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Yellow-chevroned Parakeet
2023-06-06 20:15
Yellow-chevroned parakeet: 20-25cm. length and 72 grams. The wings are of a slightly darker green, with a yellow border, visible when the wings remain curved or when the bird… Read More
Lesser Vasa Parrot
2023-06-06 15:10
Lesser vasa parrot: Its plumage is blackish-brown (an iridescent green glow during the breeding season) with gray markings not very visible in the undertail coverts and gray outer webs in th… Read More
The Most Beautiful Birds In The World
2023-06-05 15:36
The most beautiful birds in the world: For many people, the first thing that draws their attention and interest towards owning a bird is the feathers of a parrot with beautiful colors, and t… Read More
2023-06-05 14:21
Parrot Body Language: Learning the body language of a healthy parrot will help you know when it feels good or sick, as well as when it wants attention or food. Most types of parrots are open… Read More
How Do I Bathe My Parrot
2023-05-31 15:06
How do I bathe my parrot: Most parrots love to take a bath, and this is easy to do because the parrot will do most of the work as it will fluff its feathers to let the water seep onto its sk… Read More
Red-fronted Macaw
2023-05-29 22:24
Red-fronted macaw: About 55cm. length and 525 g. weight. (Ara rubrogenys) they are the smallest of the Macaws. They have front, old lords, crowns, and some bright orange-red h… Read More
Festive Amazon
2023-05-29 15:10
Festive Amazon: 38-41cm. Tall and 370g. weight. (Amazona festiva) has green cheeks and neck sides with strong blue scattering; lores and its end borde… Read More
Scaly-naped Amazon
2023-05-29 13:23
Scaly-naped Amazon: 33 to 38 cm. in height and 300 grams of weight. (Amazona mercenarius) is the only Amazon in mountainous areas. General coloration green, with black-edged breast feathers… Read More
Brown-hooded Parrot
2023-05-26 15:25
Brown-hooded parrot: 21cm. height and weight of around 165 g. More distinguishable from the Brown-hooded parrot (Pyrilia haematotis) is your head, with a white front&nbsp&hell…Read More
Tucuman Amazon
2023-05-18 18:45
Tucuman Amazon: (Amazona tucumana) It is mostly green, with black borders on the feathers , giving the whole aspecto festoneado . Relatively tall and stocky with&nbs&hell…Read More
Saint Vincent Amazon
2023-05-15 14:33
The plumage of the Saint Vincent amazon (Amazona guildingii) It is very variable, with practically no two similar Parrots. Its front, lores, supercilii zone Yes&nbsp&hell…Read More
Red-spectacled Amazon
2023-05-14 22:14
Red-spectacled amazon: 32cm. length and 295 grams. (Amazona pretrei) has the forecrown, lores, front of the crown Yes upper cheeks up to the helm… Read More
Puerto Rican Amazon
2023-05-13 21:26
Puerto Rican amazon: 29cm. length and 320 grams. also known as the Puerto Rican parrot or iguaca (Amazona vittata) has the lores and the front, red; green grass lined with feathers with… Read More
Cuban Amazon
2023-05-13 19:30
Cuban amazon: 28-33cm. length and 260-301 grams. Know also as a rose-throated parrot(Amazona leucocephala) has a very variable plumage, a main color ranging from light green to olive color… Read More
2023-05-12 16:16
Red-necked amazon: 40cm. length and 650 grams. (Amazona arausiaca) has the lores , forecrown , front crown , orbital area Yes upper che… Read More
Hispaniolan Amazon
2023-05-12 15:23
Hispaniolan amazon: 28-31cm. length and 250 grams, The Hispaniolan Parrot (Amazona ventralis) has a front Lords color and white (variable extension); the u… Read More
Yellow-naped Amazon
2023-05-09 15:57
Yellow-naped Amazon: 35.5-38cm. length and 480 grams. (Amazona auropalliata) It has a large size; its forecrown and the front of the crown, are generally pale b… Read More
2023-05-09 12:37
Red-lored Amazon: 35.5 to 38.1 cm. height and between 314 and 485g. weight. (Amazona autumnalis) is distinguished by its red facade; Green with a purple border on the nape; spot in… Read More
2023-05-05 17:07
Green-cheeked Amazon: 30.5-33cm. length and 294 grams. The Green-cheeked Parrot (Amazona viridigenalis) has the lores, front yes crown, bright red, wi… Read More
Blue-cheeked Amazon
2023-05-05 15:13
Blue-cheeked Amazon: 37cm. length and 430 grams. The Blue-cheeked Parrot (Amazona brasiliensis) has a front, front crown, Red; subsequent red plumes crown … Read More
Diademed Amazon
2023-05-04 12:10
