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Escalating Crisis in Gaza as Israeli Forces Prepare for Major Offensive

Israeli forces have encircled the Gaza Strip, signaling their readiness for significant military actions after launching preliminary raids. Read full story 

The IDF plans to expand its offensive with a joint air, sea, and land attack. Benjamin Netanyahu meets with troops, hinting at a forthcoming phase.

 In anticipation of a ground invasion, around 400,000 civilians are displaced. Despite warnings of a humanitarian crisis, the IDF has issued evacuation orders, allowing civilians to leave via designated routes.

Numerous Palestinians continue to face difficulties evacuating from regions under Israeli military operations and are contending with an escalating water crisis due to Israel's cessation of resource supply to the area.

Palestinians, alongside certain Egyptian authorities, are apprehensive that Israel's underlying intention may involve compelling the residents of Gaza to migrate through the southern border into Egypt.

Egypt temporarily closed the Rafah border crossing due to Israeli strikes targeting the area. Hamas urges civilians to disregard evacuation orders. 

Ismail Haniyeh, the Hamas leader, asserts Palestinians won't leave Gaza or the West Bank. Air strikes continue, displacing around 400,000 people in Gaza. 

A convoy was struck, resulting in 70 casualties. The total death toll from airstrikes stands at 2,215, with 8,714 wounded. 

Many have sought refuge at Gaza City's main hospital, Shifa Hospital, due to widespread destruction in the city. Gaza City is now marked by devastation.

More than 2 million people in Gaza are at risk as a result of water shortages, the UN agency in charge of aid operations warned today. Senior official Philippe Lazzarini issued the warning, saying: "It has now become a matter of life and death." It is necessary.   

All around the region, the water has stopped coming out of the faucets. 

In Gaza, residents face dire water shortages as contaminated water occasionally trickles from pipes. Some are forced to ration water, with even pregnant mothers drinking sparingly. 

Contaminated tap water near the coast pushes some to drink saltwater, worsening the crisis. The Israeli military's evacuation plans push residents to the southern Gaza Strip amid ongoing strikes, with some choosing to stay rooted in their homes, while others desperately seek ways to evacuate.

 Israeli airstrikes have resulted in numerous casualties, with Israel vowing to destroy Hamas and imposing a siege on Gaza. 

Efforts to negotiate are ongoing, but the situation remains tense, with the possibility of a ground offensive looming.

Later, it reported the passing of Ali Qadi, who had been found by military intelligence and murdered in a drone strike. Prior to his release into Gaza in 2011 as part of the Gilad Shalit prisoner swap, he had been detained by Israel in 2005 for the kidnapping and murder of Palestinians.

Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant stated that his country's armed forces would "effect permanent change" in the region by driving Hamas "out of Gaza and out of the Earth.

The IDF issued a statement indicating plans to "operate significantly" within Gaza City in the coming days, instructing Palestinians that they can only return when a subsequent announcement permits it.

 Israeli airstrikes have caused extensive damage to Gaza City, leading to a shortage of essential resources, including food, water, and medical supplies, as well as a near-total blackout of power.

International concerns have been raised, accusing Israel of violating international law with the abrupt evacuation order. 

Aid agencies and the UN consider the unprecedented evacuation unrealistic. Doctors Without Borders (MSF) reported chaotic situations in northern Gaza hospitals, with Israel providing only two hours for staff at Al Awda Hospital to evacuate while still treating patients.

Israel's embassy in the UK claimed that Hamas was obstructing Palestinian civilians from using a "safe corridor" to the south, placing roadblocks and physically preventing their movement.

 US President Joe Biden urged Israel to consider the majority of Palestinians not involved with Hamas and condemned Hamas's actions.

 Russia likened Israel's siege of Gaza to the Nazi siege of Leningrad. Rishi Sunak acknowledged Israel's right to self-defense but emphasized the importance of prioritizing civilian safety.

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Escalating Crisis in Gaza as Israeli Forces Prepare for Major Offensive


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