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Parrot in house

Parrot In House

Parrot in house: Raising a parrot in an apartment is possible for many people. Provided you meet certain criteria and respect certain rules, you will be able to welcome this bird into your home. And it will reward you well, bringing joy, animation, and tenderness to your home! Here are our recommendations for properly raising a Parrot in house.

Parrot noise

Choosing a pet parrot is not necessarily easy… Indeed, the species of parrots that can be tamed are varied. Several criteria must be considered, in particular that of noise. Because our feathered friends like to express themselves…

If you live in an apartment and therefore have close neighbors, it will be better to orient yourself towards a rather quiet animal. Also, assess your living conditions and those of your family members to ensure that they are suitable for the arrival of a parrot. This may concern, for example, people teleworking from home, or others who work at night and rest during the day, etc.

Cockatoos, amazons, and macaws, for example, are some of the loudest parrot species. But be aware that no parrot is completely silent, which is what makes them special and charming!

a parrot that does not sing, speak or cry is generally a sick animal! So contact your vet specializing in NAC if your little bird remains silent…

Adopt a parrot

If you have solved the possible problem posed by noise, other criteria must be taken into account before adopting a parrot: where it lives and the time spent with you.

Parrot cage

Parrots need a cage adapted to their size and their way of life: they must be able to spread their wings and move around inside. This implies that you must provide the necessary space in your apartment. For example, you can opt for the Agrobiothers parrot cage that you will find in our stores. It has a length of 83 centimeters, a width of 77 centimeters, and a height of 168 centimeters. These are the minimum dimensions for a parrot to sleep and stay in your absence.

And the location of the cage is also important! Because most parrots need to participate in family life, they will get bored if you leave them alone in a room. Also, in order to avoid possible health concerns, you will place the cage away from drafts and in a room where there will be no smoke.

Parrot care

A parrot will demand attention from you and regular interaction with you. They are animals that tame well, especially if they have been raised by hand (we then speak of EAM parrots ). They need you to be present several hours a day with them.

Thus, it is up to you to estimate, depending on your way of life, and your work, if you will be sufficiently available for your new feathered friend. So that the latter can occupy himself during your absence, you will equip his cage with several games and toys that will amuse him: ladders, wooden or rope toys to hang, and swings…

Lifespan parrots

By making the decision to adopt a parrot, you are committing yourself to the long term. Indeed, these are birds that live for several decades! So by integrating it into your family, it will be for life. The majority of the most common parrots have a life expectancy between 40 and 50 years. If all the conditions are met (no sensitivity to noise, sufficient space, availability), nothing will prevent the arrival of a parrot in your apartment  !

Senegal parrot

It is also called the Senegal parrot or Youyou parrot. He is funny to watch, and able to imitate words you teach him or sounds he hears. Like many parrot species, it will spontaneously bond with the person who takes care of it the most and pays a little less attention to other members of the household…

Among the many existing tropical birds, the Senegal dinghy is rather calm and quiet. Indeed, he will be more likely to talk and sing, rather than shout.

However, he will amuse you with these attitudes, by doing the acrobat in his cage and by these attempts at imitation! And he will be happy to interact with you regularly: plan to play with him.

Originally from West Africa, this parrot is not the largest since it measures between 20 and 26 centimeters. Its plumage is colorful, consisting of 3 main and well-defined colors: gray on the head, green on the back, wings, and upper chest. The 3rd color varies from yellow to red passing through orange, on the belly and going up toward the shoulders to form a V.

It is a very pleasant pet parrot !

SOURCE: African Grey Parrot Pet

Quiet parrots

If you want a slightly noisy hooked beak, why not go for a parakeet or cockatiel? Budgies in particular can be a good option.


The budgerigar has a smaller size than most parrots: between 18 and 24 centimeters. However, she retains certain vocal abilities! Indeed, you can train him to repeat sounds.

Although she likes to talk and play, she is quieter than her parrot cousins. This is one of the reasons that makes it so popular!

Thus,  the budgerigar is particularly adapted to living in an apartment.

SOURCE: African Grey Parrot Pet

Noisy parrot

It is possible that you live in an apartment where noise will not be a problem. In this case, all species of parrots are likely to suit you. You will make your choice based on their physical appearance and personality.

Amazon parrot

Amazon parrot species are among the noisiest. Moreover, they tend to be exclusive, attaching themselves to a single person or at most to a couple. They are therefore suitable for singles! This is particularly the case of the blue- or red-fronted amazons. They also have many qualities! Their ability to learn words and repeat them is quite high. The Amazon is smart and will catch you imitating expressions and even whole sentences.

Cheerful, affectionate, funny, and playful, he will also seduce you with his physique. It has indeed beautiful colors, mostly green, but also blue, red and yellow.

SOURCE: African Grey Parrot Pet


Cockatoo parrots are quite loud, especially when they call. One of their characteristics is that they are perfectly adapted to family life. They love company and, unlike their Amazon cousins, are less exclusive.

They willingly participate in the daily life of the home. In addition, they often seek the attention of their masters and like to be cuddled.

They are intelligent birds, which have good abilities to imitate human language. Physically, they are easily recognized by their crest which they raise from time to time.

White cockatoos are very well known (they can have a white or yellow crest). But Galahs are utterly charming, with their range of greys, pinks, and whites. The latter is, on the other hand, a little less noisy than their little comrades.

SOURCE: African Grey Parrot Pet

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Parrot in house