Diademed Amazon: 31–35cm. length and 450-550 grams. The Diademed Parrot (Amazona Diadema) is usually green, with black feathered crown edges, up to the mantle and t… Read More
Lilac-crowned Amazon
2023-05-02 19:23
Lilac-crowned Amazon: 33 cm head to tail and weighs an average of 310 grams. The Lilac-crowned Parrot (Amazona finschi) has the front and upper lords, off red;… Read More
2023-05-01 16:43
Yellow-tailed black cockatoo: 55 to 65 cm. length and weight of up to 900 grams. (Calyptorhynchus funereus) is clearly distinguishable by its mostly black plumage, yellow cheek patch, and ye… Read More
Goffin’s Cockatoo
2023-04-20 15:56
Goffin’s Cockatoo: ( Cacatua goffiniana), like all members of cockatoo, is a crested species, meaning it has a collection of feathers on its head that can move up or down at will;… Read More
Ducorps’s Cockatoo
2023-04-18 16:04
Ducorps’s cockatoo: (Cacatua ducorps) is a small cockatoo that is instantly recognizable by its long, triangular crest. Its plumage is almost completely white, except for the lower par… Read More
Baudin’s Black Cockatoo
2023-04-18 14:05
Baudin’s black cockatoo: (Zanda baudinii) is almost entirely black, with whitish margins in the feathers, rounded patches in the ear coverts (yellowish to brown to gray in th… Read More
Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo
2023-04-14 16:02
Carnaby’s black cockatoo: (Zanda latirostris) It is a large black cockatoo. It has a large black bill, an erect crest, a white patch in the ear area, and white panels on the tail. The… Read More
2023-04-13 16:26
Red-tailed black cockatoo: (Calyptorhynchus banksii) exhibits sexual dimorphism. The male is completely black except for the sides of the tail which are bright red in col… Read More
Gang-gang Cockatoo
2023-04-13 16:11
Gang-gang cockatoo:(Callocephalon fimbriatum) is a small, robust cockatoo, with a dim crest, large broad wings, and the other short tail. Are gregarious but relatively quiet. The males of th… Read More
Long-billed Corella
2023-04-12 15:32
The Long-billed corella(Cacatua tenuirostris) has white plumage . The under tail coverts and the lower parts of the wings they are bathed in pale yellow, very visible in flight. Has red… Read More
Vinaceous-breasted Amazon
2023-04-12 14:38
Vinaceous-breasted amazon: (Amazona vinacea) has the Yes bright red front lores; cheeks Yes crown green with black tips to a few head feathers;&n&hell…Read More
Budgie Male Or Female
2023-04-10 16:08
Budgie male or female: indistinguishable until at least one year old. After a year, they are distinguished by a cere (fleshy skin above the nostrils). The core of the female Budgie is u… Read More
Blue Budgie
2023-04-10 14:40
Blue budgie: Like all animals, blue parakeets have advantages and disadvantages. If you’ve been considering getting a blue budgie, here’s everything you need to know! So, wh… Read More
Baby Parakeet
2023-04-07 14:51
Baby parakeet: What do you need to know about buying a baby parakeet? Baby parakeets are simple birds that don’t need a lot of things. They cost between $20 and $60. Own… Read More
2023-04-06 16:07
Cockatiel cage: The first problem we encounter the first time we want to acquire a parrot species is all the questions about the cage. Through this article, I will try to answer your qu… Read More
King Parrot
2023-04-06 14:43
King Parrot: (Australian king parrot) is a somewhat rare parrot in the world. They make relatively calm and placid pets if hand-raised, and their striking colors make them ideal for bir… Read More
Derbyan Parakeet
2023-04-05 13:45
The Derbyan parakeet is a unique-looking and exquisitely adorable pet parrot. Once this sweet bird gets used to you and relaxes in his new home, he will quickly become a lovable an… Read More
2023-04-05 13:45
Lord Derby’s parakeet: known as the Derbyan Parakeet, is a unique-looking and exquisitely adorable pet parrot. Once this sweet bird gets used to you and relaxes in his new home, h… Read More
Large Parrot
2023-04-04 14:13
Large parrot: A large number of people who love parrots do not know what are the most popular types of large-sized parrots. Therefore, we decided to address in this article the most famous t… Read More
Blue And Gold Macaw
2023-04-03 16:27
The blue and gold macaw (blue and yellow macaw) is one of the most popular parrots. They are instantly recognizable by their vibrant blue and yellow (or gold) plumage and boisterous personal… Read More
2023-04-03 15:29
