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This is my important blog and this blog give you so much information related to phiy
Understanding Timaeus By Plato /cosmology
2023-12-09 15:31
Plato's Timaeus summary Delve into the mind of Plato and discover his unique ideas on cosmology in this analysis of his famous work, Timaeus and Understanding Timaeus by PlatoPlato… Read More
Who Was Anaximenes And Anaximenes Theory
2023-12-09 15:30
 Anaximenes of Miletus philosopher (585 - 525)Anaximenes was a Pre-Socratic philosopher who lived in 6th Century BC Greece and whose teachings were key to the development of philosophy… Read More
What Was The Aristotle Metaphysics
2023-12-09 15:29
  What was the Aristotle metaphysics ?Aristotle's metaphysics, roughly speaking, may be described as Plato diluted by common sense. He is difficult because Plato and… Read More
2023-08-18 15:25
 KANT II: ETHICS AND AESTHETICSThe Critique of Pure Reason set out to curb the pretensions of speculative metaphysics while establishing a priori those principles which must be assumed… Read More
History Of The Islamic Golden Age/Arabia
2023-03-09 20:15
  History of the Islamic Golden AgeExplore the Golden Age of Islamic history and its lasting legacy across the Middle East, Europe, India, and North Africa. Discover this powerful… Read More
William James: The Father Of Pragmatism
2023-03-05 11:16
William James philosophy of pragmatismDive into the life and works of William James, widely known as the "Father of Pragmatism" and a prominent figure in the history of philosophy. Will… Read More
The Utilitarian Theory And Ethics
2023-03-01 06:58
Introduction Dive deeper into the theories of Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill to uncover the fundamental motivations behind their efforts to develop the utilitarian theory. Learn ab… Read More
Understanding Nietzsche's Ethical Vision
2023-02-27 14:22
Dive deep into the ethical theories of Friedrich Nietzsche with this comprehensive guide to the philosopher's most influential teachings!Friedrich Nietzsche, a portrait by Edvard Munch (1903… Read More
Schopenhauer's Philosophy & Will To Life
2023-02-23 22:17
Are you curious about the philosophical works of Arthur Schopenhauer? Our comprehensive overview outlines his major philosophy & will to life theory.Arthur Schopenhauer was a German phil… Read More
Leibniz Philosophy Of The Monadology
2023-02-14 13:22
LEIBNIZ ( 1646-1716) modern philosopherGottfried Wilhelm Leibniz is one of the most influential philosophers of the Enlightenment era. He is best known for his Monadology, a philosophical sy… Read More
Niccolo Machiavelli Philosophy
2023-01-28 16:08
 Machiavelli the Italian diplomatMachiavelli  was a Florentine historian, politician, military strategist and humanist.THE Renaissance, though it produced no important theoretical… Read More
11th Century Reformation
2023-01-07 13:18
 Ecclesiastical Reform in the Eleventh CenturyIntroduction - FOR the first time since the fall of the Western Empire, Europe, during the eleventh century, made rapid progress not subseq… Read More
Western History | Barbarian Invasion
2023-01-07 12:19
Western history -The Fifth and Sixth Centuries and barbarian invasionTHE fifth century history The sixth century historyTHE fifth century was that of the barbarian invasion and… Read More
12th Century In Medieval Period
2023-01-07 12:16
The Twelfth CenturyFOUR aspects of the twelfth century are specially interesting to us: The continued conflict of empire and papacy The rise of the Lombard cities The Crusades… Read More
Doctors Of The Western Church
2023-01-07 12:15
 Three Doctors of the ChurchFOUR men are called the Doctors of the Western Church: Saint Ambrose, Saint Jerome, Saint Augustine, and Pope Gregory the Great. Of these the first three wer… Read More
Irish Culture | John Scotus Eriugena
2023-01-06 23:52
JOHN THE SCOT, or Johannes Scotus, to which is sometimes added Eriugena or Erigena (This addition is redundant; it would make his name " Irish John from Ireland." In the ninth century "Scotu… Read More
Saint Thomas Aquinas Philosophy
2023-01-05 14:24
  Saint Thomas AquinasTHOMAS AQUINAS (b. 1225 or 1226, d. 1274) is regarded as the greatest of scholastic philosophers. In all Catholic educational institutions that teach philosophy hi… Read More
13th Century Christianity
2023-01-05 11:12
Medieval history  in Thirteenth Century  (Christianity)IN the 13th century the Middle Ages reached a culmination. The synthesis which had been gradually built up since the fal… Read More
Catholic Philosophy| Middle Ages History
2023-01-04 15:34
Philosophy and Catholic philosophersCATHOLIC philosophy, in the sense in which Bertrand Russell would use the term, is that which dominated European thought from Augustine to the R… Read More
Rome - Political Theory
2022-12-28 00:48
  A very brief synopsis of the political history .Alexander's conquests had left the western Mediterranean untouched, it was dominated, at the beginning of the third century B.C., by tw… Read More
Rome History | Roman Empire
2022-12-28 00:40
 The Roman Era 27 BCE - 476 CE Roman Empire affected the history of culture.THE Roman Empire affected the history of culture in various more or less separate ways.First: there is t… Read More
PLOTINUS Theory|Plotinus On The Soul
2022-12-27 14:01
PLOTINUS PhilosophyPLOTINUS ( A.D. 204-270), the founder of Neoplatonism, is the last of the great philosophers of antiquity. His life is almost coextensive with one of the most disastrous p… Read More
Hellenistic Period History
2022-12-25 18:06
hellenistic architectureTHE history of the Greek-speaking world in antiquity may be divided into three periods: that of the free City States, which was brought to an end by Philip and Alexan… Read More
