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Most people take their health for granted and often consider this as secondary to their various social responsibilities. A lot of this arises from the fact that the human body is truly a miraculous factory that can take a great deal of sustained punishment. Then, as both age and persistent disregard for our Health take their toil, most people belatedly get wiser and start showing the concern for good health that should all along have been a permanent habit. Obviously, any person who is not healthy can hardly discharge any social responsibility toward himself, his family or any other institution. Nonetheless, what an individual needs is a total daily Intake of 4 litres of healthy fluids, with water having the largest share.

However, we shall simplify this suggestion by sticking to increased intakes of water. This realistic assumption reflects the conditions of most poor people in the world. They can more easily adjust themselves to taking ample daily amounts of water but would have difficulty affording good amounts of fresh fruit juices and other healthy fluids.

An individual needs to experiment from low to increasing amounts of water intake. He should eventually establish his own unique maximum that would not disturb his sleep by having to wake up during the night because he is either thirsty or needs to urinate. As a chief executive of all that takes place in your body, your brain deserves complete rest during normal sleep hours. In this regard, it would be useful  to make all the water you need to take during the day become your breakfast that you could spread up to midday or earlier.

If you wish to include fruit juices to this breakfast package for boosting your intake of vitamin C, then always have your juice, at least 30 minutes after completing your final water intake. This delay enables the digestion of your fruit juice without the digestive juices being diluted or denatured by any water that may still be in your stomach. It is unhealthy for water to meet any food or for any food to meet water in your throat or stomach. This is why one should avoid drinking water in between or shortly after any meal. Nonetheless, taking soups and other healthy liquids into account, the idea here is for a frequency and the resulting output of urine during daytime to be enough as not to linger and eventually disturb your sleep hours.

When you increase your intake of water and other healthy fluids for maintaining excellent health, you will urinate more often. However, your body will gradually settle down to a new rhythm. You will eventually know your own normal and predictable pattern of urinating. You can then know how to organize and schedule your daily activities. For example, your work or other demands on you for some specific days may not allow you to urinate often. Under these conditions, substitute fresh juicy fruits for water or their juices for your water intake. You could then leave your higher intake of water to weekends or relatively free days. It is really up to you to keep varying your intake of water and other healthy fluids, by making the total volume of water less on some specific days and increased to the normal full dose on other more suitable days.

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