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31 Strong Reasons to Invest in Blue World City Islamabad

31 Strong Reasons to Invest in Blue World City Islamabad

Reasons to Invest in Blue world City

Here are a few reasons why you should consider investing in this real estate project as soon as possible:

1. Remarkable Blue Group of Companies History

Blue World City is a magnificent initiative by the Blue Group of Companies. Blue Group of Companies was established in 1989 in the ancient city of Lahore, Pakistan, to provide modern architecture and development services.

With its substantial work and services over the past 18 years, the outstanding organization has now established a benchmark name in Pakistan’s real Estate market environment.

The developers have established a grip in the development market by providing a trustworthy and highly organized professional atmosphere.

Apart from the initial architectural planning services, the Blue Group of enterprises has spread its branches into varied industries such as real estate development, marketing, IT assistance, and commercial printing.

Furthermore, the Blue Group of Companies operates a range of retail enterprises and convenience stores, and it employs over 300 specialists to help it reach its objectives.

2. Trustworthy and Experienced Owner

As previously said, Blue Group of Companies, which is controlled by Saad Nazir, started this proud housing enterprise. He is the son of a former Lahore deputy commissioner.

Prior to this auspicious housing plan, he successfully executed prominent housing and business projects in Pakistan, including the PIA Cooperative Society, Center Park Lahore, Blue Sapphire, Blue market, and Blue technologies.

The owner’s integrity and reputable name, as well as his extensive list of triumphs in the real estate field, attest to his confidence and amazing abilities. His most recent endeavor

Blue World City not only appears to be a great Investment, but it will be a never-before-seen housing project of this scale in Pakistan, therefore investing in it ensures fruitful rewards.

3. International Master Planners and Designers

Blue World City was created by the Chinese master planners Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company. Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company is a major multinational company known for its outstanding advances all over the world.

The architecture of this gigantic housing project is developed in accordance with international standards and employs cutting-edge technology to give Pakistanis with improved living and business possibilities.

4. Pakistan’s First Chinese Development

Blue World City is Pakistan’s first housing society, being built with the assistance of talented engineers and professionals from China.

Because the Chinese are well-equipped and experts of building cutting-edge real estate projects around the world, it can only be anticipated that the development of this project will be top-notch and exceptional.

5. Blue World City Prime Location

Blue Word City is located on Chakri Road near the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, close the CPEC route, and just a few minutes from the Islamabad International Airport.

Furthermore, its location is good because it is adjacent to the future Ring Road Rawalpindi. The project’s location is advantageous because it is surrounded by all of the important connection highways that connect the twin cities.

6. Proximity of the CPEC Route

The CPEC Route is close to Blue World City Islamabad and will play an important role in promoting socioeconomic progress in the region as well as providing a plethora of business opportunities.

For those who are unaware, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a cooperative initiative between Pakistan and China to increase trade between the two countries.

7. All Fundamental and Advanced Facilities

The housing society is designed with modern amenities such as the best road connections and exceptional security and entertainment features that set this project apart from the others. Several of these standout characteristics are described more below:

  • Secure Private Gated Community
  • Carpeted Roads (120ft, 80ft, and 40ft.)
  • Electricity, water, and gas are always available, as are landline and Wi-Fi services.
  • Unbreakable Security System
  • Greenery in the landscape
  • Health and Medical Services
  • Jamia and district Mosques
  • Innovative educational institutions
  • Zones for commerce and business
  • Shopping centers offering a wide range of retail brands
  • Gardens and parks
  • Clubs for golf and football
  • IMAX Theater
  • System of E-tags
  • Restaurants and food courts
  • Public transportation
  • A cutting-edge sewage disposal system
  • Plant for water filtration
  • Safari and Lakes Zoo Beauty and Hair Spas
  • Stations of the police

8. Interesting Attractions

The Blue World City master plan includes:

A Grand Mosque inspired by Istanbul’s Blue Mosque, Asia’s largest water theme park, the world’s tallest horse mascot, and the Burj-ul-Arab Oxygen Park.
Investing in society implies that you will be able to enjoy and benefit from these landmarks, as well as many other fascinating attractions within this megacity.

9. Pakistan’s First Commercial Hub

Blue World City is set to become Pakistan’s first commercial centre, with the largest wholesale Chinese market in its midst. With the assistance of Chinese colleagues and at the pinnacle of progress and dedication.

It will undoubtedly become the location of your dreams. The project’s success is aided by the safe atmosphere, amenities, and desirable location.

10. Your Desired Properties

Blue World City aspires to provide a wide range of properties that one could want for.There are many types of residential and commercial plots available for reservation in Blue World City.

Both residential and industrial plots at Blue World City Islamabad are available on a simple payment plan that lasts 3 to 4 years, depending on your needs.

The plot types accessible in Blue World are as follows:

Residential PlotsFarm HousesCommercial Plots
5 Marla4 Kanal5 Marla
8 Marla8 Marla8 Marla
10 Marla
1 Kanal
2 Kanal

Aside from plots, the housing organization is also bringing Villas, Residential flats, and Duplex apartments in a variety of sizes.

