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IDEX 3D printers: 6 Best Options

It is often said that two is better than one. What if your 3D printer had two extruders? Is two always better than one?

What is an IDEX 3D Printer?

A particular class of 3D printers, called Idex (Independent Dual Extrusion), has two independent extruders. This design makes greater adaptability and efficiency in 3D printing projects possible, enabling the simultaneous printing of two different materials or colors.

The capacity of IDEX 3D printers to print with numerous materials or colors in a single print job is its main feature. This provides various opportunities for developing sophisticated, multi-component models, workable prototypes, or items with complex color patterns. IDEX printers, for instance, can be used to print items with soluble support material that can then be dissolved, leaving behind a clear and accurate final print.

IDEX Printers have two extruder print heads on the same X-axis gantry, but they can move independently on the X-axis while remaining reliant on the Y and Z axes. This means that, with some restrictions, a single printer can function as two smaller printers, each printing the same thing simultaneously (copy mode), or that each extruder can be configured to print a separate portion simultaneously (mirror mode). Right shoe soles can be printed by one extruder, while left shoe soles can be printed by the other. They cannot print two entirely distinct shapes while one extruder waits for the other to finish a layer before advancing on the Z axis because that could result in part faults from prior layers cooling.

In terms of print quality and surface finish, IDEX printers are also versatile. They can create smooth surfaces and fine details by employing one extruder for the leading print and the other for supporting structures or smaller details. Making complicated and beautiful prints is made especially easy by this feature.

Although IDEX printers have special benefits, they are often more expensive than single extruder printers because of their extra complexity. The cost may, however, be well worth it for consumers that demand the capabilities and adaptability that IDEX technology offers.

Which are the best IDEX 3D Printers?

  1. Flashforge Creator Pro 2

This right here is the best IDEX 3D printer you can buy for a price below $900. A 3D printer with a powerful set of features and performance, the Flashforge Creator Pro 2 is incredibly capable. It delivers a stable and regulated environment for accurate and dependable printing thanks to its strong metal frame and enclosed build chamber. The dual extruders’ ability to print in many colors and materials creates many creative project options, including duplicate, mirror 3D printing, and multicolor 3D printing. In addition to minimizing warping concerns and ensuring good adhesion, the heated build plate provides convenience by detecting when the filament is running low. Another feature of the Creator Pro 2 is its user-friendly interface, which includes a touchscreen that responds quickly and Wi-Fi connectivity for simple file transfers and monitoring. The Flashforge Creator Pro 2 is a great option for professionals, educators, and amateurs searching for a versatile and dependable 3D printing solution because of its high print quality, dependable performance, and practical features.

Purchase link: Flashforge

Price: $449

  1. HICTOP Tenlog D3 Pro

The HICTOP Tenlog D3 Pro IDEX 3D Printer is a robust and feature-rich printer that gives consumers access to independent dual extrusion (IDEX) technology’s versatility and accuracy. This printer stands out thanks to its sturdy design and high-quality parts, which provide stability and longevity for dependable and consistent printing.

The Tenlog D3 Pro’s IDEX technology enables simultaneous printing with two independent extruders. Users can print using various materials or colors or even construct intricate multi-component models using this capacity. Clean and seamless prints are produced due to the printer’s exact calibration technology, which guarantees precise alignment between the two extruders.

Users may work on projects of varying sizes thanks to the Tenlog D3 Pro’s big build volume. Its heated print bed guarantees superior adhesion and lessens the possibility of warping, offering a stable base for good prints. The printer also has a power outage recovery mechanism and a filament run-out sensor, which improve user experience and reduce wasted prints.

The Tenlog D3 Pro offers simplicity and smooth file transmission thanks to its user-friendly touchscreen interface and handy Wi-Fi networking. The printer allows users to select their desired workflow because it supports various slicing applications.

Purchase link: Tenlog 3D Solutions

Price: $519

  1. Sovol 3D SV04

The Sovol 3D SV04 IDEX 3D Printer is a powerful and feature-rich printer that gives consumers a flexible and effective 3D printing experience. This printer’s independent dual extrusion (IDEX) technology enables two extruders to print simultaneously, allowing users to produce detailed designs using various materials or colors.

The SV04 is distinguished by its vast build volume, which offers enough room for printing projects of various sizes. The enclosed chamber helps maintain a controlled environment for consistent output, and the strong aluminum frame guarantees stability and precise printing.

A touchscreen interface that provides simple control and quick access to settings is one of the many user-friendly features of the SV04. The power loss recovery feature and filament run-out sensor increase convenience and reduce the possibility of unsuccessful prints.

