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Auspicious and inauspicious plants to grow in your garden.

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Note that this information is brought to you under Vastu Science guidelines.

There are things in the unseen world that can affect your life. Understanding them can be useful to you at some point.
From this post: You will be able to understand what vastu science is.

According to Vastu Science, certain flowers, fruits, and medicinal plants can change our lives. Just like delicious food, fruit trees also make our lives interesting.

Medicinal plants become medicine for our body and bring relief to our diseases as well as provide relief to the problems that arise in our lives.
If you also want to bring good things to your home, pay attention to these auspicious and inauspicious plants. Vastu science dictates which plants should grow in your garden. It is not advisable to grow any trees directly in front of your main entrance. It reduces the light that comes into the house. And the energy received decreases.

And practical problems arise in the house, such as the presence of vermin.
Do not plant thorny or spiky trees in front of the entrance of the house or in front of the facade of the house. Through that, a bitter and problematic nature approaches the house.

Among the auspicious plants that should be grown in a home garden are night jasmine, jasmine, white sandalwood, aloe vera, and orchid, which have been found to emit positive energy. The tulsi (holy basil) plant is also a plant that emits very good energies. A mango tree is good for the garden, but it is inauspicious to plant it near the house and in front of the main entrance. Growing taller than the house is also inauspicious.

The pomegranate tree is also good for fruit and medicine. But planting in front of the house brings bad results, according to Vastu science. The neem tree has detoxifying properties. Also, this plant is considered a god tree. By planting a Neem tree in the north and north-east directions, universal energy and God are attracted. Neem has the blessings of Goddes Patthini, Lord Gana. According to astrology, neem is a tree belonging to Mercury.
Although we need them every day, never plant plants like "coral swirl" or pinwheel flower trees in front of the house. Through that, it has been found that the things that cause grief can reach home. Do not plant plants like plumeria anywhere in the garden.

Trees like bamboo, cedar, sandalwood, pomegranate, mango, etc. are good.

Although plants such as papaya, anona, banana, and vegetable hummingbird are good and valuable plants for the garden, it has been found that planting these in front of the house reduces good energies.

Turmeric and ginger are two very valuable plants to eliminate Vastu Dosha (vastu errors) in a house and have medicinal properties. It is very auspicious to have these growing right in front of your house. Also, medicinal plants such as aloe vera are good for the front of the house. But aloe vera has thorns, so keep it in the south-east direction. It is auspicious to have a coconut tree and a betel vine in the north-east direction of the house.

It is good to have a bamboo bush in the southeast direction. Plant a betel nut in front of the house. It is a blessing. Do not plant plants like papaya, banana, etc. in the north-east direction.

Do not plant roses in front of the house. Because they have thorns. Tangerine, lime, etc. are also like this.

Planting a pomegranate tree in a garden is very desirable. Banyan, tamarind, and garcinia are not suitable for a garden. A Sri Lankan legume plant can astrologically add energy to the land. Bael is also very auspicious.

If the pomegranate tree in the garden dies, don't forget to plant another pomegranate tree.

Rambutan trees near the house are not so auspicious. There is no problem with rambutan trees in the garden. As with mango and pomegranate trees, it is also not recommended to plant them in front of the house.
Banyan, tamarind, and garcinia are not suitable for a garden. The presence of Ceylon ironwood trees near the house attracts bad energy to the house. Also, the vinca plant is a plant that brings bad luck to the house.

Also, the temple plant is good for business places and big hotels. But an ordinary house may have bad luck due to the strong influence of the temple tree. That means these trees have the power to attract invisible energy (a sort of negative force). Therefore, temple trees are not suitable for an ordinary house.

Also, the presence of oleander plants near the house attracts inauspicious energy to the house.

Another main plant that attracts negative energy to the house is the cactus plant. The cactus plants grown near the house for beauty attract evil waves to the house.

