about travel. Ritu is inspired by people who have built successful enterprises around their true passions. She truly believes in what Confucius said “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” You can join the community at

Social Media Experts

1. Ruchita Dar Shah

Ruchita Dar ShahAs Chief Mommy Officer at First Mom's Club, I have always fallen back on my own experiences or cumulative learnings of those around me, and put it forth to the growing fraternity of online mommies. And that’s what I believe will work for any mom-preneur today. Keep your community at the centre of any communication or engagement. It must always be about what they would like to hear vis-a-vis what you would like to tell them. Our audience is a very evolved lot, and being fed gobbledy-gook in the garb of brand communication will be plain hara-kiri.
The intention at FMC has always been to provide a transparent and non-biased platform that is powered by mommies for themselves.

Ruchita, is the Chief Mommy Officer of First Moms Club (FMC), a 3-year-old Facebook community with over 20,000 mothers, centrally managed as a closed group by her. It was created with an objective of connecting women who, regardless of their vocation, are mothers. She is a former advertising professional but a husband, two kids, three countries and four cities later, she found work-life balance a challenge. So, she launched FMC to connect women like her from all over the world. Want to be a part of FMC?

2. Kiran Manral

Kiran ManralI have really stumbled through blogging and am honored that so many folks find my blogs interesting, so I don't really have any great advice except this, the first of which I am guilty of not following myself these days. a) Blog regularly. b) Blog about what you are comfortable about. c) Have a definite opinion. d) Don't be afraid to poke fun at yourself.

Kiran, is a journalist turned school mom turned blogger turned author. She still defines herself primarily as a school gate mom. When not writing, she can be found eating. You can follow her on twitter @kiranmanral

3. Richaa Agarwal

Richaa AgarwalAs an entrepreneur, I look at Twitter as a resourceful medium. The leads that one can get through this social networking platform are very fruitful. However, I make a conscious decision to take suggestions. According to me the “ripple effect” on twitter works best for entrepreneurs. “I make the conscious effort to follow back people that I genuinely think are worth following. I do not have the barter sytsem approach when it comes to following people on Twitter”

Richaa, started her career as a content creator for all digital media platforms. Inclination towards visual medium of communication has driven her to macro communication platforms like film making. She has a tremendous following on twitter with 25K followers and a la Gautam Gambhir making it on that list. You can follow her on twitter at @richaaagarwal

Mommy Entrepreneurs

1. Devaki Gajare

Devaki GajarePictures of happy people using our products have worked best for Little Readers' Nook in terms of promotions. A piece of advice - cross-check content and formatting a hundred times - everything needs to be perfect and typos are simply unforgivable! Finally, a strong and clear call-for-action makes all the difference.

Devaki Gajare, is a former software professional and mother to 4 year old Mihir - the inspiration behind Little Readers' Nook. With a belief in the adage 'Children are made readers on the laps of their parents', Devaki's vision is to extend this magical bonding experience and the joy of reading to families and children across India. You can follow her at Little Readers' Nook

2. Swara Patel

Swara Patel - Happy Feet Simon Senik says that while promoting their product, people generally start with `What? - for e.g. we teach Jazz, Hip Hop... Then people talk about `How?’- for e.g. age appropriate music, syllabus...
Very often people don't even reach 'Why?' - The 'Why' however, is the key. Your market buys into your belief, your purpose, your reason for doing what you do. Find your special driving force, your motive behind the hard work you put in, and then shout it off the rooftops! There will be no turning back!

Swara, an MBA from MET Bandra together with Deepika started Rhythmus HappyFeet Dance Academy in 2011. In just 3 years we have a clientele of more than 900 students, 3 studios and have successfully reached the milestone of introducing a Certified Ballet Curriculum. She strongly believes that doing what you are passionate about can renew lives just as dance has transformed hers. You can follow her at Rhythmus HappyFeet

3. Nishita Toprani

Nishita Topani A theory I always try to follow is to keep it fun and simple. Simple in the sense that the information should be clear and easy to interpret, but at the same time fun because it should entice people into wanting to know more. A picture can speak a 1000 words. Overall, I feel a website/ blog, should be something that is aesthetically appealing, easy to understand and should make you want to re-visit it.

Nishita Toprani, is the owner and designer of Little Pixie, a clothing label for little girls age 2-7 years. She started the brand in 2011, with the intention of creating beautiful dresses and other clothing for little girls. Today Little Pixie is one of the top 'go-to' girls clothing brands all through India. Little Pixie is especially famous for their gorgeous party and formal dresses. You can follow her at Little Pixie

4. Aloka Mehta Gambhir

Aloka Gambhir MehtaI don’t want mere page views but fans and followers who will miss my work if I disappear. To that effect I try and write honest posts straight from the heart so that my readers connect. I think bloggers should be true to their personality and their blogs and not promote things that don’t blend with their ideology. Apart from this there needs to be a lot of real useful content interspersed with contests and promotions. A reader easily sees through when a blogger promotes products just for gains.

Aloka, is a mom of a toddler, a blogger, and a passionate advocate of an intuitive and natural lifestyle by trusting your instincts instead of listening to hearsay and conventional wisdom. She blogs about parenting and eating from an evolutionary perspective and encourages you to question the rules. You can follow her at Wholesome Mamma

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Are You Doing Your Marketing Right?


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