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Pentagon: US jet shot down high-altitude object near Lake Huron

The U.S. military has shot down another high altitude this time over Lake Huron. This is according to a U.S. official and a congressional sou briefed on the matter. This would be the fourth Object brought down by U.S. fighter jets in the past nine da CNN's Colby Atwood is at the State Departmen Kylie, what are you learning? Yeah, that's right, Paula.

And the third object brought dow just the last three days, of cou We're learning that this high altitude object was traveling and shot do Lake Huron, which is north of Michigan, in between Michigan and Canada, right up there. That is according to a U.S. offi And a congressional source briefed on the matter. It appears that members of Congr from Michigan are learning more about this in conversations with the Pentag I want to read to what Congresswoman Slotkin tweet just in the last 2 hours or so, saying, quote, The object has been down by pilo from the U.S. Air Force and National Guard. Great work by all who carried out this mission, both in the air and back at head We're all interested in exactly what this object was and its pur We're also hearing from other members of Congress from Michigan, Congressman Bergman saying that he is appreciative of what he's calling the decisive action of the fighter pilots here.

So there's a lot more to learn a you know, just what exactly this object wa I think our let our colleague is getting some more colleagues from her sources on that. But it's notable that this was a something that the United States was able to track potentially in part because Noor the last week adjusted its controls to better slow moving objects at high alti So what they were able to do is put into place these FAA temporary flight restr into spaces where they were seeing potentially an object come throu The question remains an open one as to if there are more objects coming into US airspace now or if these adjustments are just allowing them to detect At a higher rate Paula.

Kelly, I would thank you. And CNN's Paula Newton joins us Paula, what are the Canadian officials saying about this? Yeah, well, suffice it to say that Canadian officials are obviously also keeping a close eye on any altitude objects, as you say, that no unauthorized has been surveilling. I mean, look, at Lake Huron basically cuts across both the US and Canadian territories. And for that reason, leaders on both sides, both President Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, would have been kept informed of what was going on with this obje Now, when I asked Canadian offic they referred me to narrate, which was responsible for this o but defense officials in Canada did promise to get back to us with more information about exactly what went on there I will note that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is en route to Yu A complete coincidence Paula, in terms of h being there the day after Canada ordered that high altitud to be shot down in Yukon.

What's interesting here, though, was when Prime Min Justin Trudeau spoke this morning before that t he did say that they felt that this was a threat to civil And that's why he thought that the object had to come down as soon as poss unlike those objects that they perhaps had been surveilling for The other thing that was interes was that that object over Yukon, they had had been surveilling it for at least a day before they actually shot it dow What will be interesting here, Paula, is to note exactly when they detected this object, was it also coming through that northern part from Canada or did it float in from somewhere else over the Great Lakes, perhaps? Still a lot of questions. Again, Canadian officials promise to get back to us. But right now, they are deferring questions to which they say took the lead on this operation after getting the order from U.S President Joe Biden. Carly, the Pentagon is now addressing this incident. What are you learning? Yeah, the Pentagon press office telling reporters just in the last few minutes here, Paula, that this object was shot down o Lake Huron at 2:42 p.m.

This afternoon at the direction of President Bi by F-16 fighter jets They're saying that it didn't pose a military threat, but it did potentially pose a threat to civilian aircraft. And that is because it was trave according to this statement, at about 20,000 feet elevation. Now, when you think about every day, air aircraft, they fly at about 37,0 So this statement says that the Biden administration, U officials were concerned about the path that this was following up, that this was traveling on, and also that elevation. Now, when it comes to any risk to civilians, there wasn't any there were no civilians who were or injured. Or otherwise affecte Of course, being shot down over water enabled that to be an outc And we should note that yesterda there were some questions about an FAA temporary flight restrict put into place in Montana. And there were some questions about what actually triggered that flight restriction. We didn't get a definitive answe on that today.

There were a number of differing that we heard. But with this statement from the says is that they believe that this object is what actually triggered that flight restriction yesterda And I just want to read to exactly what they say here, saying, quote, Based on its flight path and dat we can reasonably connect this object to the radar signal picked up over Montana, which flew in proximity to sensitive DOD sites. We did not assess it to be a kinetic military threat to anything on the ground, but assess it was a safety fligh and a threat due to its potential surveillance ca Is now surveillance capabilities The potential for those is key h So far, we don't know what those capabilities on board this unidentifiable object actua But that, rest assured, is going to be something that those who are doing these recovery eff which is now going to be getting are going to be looking for answers to Paula. Carly, I would thank you. And Republican Congressman Chuck program of Michigan joins us now Representative, you serve on the Armed Services Committee.

What is your reaction to what the Pentagon just revealed, the take down of this object near Lake Huron Well, my reaction is very simple and that is when the Pentagon called me shor after it took action because Lake Huron in that area is in my district number one, decisive action. Using the right equipment, the F using the right type of munition to do the takedown but now the big part, as was mentioned by my colleague a minute ago, is the recovery piece to understand that Lake Huron is very cold this time of year. They're going to have to use some special diving capabilities to get down there.

The good news is Lake Huron is not that deep, not like Lake Superior, but the to take decisive action by Northern Command, the Department of Defense is wha because we've seen it over the past few weeks There are some challenges to our sovereign airs And this is the third object sho just three days. How concerned are you about this Okay. I just lost your audio it. Try one more time. Sure thing. This is the third object shot do just three days. How can it seems like we've lost the congressman. We will go to our expert panel and try to circle back with Congressman Jack Bertram. All right. Let's talk more about this with CNN military analyst, retired U.S. Air Force Colonel Cedric Leighton and CNN national security analys Juliette Kayyem. Colonel Leighton. Juliette, thank you so much for being with I want to get your reaction to what we just heard from the P Juliette, I want to start with y Yeah, so it's just a confirmation of what we have been reporting, which is essentially we we still don't know what the obj I think what's really important the military is is acknowledging that they are getting lots of positives now because after what happened with the Chinese balloon, they are now opening up the aper They're getting more positives.

They are then assessing what it is in the if it is unmanned. If it is a threat to commercial And if shooting it down is not going to harm Americans. Basically, the assumption is we're shooting down at this stage until we figure out what this is It does not mean we know it's the Chines it does not mean that it's simply these these potential positives, because as we're looking harder after what happened with the Chinese balloon and I think we should just antic that at this stage until we can what it is that they're finding once they shoot it down.

And that and I think any other speculation could be very dangerous for our relations and could hone harm Americans because we will be so convinced that this is an enemy, that these are enemy balloons or whatever they are that we wil We could potentially make calcul that do not fit the risk at this So that's sort of where we are r And I anticipate we are going to get more of thes at this stage. So great point. Colonel Leighton, what's your reaction to this latest development from the Pentagon? Yeah, I think, you know, as Juli said this to confirm a lot of wh previously have been talking abo One of the key things I thought was very intere was the fact that they mentioned that the surveillance part of th was a definite possibility.

So this seems to lend credence to the idea that these fact, surveillance aircraft of whatever type. And I think we should treat them as such until we know much more. And that means we're taking security measures at our bases that are other government situat And even if we're personnel, you know, people in the civilian to be somewhat cognizant of the possib that cell phone conversations could be intercepted by the Chinese, they're already being intercepte in many cases anyways. But it's just one of those thing that part of the new reality and it you know, these devices can in some ways make that even more of a plausib to people that are both normal p civilians and people who are in government service.

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Pentagon: US jet shot down high-altitude object near Lake Huron


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