Galah: The parrot is the most beautiful and cute bird, it has many types and shapes, and it enjoys a range of amazing colors. One of the most prominent and beautiful parrots is the Cock… Read More
Monk Parakeet
2023-04-03 14:01
Monk parakeet: is often referred to after names such as “clowns” or “quaker parrot.” Quaker parrots are known for their comical, fun-loving personalities and energeti… Read More
Alexandrine Parakeet
2023-03-31 15:38
Alexandrine parakeet: also known as the Nepalese parrot, is a kind of wonderful parrot native to South and Southeast Asia, but has become familiar in many European cities. It is charact… Read More
Double Yellow-Headed Amazon
2023-03-31 13:53
Double Yellow-Headed Amazon  This type of parrot is called the yellow-headed Amazon parrot or the yellow-headed parrot. These birds are talkative and noisy and tend… Read More
Are Blue Macaws Extinct
2023-03-30 15:57
Are blue macaws extinct: It is one of the types of parrots, and blue parrots include many types, and one of its types includes 160 species, and all of these types are characterized by a… Read More
Yellow-crowned Amazon
2023-03-30 13:42
Yellow-crowned amazon: Amazon parrots are considered one of the most beautiful pet birds that can be found in the home, as they are characterized as very pleasant for everyone who… Read More
Rose Ringneck Parakeet
2023-03-29 15:03
Rose ringneck parakeet: There are many different types of birds that make great pets, parrots and parakeets in particular are beloved pets by many, and one species of parakeet that is popula… Read More
Macaw Type
2023-03-28 15:55
Macaw type: The Amazon rainforest is a paradise for bird lovers, home to more than a thousand different species, including the blue and yellow macaw. The macaw is highly intelligent, mates f… Read More
Conure Bird
2023-03-27 16:15
Conure bird: Owning a conure can be a fun and rewarding experience for anyone willing to put in the effort to care for their new feathered friend, and it’s always important to do some… Read More
Parrots Green
2023-03-27 14:55
Parrots green:  The parrot is from the family of birds and is one of the pets that people raise at home because it has beautiful colors and shapes, the variety and intelligence of the g… Read More
African Grey Parrot Breeding
2023-03-25 14:08
African grey parrot breeding: Allow me to clear up any misconceptions that you may currently have about the breeding of the African Gray Parrot, which is also called the African parrot… Read More
Do Parrots Pee
2023-03-24 15:58
Do parrots pee: Your pet parrot, of course, urinates, but the urinary system of your pet parrot is completely different and more complex than that of mammals. The urinary tract in mamma… Read More
Yellow Parrots
2023-03-24 15:35
Yellow parrots: When people think of yellow birds, canaries often come to mind, but there are many species of beautiful parrots that also have bright yellow plumage. These birds range in siz… Read More
White-fronted Amazon
2023-03-23 16:19
White-fronted amazon: though medium in size within the entire parrot group, is one of the smallest species of Amazon. But despite its small size, this bird has a huge assertive personality… Read More
Umbrella Cockatoo
2023-03-23 14:24
The umbrella cockatoo or white cockatoo, white crested cockatoo(Cacatua alba) is a wonderful parrot, and keeping one as a pet means you’ve found the best-feathered friend you coul… Read More
Budgie Lifespan
2023-03-23 12:58
Budgie lifespan:  Budgies are the longest-lived of all parrots, and it is believed that the reason is genetic, due to the fact that the budgerigar carries relatively few genetic differe… Read More
Conure Type
2023-03-22 16:27
Conure type: The conure parrot is an interesting pet bird because it is loving, gentle, and very comical. The conure parrot is one of the striking birds. It is very popular because of its be… Read More
2023-03-22 15:02
Macaw lifespan: The macaw is one of the most colorful and beautiful birds in South America, but how long does the macaw live? A macaw is a common form of parrot, known for its size… Read More
How Long Do Parrots Live
2023-03-22 12:49
How long do parrots live: The name of the parrot is given to the loud birds of many colors that belong to the parrot family ( Psittacidae ), and the parrot is considered one of the pets that… Read More
Severe Macaw
2023-03-21 17:41
Severe macaw: or chestnut-fronted macaw (Ara severa severa) Attractively cute and open-minded, macaws have become popular birds to keep as pets.  Larger than small parrot… Read More