Do not grow plants belonging to the cactus family or thorny plants in your home garden, as they attract negative energy and will bring you misfortune. Therefore, if you have those plants today, remove them from the garden.

It is not so suitable to grow hive flowers and plants very abundantly near the house. It attracts negative energy to the home. If there are many hive flowers near the house, remove them.

Plants that attract good energy to the house and bring good luck to the house:

It is ideal to have lime, orange, tangerine, and citrus trees near the house. It is very suitable to plant such trees near the house.

It is written that if you can grow these trees, like in the Southeast region, your home's wealth will increase.

Plant citrus trees like oranges, limes, and tangerines in the southeast direction of the garden.

Also, jasmine flowers are a very auspicious flower. Plant jasmine near your home. It gives good energy and luck to the house.

Also, night jasmine is a flowering tree that attracts auspicious energy. Plant night jasmine flowers to bring good luck to the home. Also, growing pomegranate near the house is very auspicious. Pomegranate trees also attract special auspicious energy to the house. Plant if you want to bring good luck to your home.

The bael plant is also a very auspicious plant. Planting a bael tree near the house can bring good luck to the house.

Another auspicious tree that increases luck in your home is the bamboo tree. Plants belonging to the bamboo genus and bamboo trees can be considered the most auspicious plants. It is mentioned in old books that, especially by growing a bamboo tree on the eastern side of the garden, the health and luck of the householders and their longevity also increase. Hence, the best direction to grow a bamboo plant is in the east direction of your garden. Otherwise, it doesn't matter which direction it is. The east direction is better. Nonetheless, the bamboo tree is a very auspicious sign.

Don't forget to check your garden right now and plant the plants described below that can influence your home's fortune.

Money plant

It is a well-known fact that money plants help attract wealth. But you should be aware of how to maintain it and in which direction to place it. It is suitable to use this plant to control Vastu Dosha (errors), which cause economic problems in the house. Obstacles to progress will be removed. It is not good that the leaves of the mani plant have fallen to the ground. A rope or stick should be easily placed to go up.
Some people allow this plant to grow on garden walls and house walls. It's not good. Do not place this plant against a wall.
If the vines are too long, cut them off. Also, remove the dead leaves.
According to Vastu, keep this plant inside the house. Choose a plant with green, small leaves.
The directions in which it should be placed are north, north-east, or east.
If you are working or doing business, put it in the right direction and water it with your own hands.

Thulsi plant: Holy Basil

This plant attracts wealth and helps with prosperity. If there is conflict between the residents or if the children's education is interrupted, keep this plant. Keep the surroundings of the Holy Basil plant clean. Water the plant every day.

Place this plant in front of the house or inside the house in north-east or east directions.

Mango tree

According to Vastu, a mango tree can be planted in any direction in the garden. But the south and west directions are very auspicious for planting a mango tree. You can get very good results from it.
Mangoes from that mango tree should not taste sour. Those mangoes should be sweet when ripe.
Having such a mango tree on your land will improve your job and business. It is also a reason for the success of the education of the children, the love and respect of society, and the strong economy.

So you must plant a mango tree in your garden. You can get very good results from it.

Medicinal plants

Apart from keeping the garden beautiful, it is very important to grow medicinal plants in the garden, which are useful in an emergency.

In addition to the medicinal compounds that can be obtained from them, they also help to clean the air around the house.

Potted lime:Citrus aurantiifolia

Lime has been used since ancient times to cut negative energy like the 'evil eye'. That is why lime is hung even on the roofs. Smelling the lime will also help you get rid of your mental illnesses. This quality can be best achieved by choosing potted lime as a small plant in pots. Placement in any direction other than the north is auspicious.

Asparagus (Sparrow grass) : Asparagus officinalis

Asparagus is a valuable plant that removes bugs from your home and is beneficial for many human diseases. Even without doing anything special, it can be easily grown in any garden and can be grown in abundance. Asparagus, which contributes a lot to purifying the air, is wonderful for making green porridge. There is also a belief that if there is asparagus in the garden, food poisoning will not occur in that house.

