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31 Times How I Met Your Mother Made Us Laugh & Cry

How I Met Your Mother was a phenomenal sitcom about five best friends in New York City. They made us laugh and cry and taught us that life rarely works out how we imagine it.

That was part of the brilliance of the show. It captured the emotional elements of real life and relationships beautifully.

The writers and creators, Craig Thomas and Carter Bays did an extraordinary job developing characters that we quickly grew to love. Bob Saget narrating the story was familiar, and it worked.

In addition, Craig Thomas and Carter Bays were able to captivate our attention on the nine-season (208 episodes) quest to meet “The Mother.”

Alright, some of the final seasons were subpar, but the series as a whole was exceptional. So let us pay homage to some of the funniest and saddest moments of CBS's hit television show, How I Met Your Mother.

1. Laughs: When the Gang Reveals Each Other's Spoilers “Spoiler Alert”

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki

In “Spoiler Alert,” typical Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) believes he has found the perfect girl Cathy (Lindsay Price). However, the gang believes she is an obnoxious, non-stop talker.

In addition, we hear the sound of glass shattering as Ted realizes they're right. As a result, he can't unlearn the truth or stand her long-windedness.

He blames the gang for “ruining her,” despite the reality that he obsessively begged them to tell him what it is they don't like, but he hasn't noticed about her. So he begins “spoiling” their flaws, and the others follow suit.

For example, Ted points out that Lily chews loudly (Chewbacca), and Robin misuses the word “literally.” Then, Lily points out how Ted is “The Corrector.” For instance, correcting Robin's misuse of the word “literally” with “figuratively.”

Again, we hear glass shattering as the gang's revelations become apparent among each other. In addition, Barney spaces out when his friends talk to him, using “lame catchphrases” and speaking in a “weird high-pitched voice.”

Lastly, Marshall sings little ditties while doing things like laundry. It's easily one of the funniest episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

2. Tears: When Ted Finds Marshall Sitting in the Rain “Come On”

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting.

In “Come On,” we finally watch Ted and Robin begin dating after Ted serenades her with a blue string quartet in her apartment. Oh, and by making it rain to cancel her camping trip.

However, it's also the episode where Marshall Eriksen (Jason Segel) and Lily Aldrin (Alyson Hannigan) fall apart. Lily applies for an art scholarship for a program in San Fransisco and wins.

However, she never discussed it with Marshall, as the acceptance message plays over the answering machine. So they fight back and forth before employing their “Pause” method of putting the fight on hold and enjoying some Red Lobster.

Finally, Lily changes her story from never really intending to go to her need to do it before settling down. So naturally, Marshall is upset, and the conversation results in them breaking up.

We learn this as Ted eagerly hops out of the cab to tell Marshall and Lily the great news. Only to discover Marshall sitting in the pouring rain holding Lily's engagement ring.

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

3. Laughs: When Marshall Eriksen Shaved His Head “Something Borrowed”

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

“Something Borrowed” is one of the funniest and most endearing episodes of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM). Marshall Eriksen and Lily Aldrin overcome one disaster over another on their wedding day.

Such as Lily's veil is ruined, flowers not arriving in time, and a pregnant harp player about three seconds away from giving birth.

Marshall allows Lily's cousin to do his hair before the wedding. She gives him “Backstreet Boy Vibe” highlights, and he freaks out. He panics.

Without warning, he picks up clippers and shaves a stipe down the middle of his head. Jason Segel is consistently funny, but this moment produces side-bursting laughter.

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

4. Tears: When Ted Sits Alone With Robots vs. Wrestlers “Time Travelers”

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

In “The Time Travelers,” future Ted Mosby begins explaining how he and their mother were so close despite not knowing each other at that time. For instance, he taught architecture at the same college she was taking economics.

The show evolves into Ted and Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) sitting in MacLarens with their future selves discussing going to “Robots vs. Wrestlers.” However, the reality is that Ted imagines the entire scenario.

Marshall and Lily are upstairs putting baby Marvin to bed, and Robin and Barney are planning their wedding. Ted has been reminiscing about something from five years ago and entertaining the rest in his head.

Finally, Ted tells his kids that if he could relive that day, he wouldn't have gone to “Robots vs. Wrestlers.” Lastly, we see Ted running to Tracy's apartment while explaining where he'd choose to go.