2023-03-21 15:49
Yellow Collared Macaw or golden-collared macaw (Ara auricollis) have green bodies with striking yellow bands around the backs of their necks. They have a bluish-black forehead, large wh… Read More
Hahn’s Macaw
2023-03-21 13:49
Hahn’s Macaw or Red-Shouldered Macaw (Ara nobilis nobilis) is the smallest and most popular of the miniature parrots. These compact and playful parrots make excellent pets wh… Read More
Green Wing Macaws
2023-03-21 11:24
Green wing macaws:  As for the green parrot, the second in terms of size only, it is the grouse parrot, which is the largest parrot, and is often known as the gentle giant, due to its c… Read More
Rainbow Lorikeet
2023-03-20 16:27
Rainbow Lorikeet: is one of the most colorful parrots, and it is native to Australia, and its moral characteristics differ slightly from other parrots. These parrots, like lovebirds and… Read More
Cockatiel Lifespan
2023-03-20 14:58
Cockatiel lifespan: Cockatiels are unique and adorable parrots, they often make lifelong companions and make great house pets. But how long do cockatiels live, and what can you expect f… Read More
Catalina Macaw
2023-03-17 17:00
Catalina macaw, Rainbow Macaw (in Australia)is a rainbow-colored parrot that is a very popular pet. In a way that few other parrots can claim, the Catalina combines the most popular parrot t… Read More
Cockatoo Lifespan
2023-03-17 15:34
Cockatoo lifespan: Parrots are one of the bird species that have the longest lifespan. However, the lifespan depends on the specific species. Larger species can live at least 20 to 80 o… Read More
Parakeet Sounds
2023-03-17 11:48
Parakeet sounds: Parrots are special birds, and one of the best things about owning them is how they communicate with us! These little guys are some of the most vocal of the parrot spec… Read More
Can Parrots Eat Watermelon
2023-03-16 16:16
Can parrots eat watermelon: Watermelon is green spherical fruit of a climbing plant that contains a pulp of more than one color, including red, yellow, and white, sweet in taste. It is famou… Read More
Cockatiel Colors
2023-03-16 15:39
Cockatiel colors: The meaning of mutation is that two main lineages are combined and a new mutation or color mutation is created. For example, if a White-faced Cockatiel mates with a Lu… Read More
Small Parrots
2023-03-16 11:37
Small parrots:  The world of birds is characterized by many different species and breeds. Each has its own instinct and characteristics that distinguish it from others. Parrots liv… Read More
Lovebird Colors
2023-03-15 15:47
Lovebird colors:  lovebirds are among the cutest creatures that a person can raise, as they are distinguished by their many colors with a beautiful appearance that captures souls, and t… Read More
Rare Budgie Bird
2023-03-13 16:03
Rare budgie bird: The famous budgerigar is one of the types of birds that is characterized by its small size. It is one of the most famous pets in the world. In order to keep pets… Read More
Red Parrot
2023-03-13 10:04
Red parrot: you may be familiar with the red feathers of some types of parrots, but there are many red parrots and other red birds that can make wonderful pets, and these birds come in… Read More
Green Parrot
2023-03-10 16:29
Green parrot is a pet that is characterized by friendly social behavior. This encourages the acquisition of parrots and their upbringing at home, and although they are known as green in… Read More
Breeding Lovebird
2023-03-09 16:21
Breeding lovebird: Two weeks after birth, you can feed the babies and get them used to human contact, as they are docile parrots. Known as the lovebird or lovebirds because they maintai… Read More
Princess Parrot
2023-03-09 15:06
Princess parrot: know also as Alexandra’s parakeet Considered by many to be one of the most exquisitely colored and proportioned parrots, this Australian bird was deemed most fitting t… Read More
2023-03-08 16:11
Care for lovebirds: Lovebirds are fashionable pets. Find out here how to take good care of these pretty birds. Lovebirds are fashionable as pets. More and more people own one… Read More
2023-03-08 12:41
Major Mitchell cockatoo:  flies over semi-arid regions of Australia in search of food. Although it is not usual, it can become a pet. And generally, he is somewhat stubborn. T… Read More
2023-03-08 11:39
Cockatiel behavior: Although they are small, the behavior of cockatiels is complex, and you must understand this in order to establish a good relationship with them. The cockatiel is an inex… Read More