11. Affordable Prices & Plot Possession

Because the housing project is still in its early stages, the prices of the properties available at Blue World City are significantly lower than those in the adjacent housing societies. This factor gives you a significant advantage in investing in the venture and reaping the benefits in the coming years.

According to the latest relief package offered by the government of Pakistan, property possession is identical with future leverage in financial institutions, which have been characterized by obtaining sufficient loans the price of the mortgaged property. As a result, investing in this project at these pricing has never been easier.

Furthermore, the properties here are accessible on a simple 3-5 year payment plan, after which you will have immediate possession of your plots and will be able to build your dream home in one of the most premium developments in the Capital city.

12. Better Security Features

Because security is so important in today’s world, the administration of BWC has made resident safety their top priority. BWC is a gated community with an E-ticketing system, face recognition, CCTV Security cameras, and guards deployed at all important project points.

Society’s architecture and infrastructure are influenced by prominent building structures from around the world. The management of this society envisions bringing contemporary infrastructure to Pakistan, similar to that of Singapore.

14. Calm Surroundings

Blue World City will allow you to get closer to nature because it is surrounded by lush green views and tranquil vibes away from the busy city life. It is an environmentally friendly location that encourages harmony, calm, and a natural environment.

15. Rapid Development

The project is progressing quickly on site, with over 100 heavy pieces of machinery working around the clock to complete it on schedule.

The major boulevard has been built, and the development work on the society’s main grand entrance gate is nearing completion.

The access road from Chakri Road has been completed, and street lights have been installed. The community is the first in that region to obtain an energy connection, which is a significant achievement for the project.

The earthwork is still going on, and the infrastructural work will start soon.

16. Project Delivery on Time

This society’s quality and rate of development are sufficient to allow timely completion of the project as indicated by management.

17. Diverse Neighborhood

Blue World City is the region’s sole Pak-China housing project. The venture provides you with numerous opportunities to live in a diversified neighborhood. With a specially designated block in society for Chinese inhabitants, it is only natural to expect people from many cultures, races, and backgrounds to come and live together.

18. Increased Profit Margins

In Pakistan, the real estate business has grown more than ever in recent decades, particularly in Islamabad and its surrounding districts. According to Sky Marketing’s expert judgment, investing in this housing society as a business means achieving huge profit margins. It is an investment that will always be profitable and will do well even during economic downturns.

We recommend that long-term investors allocate a portion of their funds to this housing project. This is because Blue World City investing targets a specialized luxury niche in the market.

19. Stability During a Crisis

This form of housing demand is rich and is less sensitive to economic fluctuations. As a result, your investment remains active even during the most difficult times, such as the ongoing Corona outbreak, when the prices of homes in society have remained consistent throughout.

Two significant factors to consider while investing in this home project are stability in times of crisis and a wide profit margin.

20. Importance in Practice

Furthermore, this item has practical worth because it is a good that can be utilized and enjoyed while also serving as an investment.

This project’s investment in residential and commercial properties will also focus on the demand for rent or purchase. Large capitals and tourist locations, such as the projected Blue Water theme park, a duplicate of Dubai’s Burj-ul-Arab and Turkey’s Blue Mosque, are attracting these investments.

21. Government Incentives are Available.

The housing project has so far displayed significant interest, being the major goal for the thriving real estate business, to which Prime Minister Imran Khan recently awarded a total of 100 million Rupees.

  • There will be no money trail for construction investment.
  • All withholding taxes on materials in the building industry are exempt.
  • A sales tax reduction strategy will be implemented in collaboration with the provinces.
  • Tax breaks for persons in the building industry
  • Those selling property will not be subject to Capital Gains Tax.
  • Naya Pakistan Housing will receive a Rs30 billion subsidy.

In short, the opportunities provided by our country are just another reason why investing in becomes an excellent decision.

22. The Most Secure Business Options for Preserving Your Revenue

In an ever-expanding market, investing in an apartment, villa, farmhouse, residential or commercial choice has become one of the safest business options for protecting your money. As a result, we can confidently state that investing in Blue World City is the greatest alternative for your capital at this time.

23. Market Volatility

As previously stated, investing in properties can be one of the finest methods to keep your money safe, and if you know how to capitalize on market momentum, it is surely possible to multiply revenue through property management.

This is why, for national and foreign investors who grasp the significance of this part of the market, the capital gain from the property will always be greater than the initial investment.

When it comes to the real estate sector, Pakistan has a thriving and stable economy. Its average growth rate has been enormous in the last ten years, and according to estimates, its value will continue to increase at a rate of 6 to 7% each year, and with the inexpensive pricing Blue World City has to offer, it is a sure success.

24. Preferential Geographical Location

Blue World City has a privileged geographical location, which has made it a regional landmark not only in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, but also in Asia, due to its appealing features and services, attracting several foreign and local investors.

