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Our physical bodies evolved over a period of several million years into these beautiful creatures that we all carry about. Your unique personality or the real "you" is in fact a unique type of energy that uses your physical Body only as a temporary home or as a set of tools and clothing. This physical body of yours starts life as a combined egg and sperm. The foundation or stem cells use the intelligence which they never lose to keep multiplying. This process stops only after they have designed you, first as a mini-human called a baby and eventually into your ultimate adult shape. As an adult, the work of these cells continues, although most of it is in terms of repairing and maintaining your body.

Meanwhile, these cells always remember their initial job of disciplined multiplication. It is this that they regularly use to repair and renew various parts of our bodies. Unlike some of us, their memories are keen and never leave them! For this reason, any cell in your body can be used to produce an exact copy of your total physical body. This is what scientists call cloning, a process that is now regularly used in producing exact copies of various plants and animals used in research laboratories. For the moment, there is some restraint in using of these methods for reproducing human beings.

These cells of your body are free to come and go from this body of yours, as and when they wish. They do this all the time, without your knowledge and your permission. The only reason why these billions of tiny creatures that make up your kingdom stay with you is that they are comfortable. Well, how do you make them loyal to your wishes? You do this by simply leading a very healthy life. These billions of your servants, while taking care of themselves, would simultaneously contribute to your welfare.

Meanwhile, what do many of us do? We pollute our bodies with alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, refined sugar, drugs, denatured foods, synthetic sugar, other chemicals (medicinal or otherwise) and various other toxins from outside and inside us. We consume them and become addicted to some of them because they are either pleasing to our mouths or they alter our psychology and make us "feel good". Of course, all these substances for which we really have no need whatsoever will keep irritating the cells in our bodies. The longer we persist in taking them, the more they irritate and destroy our cells.

Whenever you shock your body by ingesting toxins, your various internal switches and signals are turned on or off at the wrong times. Each of us have our respective incubation periods, before disease conditions show up. It is precisely for this reason that your real bouts with adverse health occur when you are much older and less capable of resistance or of speedy recovery. Nonetheless, if you continuously irritate or keep giving wrong signals to any part of your body, any of the following reactions or combinations of them can happen:

1. Departure - Some cells can no longer cope and simply get destroyed. They get out of your increasingly hostile kingdom through the waste that you send out of your body as faeces, urine, perspiration, mucus discharges, etc. For example, this is how the consumption of alcohol kills various cells of the brain, your liver and other organs and turns them into waste material. Of course, if enough cells decide to leave, you die.

2. Medical conditions - If these disappearing cells form a critical minimum of very vital organs, you are then weakened. Various organisms from outside your body then enter you. If your lifestyle keeps causing a series of serious rebellions by cells in any organ, your vitality will be seriously reduced, your kingdom ruined and your life may come to an end sooner than it should.

3. Cancer - Some cells react to the danger they feel by multiplying, because they need more of their kind to help fight the threat. Some of the new cells will be used to replace those that get destroyed by the irritation to them by your smoking or consumption of alcohol. However, this time around conditions are  unlike much earlier during the period following your conception when they were disciplined and did not keep indefinitely reproducing themselves, while they were designing you as a foetus in the womb or subsequently in the regular repairs and maintenance of your adult body. Under radically different conditions that  now adversely affect them, they may keep multiplying indefinitely. This creates any of various conditions that doctors refer to as cancers or fibroids. If cancer cells communicate the threat they feel to colleagues in other parts of your body, these other cells react by producing cancer in their respective locations. Therefore, your cancer becomes that much more malignant and difficult to cure

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