Greek Mathematics And Astronomy
2022-12-25 10:02
 Early Greek Mathematics and AstronomyConcerned in this article with mathematics, not on its own account, but as it was related to Greek philosophy - a relation which, especially in Pla… Read More
PYTHAGORAS Mathematician
2022-12-12 17:05
 PYTHAGORAS  (570- 495) BCEPYTHAGORAS, whose influence in ancient and modern times is my subject in this article. intellectually one of the most important men that ever lived, both… Read More
Stoicism Philosophy And Meaning
2022-12-06 20:06
 An introduction to stoicism STOICISM, while in origin contemporaneous with Epicureanism, had a longer history and less constancy in doctrine. The teaching of its founder Zeno, in… Read More
Utopia By Plato And Dialogue
2022-12-05 20:52
PLATO'S most important dialogue, the Republic, consists, broadly, of three parts. The first consists in the construction of an ideal commonwealth; it is the earliest of Utopias. One of the c… Read More
Aristotle, Metaphysics
2022-12-05 15:25
 Aristotle's metaphysics, roughly speaking, may be described as Plato diluted by common sense. He is difficult because Plato and common sense do not mix easily. When one tries to unders… Read More
2022-12-05 14:58
 Aristotle (384-322) BCEIN reading any important philosopher, but most of all in reading Aristotle, it is necessary to study him in two ways: with reference to his predecessors, and wit… Read More
2022-12-04 18:59
 There was a school of thinkers who called into question the very possibility of knowledge.    These were the sceptics.PyrrhoScepticism, as a doctrine of the schools, was… Read More
Aristotle's Politics
2022-12-03 21:04
''Man is political animal'' - Aristotle. ARISTOTLE'S Politics is both interesting and important-testing, as showing the common prejudices of educated Greeks in his time, and important a… Read More
The Theory Of Ideas  Plato
2022-12-03 16:48
 The Theory of Ideas Our question is: What is a philosopher? The first answer is in accordance with the etymology: a philosopher is a lover of wisdom. But this is not the same thin… Read More
2022-12-03 13:40
Xenophanes ( 570-475) BCEThere was another philosopher, of less importance, namely Xenophanes. His date is uncertain, and is mainly determined by the fact that he alludes to Pythagoras… Read More
2022-12-02 23:44
Cynics - Look for the bare necessitiesTHE relation of intellectually eminent men to contemporary society has been very different in different ages. In some fortunate epochs they have been on… Read More
Hippocratic' Corpus Or Oath
2022-11-27 10:25
 Hippocrates (460-370) BCEHippocrates of Kos was born in 460 and died in 370 BCE. Hippocrates was a first doctor. According to Hippocrates illness was the resul… Read More
Aristotle  Logic
2022-11-19 19:45
  Aristotle is the father of logic ARISTOTLE'S influence, which was very great in many different fields, was greatest of all in logic. In late antiquity, when Plato was still… Read More
2022-11-19 19:43
 Thales (624- 546) BCEIn every history of philosophy for students, the first thing mentioned is that philosophy began with Thales, who said that everything is made of water. This is dis… Read More
Anaximenes - Air Is Soul
2022-11-19 19:41
 Anaximenes (585 - 525)Anaximenes, the last of the Milesian triad, is not quite so interesting as Anaximander, but makes some important advances. His dates are very uncertain. He was ce… Read More
ZENO OF ELEA The  Master Of Paradoxes.
2022-11-19 19:39
ZENO OF ELEA  (490-430) BCEPlato’s Parmenides and Diogenes Laertius’ Lives of Eminent Philosophers are almost the only sources of information we have about Zeno’s life… Read More
Sophist The Master Of Rhetoric
2022-11-19 19:38
Sophist The word "Sophist" had originally no bad connotation; it meant, as nearly as may be, what we mean by "professor." A Sophist was a man who made his living by teaching young men c… Read More
Aristotle's  Ethics
2022-11-19 19:37
IN the corpus of Aristotle's works, three treatises on ethics have a place, but two of these are now generally held to be by disciples. the third, the Nicomachean Ethics, remains for the mos… Read More
2022-11-18 08:17
Heraclitus (535 - 475) BCEA weeping philosopherThe first of these to invent a theory which is still influential was Heraclitus, who flourished about 500 B.C. Of his life very little is… Read More
2022-11-18 08:17
SOCRATES (469- 399) BCE'' I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think'' - SOCRATES SOCRATES is a very difficult subject for the historian. There are many men concer… Read More
2022-11-18 08:14
 Empedocles (490-430) BCETHE mixture of philosopher, prophet, man of science, and charlatan, which we found already in Pythagoras, was exemplified very completely in Empedocles, who flo… Read More
2022-11-18 08:13
 Anaxagoras (510-428) BCETHE philosopher Anaxagoras, though not the equal of Pythagoras, Heraclitus, or Parmenides, has nevertheless a considerable historical importance. He was an Ioni… Read More
2022-11-18 08:13
Democritus  (460 - 370) BCEDemocritus is a much more definite figure. He was a native of Abdera in Thrace; as for his date, he stated that he was young when Anaxagoras was old, say… Read More
2022-11-18 08:12
 The strongest army Sparta TO understand Plato, and indeed many later philosophers, it is necessary to know something of Sparta. Sparta had a double effect on Greek thought: throug… Read More
2022-11-18 08:09
  Anaximander (610 - 546)Anaximander, the second philosopher of the Milesian school, is much more interesting than Thales. His dates are uncertain, but he was said to have been six… Read More

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