2023-03-07 12:46
Cockatiel talks: Many parakeet keepers wonder if this animal can talk. Here we give you the answer. These precious birds belonging to the cockatoo family can be the amazing company for a hum… Read More
2023-03-06 19:55
Macaw as pet: You can have a macaw as a pet as long as you meet the legal requirements. It should be noted that this species requires complex care. Having a macaw as pet is possible, pr… Read More
2023-03-06 14:22
Depressed parrot: Animals also suffer from emotional stress. Birds are not the most psychologically vulnerable. Depression in parrots exists and is very recurrent, even if the mast… Read More
2023-03-03 18:27
Talk with parrot: We know that parrots are able to repeat words or phrases they hear, but do they really know what they are saying? We all know that parrots have the admirable ability to rep… Read More
2023-03-03 13:26
The discovery of the Kakapo in New Zealand tells us a bit more about the history of parrots and their ancestors. A Kakapo is not an everyday find. The unpredictability of the discovery and i… Read More
2023-03-03 12:36
Intelligent parrots: The Psittacidae represent a group of birds including parrots which, like corvids, are distinguished by their astonishing cognitive abilities. Intelligent parrots are wel… Read More
Parrot Funny
2023-03-03 11:40
Parrot funny: Parrots are fun companions. This is why they are among the most sought-after animals as pets. Indeed, their outgoing nature makes them good pets. The friendly and out… Read More
Can Parrots Eat Tomatoes
2023-03-02 17:16
Can parrots eat tomatoes: If you are wondering if parrots can eat tomatoes, know that the answer is neither yes nor no. Find out here what are the requirements for a pet parrot to eat this f… Read More
How To Take Care Of A Parrot In Winter
2023-03-02 17:12
How to take care of a parrot in winter: This exotic specimen is native to tropical climates. The cold can therefore be detrimental to his health. Due to its intelligence, beauty, and gr… Read More
2023-03-02 15:22
How to teach a parrot to talk: To make a parrot talk, you have to be patient and keep in mind that some species are less able than others to imitate sounds. Many people have opted for a parr… Read More
How Long Does A Parrot Live
2023-03-01 15:38
How long does a parrot live:  Parrots are renowned for their fabulous ability to speak and imitate the sounds of various animals. In addition to this, they sport a beautiful plumag… Read More
Can Parrots Eat Meat
2023-03-01 14:34
Can parrots eat meat: Although parrots are omnivores, their digestive systems do not process animal foods well, so they cannot eat meat. The proteins they need are taken from plant food… Read More
2023-02-28 15:01
Red-headed lovebird: It seems that the lovebird is the fashionable animal these days, and it is not for less, because it is one of the most beautiful birds that exist. But, when choosin… Read More
2023-02-28 14:23
The black-cheeked lovebird is one of the rarest variants of this species. It is known as the black-cheeked lovebird, although in some Spanish-speaking countries, it has also been nickna… Read More
2023-02-27 17:30
Grey-headed Lovebird or Madagascar lovebird: Have you decided to take this lovebird into your care? It is always necessary to think carefully before hosting a gray lovebird. Because…… Read More
2023-02-27 13:02
Yellow-collared lovebird is perhaps one of the most beautiful lovebirds in the world and also one of the most adored in the world. Whoever has it in his house knows he has an inseparabl… Read More
2023-02-27 11:00
Lilian’s lovebird: Who has never wanted to have a lovebird at home? It is difficult to choose just one, but without a doubt, Lilian’s lovebird should be one of those that sh… Read More
2023-02-27 10:00
Black-collared lovebird: Do you want to meet one of the best species of lovebirds on the planet? The Liberian Lovebird (Black-collared Lovebird), also known as the Tailed Lovebird… Read More
2023-02-23 17:21
English Budgie vs Australian budgie: With much to say about English parakeets and little about their ‘wild’, ‘Australian’, or ‘American’ equivalent, it&rs&hell…Read More
2023-02-23 17:20
English budgie:A If you want to have a bird at home, the best option is to bet on a budgie. And it really is the right thing to do, especially when you don’t have much experi… Read More

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