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The human body has two critical concerns:
1. To sustain excellent health - This is the task of the immune defense system, which the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, once referred to as the doctor within us. Interestingly, this mysterious aspect of our bodies has a direct need for cleanliness but not for food. That is precisely why whenever you are seriously ill, you lose appetite. Since your body is digesting very little or no additional food, no additional waste is generated. Therefore, the body has only whatever is already within it to flush out. If you help it in doing so, the resulting improvement in your internal cleanliness helps the immune defense system (i.e. your internal doctor) to work more effectively and faster in restoring you to good health. This is why fasting that is done correctly is routinely used in many health spas all over the world in successfully treating various lifestyle diseases that have been given up as terminal or hopeless by orthodox (i.e., allopathic) medical practitioners.
2. To have enough energy for its various physical and mental tasks - A brief comment here on two interesting factors related to this energy:
# it is basically glucose that flows in your blood or stored as glycogen in the liver or in body tissues
# it is a carbohydrate and therefore comes from the same sources, such as fruits and complex carbohydrates and not from meat or animal products. Food items from animals rather use but do not give us energy.

Our Increasingly Unhealthy Eating Habits
Many of us are quite unaware of the nutritional content of the foods we regularly send into our stomachs. It often includes items that should be thrown into garbage bins or sent through drains. As long as as something smells, looks or tastes good, we eat it. Therefore, many of us live to eat. Indeed, the more modern we think we are, the more we eat denatured and unhealthy foods. Accordingly, we have less of healthy foods that are high in nutrients and bulk in form of fibre or roughage. What many people proudly call civilization makes us eat and drink various poisons that only kill us slowly. Therefore, we do not easily get shocked or alarmed about what we are doing to ourselves.
The human body was created to enjoy continuous excellent health. However, the more we punish it with all types of physical and mental stress and abuse, the more we change its highly complex internal environment. This is how we become hosts for all types of organisms. These creatures do not mean harm to us. They too are living their normal lives, although our reaction to their right of self-expression, while they are in our bodies, causes us to be ill.

The Reasons Why We Eat
Your body needs nutrients that nutritionists classify as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc. You need to give it whatever it truly needs to sustain it in excellent health so that it can effectively keep on responding to your wishes and dozens of internal demands that are continuously being satisfied without your knowledge.  In this regard, the foods we eat help in performing the following functions:
1. Energy for current efforts
2. Growth
3. Repairs and maintenance
4. Housecleaning - The body needs energy to clean itself
5. Energy for future efforts.

The Role of Water as a Liquid Food
Apart from some nutritionists, most people do not consider water as a food. Yet it is, mainly because it enables us to get more out of the foods we eat, through its role as a solvent. When you drink enough amounts of it, you help your body in many ways as discussed earlier in this blog. For the purpose of the present discussion on healthy eating, we have the following two comments related to drinking adequate amounts of water:
1. Housecleaning - Our modern lifestyles make urinating the fastest method for sending waste products out of the body. Perspiration may come second for those whose work environments make them perspire profusely. But, many modern people use technology (air-conditioners) to avoid perspiring.
Chronic dehydration causes your urine to be be denser, darker and to smell very strong. Even your perspiration can emit a strong smell. These factors suggest that you are storing more waste than you should. Nonetheless, as soon as you start taking enough water, your urine looks clearer, is less dense., etc. This means that you are now doing a better job of housecleaning and reducing stress on the other members of the waste disposal team.
2. Make us eat less - Most people who switch from chronic low-level dehydration to a lifestyle of drinking more water discover that they tend to want less food. They feel less hungry than before. The first of two reasons for this is that you previously burdened your digestive system and the entire body with more food than was needed. The second reason is that, as an adult, you are not likely to grow taller. Therefore, much of the energy that your body truly demands for the various functions already listed would be used for housecleaning.
Specifically in relation to housekeeping, all these factors now make your body demand less energy. That is why you would now not become hungry as often or as intensely as what used to happen during your previous lifestyle of chronic dehydration. If you combine all these with enough physical exercise, you can stay trim or get an overweight problem to gradually vanish from your body.

Eating for Excellent Health
Highly nutritive but low low calorie diets are likely to make you look and feel younger and ultimately prolong your life. Food items that are high in calories include fried and related fatty types that feature greatly in junk and fast foods, highly polished or processed food items (i.e., white rice, white bread), milk products (butter, cheese, whole milk), margarine, meat and items derived from it, etc.
In addition to eating less, you should undertake periodic fasts. This piece of advice about fasting comes from nature itself. Similar to most creatures, whenever you are ill or under stress you also normally lose appetite for eating and other sensual activities, such as sex. This temporary loss of interest in eating triggers a fast. That is what your body is telling you to do, as confirmed by the following statement from the father of modern medicine himself:
              "Everyone has a doctor in him; we just have to help him in his work.
               To eat when you are sick is to feed your sickness."
                                                                                                    - Hippocrates
Nonetheless, the following are some of the several advantages of fasting:
1. Reduced waste build-up
2. Strengthened immune defense system
3. Strengthened will power - Self denial of food improves will power, because you ignore all the direct and indirect inducements to eat from relatives, friends and from other sources within the environment.
4. Flushing more toxins out of your system.
5. Attracting and keeping helpful organisms - Since life is symbiotic, the state in which you maintain yourself will enable you to invite more of similar conditions towards yourself. Instead of attracting harmful viruses and related microscopic creatures, those that come or attach themselves to you will be more the more helpful types.
6. Rest and recharge.
7. Increased chances of a fuller life - The cleaner, lighter in weight, healthier and more optimistic you are, the higher the chances that your life be long and full.
For thousands of years during which humans had not yet developed any effective means for hunting, they lived basically on fruits and vegetables. The plant world is the wholesale warehouse or what scientists call the base of the food chain. Until modern science started producing synthetic drugs, all that indigenous people used came from plants.
If the vegetable kingdom is what sustains all biological life on earth, why don't you also go directly to this primary source yourself for all that you need as food?

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