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The 25 Worst Wedding Songs Ever

It’s one of the most significant decisions we must make when getting married. What will be our Wedding song? Whether walking down the aisle to traditional music or choosing a tune for the first dance, you must get it right.

A popular online forum recently discussed some unfortunate selections, and here are their findings.

1. Every Breath You Take: The Police

Image Credit: Lionel Urman / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0.

One forum contributor tells us that Sting was horrified to learn how many couples chose this as their wedding song. “Every Breath You Take” may sound romantic, but the lyrics are about obsession and stalking.

2. Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of): Lou Bega

Image Credit: Wiki Commons, Sven Mandel.

Some of the songs mentioned on this thread are suggestions, and there’s no evidence that they have been used as a wedding theme. “Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of)” is put forward as one of the worst possibilities, particularly if the bridesmaids or any of the guests share the names of the succession of women that Lou Bega references.

3. Before He Cheats: Carrie Underwood

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

While the last song was a suggestion, one commenter tells us their friends chose “Before He Cheats” as their first dance. They thought it was a great song, but did they notice the lyrics? The poster confirms that they’re still together 15 years later.

4. Isn’t She Lovely: Stevie Wonder

Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

While this has been featured as a wedding song since its release in 1976, “Isn’t She Lovely” refers to the artist and his love for his daughter. One respondent feels it’s wrong to use it in a romantic setting.

5. Bitter Sweet Symphony: The Verve

Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

A song about the ups and downs of life doesn’t sound like an ideal wedding tune. In fact, “Bitter Sweet Symphony” takes us into dark places, but the forum testifies that it has been played in church settings. One individual confirms that their friend’s marriage didn’t last.

6. Better Man: Pearl Jam

Image Credit: IMDB.

Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder confirms that “Better Man” is a track about abusive relationships. Forum members suggested this tune without thinking that it would ever get played as a wedding song, but one reply claims that it has.

7. Another One Bites The Dust: Queen

Image Credit: By Carl Lender from Sunrise, USA – Queen, CC BY 2.0, Wiki Commons.

This was suggested as a joke, but one reply claims that this was used as a wedding song. “Another One Bites The Dust” could have many meanings in real life, but there is a clear suggestion that one or both members of the wedding party were working through a string of lovers.

8. Frozen: Madonna

Image Credit: BRIT Awards.

There is a claim that this song relates to Satan’s battle with God. The lyrics suggest a more human interaction relating to unrequited love. Whatever the true meaning of “Frozen” happens to be, one person on this thread is still wondering why their relative thought it would be a good wedding tune.

9. Run To You: Bryan Adams

Image Credit: Wiki Commons, Marco Maas.

This classic slice of 1980s rock tells a tale of deception. “Run To You” is suggested as a perfect fit for this discussion, but nobody claims to have heard it at a wedding.

10. Before I Let Go: Beyonce

Image Credit: Wiki Commons, By Raph_PH – BeyonceSpurs010623 (104 of 118), CC BY 2.0.

One commenter claims this is played at every reception. That may be an exaggeration, but Beyonce’s “Before I Let Go” is popular at weddings despite being a song about somebody contemplating breaking up with their partner.

11. Love Will Tear Us Apart: Joy Division

Image Credit: Factory Records.

One contributor recalls hearing this used as a wedding song on a TV show, and it’s conceivable that this mirrors a real-life situation. “Love Will Tear Us Apart” is a brilliant track, full of emotion, but it’s generally accepted that the lyrics refer to the singer’s failing marriage.

12. I Will Always Love You: Whitney Houston

Image Credit: Wiki Commons, Luca Viscardi.

Initially recorded by Dolly Parton, the Whitney Houston version of “I Will Always Love You” is the more popular wedding choice. The sentiment of loving someone for the rest of your life is fitting, but the song is actually about a break up.

13. Cry: Kelly Clarkson

Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

A song about breakups and moving on has also made it onto a wedding playlist. One forum poster remembers hearing this and wondering why so many heart break songs can be heard at weddings.

14. Love The One You’re With: Stephen Stills

Image Credit: Greenwich Entertainment.

This song gets mentioned at several points in the discussion, but nobody runs with it. “Love The One You’re With” implies you should settle for anybody when the person you really want to be with is unattainable.

15. No Children: The Mountain Goats

Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

This 2002 release is about a married couple who loathe each other. “No Children” contains bitter lyrics, but a commenter confirms that their friends chose it as a bridal waltz. We can only assume that the couple was being ironic.

16. Lips of an Angel: Hinder

Image Credit: Universal Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

A response to this discussion puts this song forward. “Lips of an Angel” is about an ex calling and interfering with a current relationship. The issue is that the singer favors his old flame. The poster claims that one of their friends chose it for a wedding dance purely out of stupidity.

17. November Rain: Guns N’ Roses

Image Credit: Antonio Scorza /

The lengthy video to “November Rain” tells the story of a wedding that goes wrong. In real life, one respondent confirms that it was played at a wedding they attended, and, just like that video, the marriage didn’t last.

18. One More Minute: Weird Al Yankovic

Image Credit: Saeed Adyani/Netflix.

With typical Weird Al comedy, this song tells how the singer would hate to spend “One More Minute” with his girlfriend. One individual tells us that this was their first dance. They go on to state that humor is healthy and that they’re still together 37 years later.

19. Stacy’s Mom: Fountains of Wayne

Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

This 2003 release gets an isolated mention, but it’s worth including. Even if it’s unlikely to make it onto a wedding playlist, the thought of anyone walking down the aisle while fantasizing about “Stacy’s Mom” is hilarious.

20. Pour Some Sugar On Me: Def Leppard

Image Credit: Knight Bilham Photography.

A forum contributor puts this forward as the most awkward wedding song. They attended a reception where the couple chose “Pour Some Sugar On Me” as their first dance and proceeded to dance inappropriately in front of their religious families.

21. Tempted: Squeeze

Image Credit: Wiki Commons, Szarka.

As the title suggests, this song is about falling for temptation and the subsequent fallout. One poster states that “Tempted” was played at a wedding reception they attended, but fortunately, it finished just before the Bride and Groom arrived.

22. You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’: The Righteous Brothers

Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

You don’t need to study the lyrics to know what this song is about, as the title is self-explanatory. It’s hard to believe that anyone would choose “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin'” for their first dance, but one respondent confirms it really happened.

23. Marry You: Bruno Mars

Image Credit: By slgckgc –, CC BY 4.0, Wiki Commons.

While no one on the forum claimed to have heard this at a wedding, we wouldn’t be surprised if this song was chosen as the first dance. The song takes a casual look at marriage, and one person comments that it’s perfect if you intend to seek an annulment in the morning.

24. You Were Always On My Mind: Elvis Presley

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

At least one song choice was met with instant regret when the wedding party realized what they’d done. As one respondent tells us, everyone looked shocked when the first verse of “You Were Always On My Mind” played out as the couple arrived.

25. Someone Like You: Adele

Image Credit: BBC.

Many of the tunes on this list follow a similar pattern. They sound romantic, but when you look closely at the lyrics, there is a different message. “Someone Like You” may be the best example of this. The forum suggests it’s hugely popular at weddings, even though it’s a song about a bitter break up.

Source: (Reddit).

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The 25 Worst Wedding Songs Ever


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