Gurmar: Gymnema sylvestre 
Gurmar is one of the best medicines for diabetes in Sri Lanka.
This small vine with dark green leaves can be used to beautify any place in the garden. It is mentioned in the old books that Gurmar has the ability to remove the adverse effects caused by water.

Bushweed: Flueggea leucopyrus
Today, there has been an interest in growing bushweed in many homes with the spread of the opinion that it has anti-cancer properties.

Gooseberry: Phyllanthus emblica Linn
According to Vastu, a medicinal gooseberry tree is very auspicious. If a medicinal plant is planted in the north or north-east direction of your house, the educational activities of the children will be successful. There may be a new development in your job and even a promotion. If you are a businessman, it is also very auspicious for business development.
By planting a gooseberry tree in the north or north-east direction of your land, all your economic difficulties will be removed, you will be able to develop quickly, and you will have the effect of fulfilling all your wishes.

If you have Vastu Dosha (Vastu errors) in your house, if you plant a gooseberry tree in the right direction, you can suppress the Vastu Dosha to a great extent.
Please visit
here to understand what vastu dosha or errors mean. So plant a gooseberry plant on your land. You can get very good results from it.

Pomegranate Tree
According to Vastu, a pomegranate tree is also very auspicious for your home. The pomegranate tree should be in a north or north-east direction. It will have the effect of removing all your financial difficulties; a good path will be opened; and your economy will be strengthened caused by this plant.
If you have any problems at work, everything will be solved.

If there were problems between the family, those problems would also be removed, which would lead to happiness and harmony in the home. Plant a pomegranate tree in the right direction on your land to gain popularity for those related to art and good results if marriage is delayed.
But a pomegranate tree that does not produce fruit is not a good thing to have in your garden. If you have such a tree on your land, remove it immediately.

Turmeric plant
A turmeric plant is very auspicious for a house. You can plant in any direction in your garden. All your financial difficulties will be gone, and family happiness and harmony will always be there. If you often get sick, plant a turmeric plant in front of the main door of the house. It is very auspicious. It will relieve all your ailments. Good for stress and debt problems. Having a turmeric plant in the garden will give you progress.
So you must plant a turmeric plant in your home. You can get very good results from it.

Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is one of the must-have plants in any home. According to Vastu, an aloe vera plant is very auspicious for the house. You can place it in any direction of the house. Aloe vera also contributes to positive, universal energy in the house.
If you get sick frequently, you can keep an aloe vera plant in front of the main door of your house or in a pot to get rid of problems and economic problems in the house. Just like diseases are cured, Vastu errors in the house are also suppressed. Eating aloe vera curry is also very beneficial for digestive problems. Aloe vera is considered the best plant to clean the surrounding air naturally. So plant an aloe vera plant. It can give you very good results.

Next, you will learn about some flowers that will help your development, according to the Vastu Shastra/Science.


Jasmine, which is often offered to Lord Buddha by Buddhist worshippers, is one of the most auspicious flowers to have in a home garden. As well as making the environment fragrant, jasmine flowers can also make our lives fragrant. The positive energy emanating from it, as well as the pleasant aroma, thus contribute to improving happiness and prosperity.
Therefore, definitely try to make a jasmine plant in the garden.
When making jasmine, remember not to plant it in the south.
If you plant a jasmine flower tree in your garden, the financial problems at home and the problems between married people will be solved soon. The love and bond between the people living in the house are strengthened. It also leads to improvements in your work, and some Vastu doshas (errors) in the house are also avoided.


The auspiciousness of orchids is known all over the world. This is considered to be the main reason why most orchids are found in houses today. There are many types to choose from, so they are perfect for any home. Also, remember to plant orchids only on the front and sides of the house.