The SV04 also has a direct drive extrusion mechanism, which improves filament management and makes a larger variety of materials compatible. Successful and high-quality prints are produced due to the heated bed of the printer’s ability to ensure excellent adhesion and lessen the likelihood of warping.

Purchase link: Sovol 3D

Price: $559

  1. Raise3D E2

A 3D printer of the highest caliber for professionals, the Raise3D E2 offers remarkable performance and dependability. The E2 is built to last and has advanced features perfect for small enterprises and educational institutions.

The E2’s huge build volume, which offers enough room for projects of varied sizes to be printed, is one of its distinguishing qualities. Due to the dual extruders used by the printer, printing in many colors and materials is possible. With interchangeable nozzles, the extruders offer print resolution and material compatibility flexibility.

The E2 has a robust aluminum frame and an enclosed chamber to provide a stable printing environment and reduce temperature variations. This results in less warping and better print quality.

A 7-inch touchscreen is part of the printer’s user-friendly interface and provides intuitive control and quick access to settings. Additionally, it has Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing for easy file transmission and remote monitoring.

 Raise3D offers excellent customer service, including a one-year guarantee and quick technical support. Their potent slicing program, ideaMaker, which has cutting-edge features for print optimization, is also compatible with the E2.

Purchase link:

Price: $3499

  1. Snapmaker J1s High Speed IDEX 3D Printer

The Snapmaker J1s High-Speed IDEX 3D Printer is a strong and adaptable printer that combines high-speed printing capabilities with the simplicity of independent dual extrusion (IDEX) technology. The J1s expands users’ creative options because it seamlessly integrates with other Snapmaker modules as a member of the ecosystem.

The J1s’ IDEX technology allows it to print simultaneously with two independent extruders and print with several materials or colors in a single project. This adaptability paves the way for various applications, from multi-component models to intricately detailed, complicated designs.

Faster print speeds are possible with the J1s’ high-speed extrusion mechanism without sacrificing print quality. Users needing quick prototyping or working on time-sensitive projects will particularly benefit from this.

Operating the J1s is a joy, thanks to Snapmaker’s user-friendly interface and touchscreen control. The printer’s modular architecture makes for simple installation and quick module swapping, and it offers a straightforward and clear user interface.

The J1s also has a built-in camera that allows for remote monitoring and recording time-lapse videos of the printing process. For providing project updates or tracking progress, this tool is extremely helpful.

Purchase link: Snapmaker


  1. JGMaker Artist-D

Both beginner and expert users will have an outstanding printing experience with the JGMaker Artist-D’s feature-rich and dependable 3D printer. The Artist-D is a unique and effective 3D printer thanks to its cutting-edge features and sturdy design. With its substantial build volume, the Artist-D enables customers to create things of all sizes. It has a strong metal frame and a dual Z-axis layout, improving printing stability and accuracy. This guarantees that prints are produced with outstanding quality and high accuracy. The Artist-D’s autonomous dual extruders allow for the simultaneous printing of several materials or colors. This provides us with many opportunities to develop sophisticated, multi-component models. 

With its simple touchscreen interface, the Artist-D provides a user-friendly experience that makes navigating and changing settings simple. Additionally, it offers Wi-Fi connectivity, making wireless file transfers and monitoring practical.

JGMaker offers top-notch customer service, including a quick-response technical team that helps consumers with any queries or problems that may come up. A one-year guarantee is also included with the Artist-D, offering assurance and ensuring dependable performance.

Overall, the JGMaker Artist-D is a strong and adaptable 3D printer that can be used for various tasks. It is a fantastic option for hobbyists, educators, and professionals looking for high-quality prints with simplicity because of its twin extrusion capacity, sturdy build, and user-friendly interface.

Purchase link: JG Maker

Price: $299

Best software for 3D modeling

If you have an IDEX 3D printer, you are going to need the right CAD tools to create the right kind of models for your 3D printer. There is a lot of intricacies involved in printing a multicolored model or mirror printing a 3D model. You need a tool that helps you prepare your model for IDEX printing by creating the right G-codes. You get both with SelfCAD, a tool popular among some of the best in the industry. Besides the set of tools and the UI, SelfCAD has everything to make you the best 3D modeling artist.

Make yourself ready for IDEX 3D printers

IDEX 3D printers are ideal for experts in 3D printing with a couple of years of experience in hand and knowing how materials behave. However, technology has advanced to a stage where the 3D printer takes care of everything. This was a list of IDEX 3D printers that almost anyone could use. On a slightly unrelated note, if you are looking for ways to sharpen your 3D modeling skills, look no further than the interactive tutorials on the SelfCAD website.

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IDEX 3D printers: 6 Best Options


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