It is not only an excellent project for investment, but also for living and reaping the benefits of living and investing in a prominent location.

25. Constant Capital Flow

Blue World City’s properties are expected to provide consistent capital flows in rentals and capital gain calculations in a short period of time. The villas, Awami residential complex, and farmhouses are key business draws.

26. Expansion of Real Estate Tourism

The expansion of “real estate tourism” is a phenomena described by the rapid increase in foreigners’ interest in living or investing in the territory; a factor that promotes and accelerates the generation of future income in real estate rents and sales.

This is evident in Pakistan’s newest real estate projects, such as Blue World City and Capital Smart City, which have constructed a dedicated abroad block to facilitate foreign investment.

Blue World City provides additional protection, advanced features, and a superior location, making it a perfect investment for individuals who live or invest in the country.

27. Best Retirement Location

Because of its scenic views, peaceful environment, and low crime rate, Islamabad, Pakistan is regarded as one of the best places in the world to retire, which is why Blue World City attracts a large number of foreign and local buyers looking for properties to live a comfortable and peaceful life in their golden years.

28. You are Purchasing a Piece of Luxury Real Estate.

Normally, the real estate sector is local, but this is not the case with luxury real estate investments such as Blue World City. Because the luxury market is global, the buyers are a mix of local and foreign.

As a result, it appeals to a broader audience, allowing it to command greater pricing; also, they are often unique properties with a high intrinsic value. All of this can result in large returns and low volatility for investors.

High-end real estate values, such as this project, always rise over time and can outperform the typical property market or stock market. Furthermore, when markets soften, luxury real estate investments tend to rebound faster.

29. Investing Here is Preferable to Investing in Stocks.

Another big advantage of buying real estate in Blue World City is that properties purchased here would never lose value, even in the worst-case scenario of the markets. Meanwhile, the stock price may collapse to unrecoverable levels.

30. An Opportunity to Enter New Markets

Real estate can be profitable in general. However, this does not imply that all markets are equally beneficial. Some are more appealing than others, both nationally and globally.

When deciding where to invest in residential and commercial properties, it is critical to research market trends. As a result, Blue World City, together with Bahria Town Islamabad, Park View City, and DHA Peshawar, have emerged as some of Pakistan’s most strong housing markets.

31. Ongoing Discount Offered by Blue World City

At this critical juncture in the Corona epidemic, the management of Blue World City has taken a generous step to provide relief to new clients of Blue World City’s Overseas Block, waiving not just one but two installments from the payment plan, which means that if you book a plot at BWC overseas block, you do not have to pay the first two installments.

If you want to invest in this society, now is the time because this offer is only available for a limited period.

Steps to Invest in Blue World City Islamabad Properties

Now that you have a better understanding of the advantages of investing in Blue World City, we will discuss some important actions to consider before investing:

a. Determine Your Investment Goals.

In general, the purpose of real estate investing is to receive a return on your investment. Aside from that, the first thing to consider when selecting a property to invest in is what you hope to gain from your investment in Blue World City.

For example, if you want to make a quick profit, buy in a 5 or 10 Marla residential or commercial plot in Overseas Block of society because these are typical sizes and are easily marketable. Or, if you develop a property that sells rapidly at the price you set, you could enjoy large profits in a short period of time.

However, if you want a more constant income, you might want to explore investing in villas or farmhouses available for rent in Blue World City.

b. Determine How to Finance the Investment.

One of the most crucial aspects to consider when investing is how you will finance the investment. If you have a lot of money, you might want to consider paying a flat sum for a big discount.

On the other hand, in some cases, it may be preferable to take advantage of the society’s simple and much more cheap payment plan.

c. Organize your Paperwork/Documents

To reserve your plot in Blue World City, simply click on our online booking link, enter your information carefully, and submit it through our website, leaving the rest to us. You must include the following papers with your form.

  • Copy of the applicant’s ID card
  • Copy of the ID card of next to kin
  • Recent photograph
  • Payment proof

d. Locate a Blue World City-Approved Real Estate Firm.

Find a real estate company with experience in the high-end local market, such as Sky Marketing. A professional realtor should be trained to provide you with all of the information you need about the houses you wish to see, as well as the location’s quality and value.

It can be difficult to determine the value of extravagant houses, but with the assistance of a qualified real estate firm in the region, you will have everything you need to make the best offer. An skilled agent will also be prepared to spot and avoid any complications that may arise.


Blue World City Islamabad presents a compelling opportunity for both local and foreign investors. With a reputable developer, an advantageous location near the CPEC route and Islamabad International Airport, a wide range of property options, affordable prices, and a wealth of amenities, this real estate project promises substantial returns on investment. Furthermore, its unique features, international collaboration, and commitment to rapid development make it a standout choice in the Pakistani real estate market. As a secure, stable, and lucrative investment option, Blue World City Islamabad is poised to redefine luxury living and real estate investment in the region.

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31 Strong Reasons to Invest in Blue World City Islamabad


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