Marigold (genus Tagetes)

Marigold, which can be easily grown even in the smallest pot, is a very auspicious flower for a house.
In addition to providing positive energy to the home, it also helps to keep annoying insects away from the home.
By planting marigold flowers on both sides of the main entrance of the house, its benefits can be obtained very well. If you often suffer from mental stress and illness, definitely plant a marigold plant in your garden. 
Keep a marigold flower plant in your place of business too; it is very good. There are yellow as well as orange marigold flowers. But according to Vastu, the yellow-coloured marigold flowers are the most suitable. If yellow marigold flower plants are placed in the north and east directions in your garden, you can get very good results.


Anthurium cultivation is something that many people do as a hobby today. This is also considered a very auspicious plant for the home. However, just like roses, this is a type of plant that is suitable for growing away from the house and is considered only for a garden with a good space.

Remember to plant anthuriums only on the sides and not the front of the house.

Hive flowers

You may have seen hive flowers of different colors. As explained earlier, although it is not very beneficial to grow these hive plants in abundance in the garden, according to Vastu Shastra, if you plant a red hive flower tree in your garden, it will attract wealth to your home. If you are a businessperson, plant a red hive flower tree if possible at your place of business. It's good for your business, too.


The rose is another type of flower that is used to grow in home gardens. It has been found that growing roses is also very auspicious for a house. Roses are suitable for growing at a distance from the house. It is not good that some of the chemicals contained in roses get mixed into the air inside the house.

Red roses

In general, red roses are not everywhere. Growing red roses in dry climates is a bit difficult. But if you can plant them in the south direction in your garden, it is very good for your home. Generally, trees with thorns are inauspicious for the house. But red roses have no such problem.
It will help you overcome obstacles and challenges in your work or business and make you successful in life.
Butterfly pea flower

According to Vastu, if you have butterfly pea flowers in your garden, you will get rid of your mental distress, financial problems, and problems at work or in business, and you will be able to live a happy life.

Night Jasmine

Night jasmine flowers are very auspicious for your home. You can get positive energy in your home by planting it in any direction except west.

With that, many tasks you do for development will be successful quickly, and you can make progress quickly in your work and business activities. You will also get relief from your financial difficulties and debt problems.

If you have frequent problems with your family, you must plant a night jasmine plant in your home garden. It makes everyone in your family very happy.

The orange part of the night jasmine flower has been used to dye cloth since ancient times. Night jasmine is also very useful for repelling insects harmful to the home. So try to grow such an auspicious flower in your garden.

Ixora Flower

The Ixora Flower is also very auspicious for the house. It brings wealth to your home. It also causes all your problems and mental distress to go away. You should plant Ixora flower trees in the south direction of your garden. Although there are different types of ixora, red ixora is auspicious for the home.


Sunflowers are very auspicious for your home. It will attract wealth to your house. All your wishes will be fulfilled, and you will be loved and respected by society.

Morning Glory

These flowers are very auspicious for the house. If you are having frequent problems at work but no matter how hard you try, you are not getting a good job, then definitely plant morning glory flowers in your garden.
According to the Vastu Shastra, if you see morning glory flowers as soon as you wake up in the morning, your whole day will be very auspicious.

Datura metel
The Datura metel flower is also very auspicious for your home. According to Vastu, datura metel flowers attract wealth and also cause harmony in the house.
In addition to these types of flowers, it is said that many types of flowers that have 1, 2, 3, 5, or 8 petals are considered to be auspicious for the home. This is because they are numbers in the Fibonacci sequence.

According to the Vastu Shastra, you became aware of the different effects that different types of plants and flowers can have on your life.

We need to connect with the natural environment. But even in the natural environment, there are things that we have to choose. See if there is a difference by planting the types of plants that can cause your life to be auspicious, as described above. If so, consider that you have added something valuable to your life.

Also keep in mind that if you wait for your improvement only with these Vastu plants without trying to improve, it is useless.

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Auspicious and inauspicious plants to grow in your garden.


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