He knocks, and the door opens. Unfortunately, we don't see the mother's face yet. However, Ted meets her gaze, professes his love for her, and explains with teary eyes how he will meet her in 45 days.

As a result, we see her death overshadowed by his pain while explaining he is there because he wants another 45 days with her. It is one of the saddest episodes of How I Met Your Mother I found during the re-watch. Josh Radnor will have you reaching for tissues.

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

5. Laughs: When the Group Does the Naked Man “The Naked Man”

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

In “The Naked Man,” Theodore Evelyn Mosby walks into discovering a naked Mitch (Adam Paul) on his sofa. Mitch explains that “The Naked Man” is his move. He goes on to define the play-by-play.

First, he makes an excuse to go into the girl's apartment. Then, after she leaves the room, Mitch strips down. Once she returns, she laughs and has a pity moment, “Shock and Awe.”

As a result of the exuded confidence and humor, the girl will sleep with you two out of three times. Ted goes down to MacLaren's Pub and tells the gang about the encounter.

After joking that Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders) might get her gun, they rush upstairs to discover the “Mr. Wangs Chinese Menu” hanging on the door. That signifies that the move worked, and Robin is getting busy with Mitch.

So the group decides to try “The Naked Man” for themselves. Ted and Barney discuss which pose to stand in  – the “Olympic Gymnast” or the “Coppertone Baby,” etc.

Additionally, Lily pulls the move on a receptive Marshall. It works out for Ted, but Barney's date chases him out of her apartment naked and phoneless. Neil Patrick Harris, Josh Radnor, and Alyson Hannigan are hysterical in their “Naked Man” poses.

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

6. Tears: When Barney Clears the Rose Petals “Tick Tick Tick”

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting.

In “Tick, Tick, Tick,” Barney and Robin cheat on their partners with each other. Barney and Nora (Nazanin Boniadi) have been dating for a while.

In addition, Robin and Kevin (Kal Penn) have been getting serious. The four go on a three-hour boat ride and decide they must confess to their partners. However, they do not admit their affair on the boat.

Instead, they agree to tell their partners at home and meet at MacLaren's Pub at midnight. So Barney races to Nora's house, tells her he's cheated and breaks it off.

Nevertheless, when he races to meet Robin, she walks into MacLarens with Kevin following closely behind her. Barney looks hurt as Robin shakes her head ‘no.'

Then, we feel gut-punched as Barney blows out candles and clears rose petals from Robin's bed. An obvious romantic gesture he's set up for them.

Ted realizes from the doorway that Barney loves Robin. Neil Patrick Harris is great at making us feel his devastation.

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

7. Laughs: When Barney Tricks the Gang “The Playbook”

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

In “The Playbook,” Barney reveals that he has a book full of elaborate scams that he uses to pick up women. Some of the plays include “The SNASA (Secret Nasa)” and “The Mrs. Stinsfire.”

He also has “The Ted Mosby” play, where he pretends he got left at the altar. In addition, Barney uses “The Lorenzo Von Matterhorn” and incidentally takes home Ted's blind date before he arrives.

As a result, Lily steals “The Playbook” and warns Barney's next unsuspecting victim, Claire (Sarah Wright). Finally, Barney tries a new play called “The Scuba Diver.” He sits in full scuba gear at MacLaren's Pub.

Naturally, no one knows what he is up to, and the gang talks to Claire about “The Playbook.” Then, Barney takes off the mask and stops his facade. Lily boosts him up after putting Barney down. Finally, Claire agrees to get a cup of coffee with him.

Barney immediately texts the group, and they find “The Scuba Diver” play and read it to discover they were all part of the elaborate plan that ultimately helped him walk out the door with Claire.

This episode is well-known as one of the funniest of the How I Met Your Mother series. Neil Patrick Harris did an incredible job playing his role.

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

8. Tears: When Robin Learns She Can't Have Children “Symphony of Illumination”

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting

In “Symphony of Illumination,” the intro shows Robin Scherbatsky talking to her teenage kids about how she met their father. First, she explains how she believed she was pregnant, and we learn that Barney Stinson is the father.

So naturally, Barney is excited and accompanies Robin to the doctor. However, Robin is not pregnant, and the two celebrate, dance, and jump around. After that, Robin gets called back into the doctor's office and discovers she cannot have children.

Fearing the perceived reactions of telling the gang, Robin withholds the information while continuing to tell the story to her imaginary kids. Furthermore, she lies and says she is upset because she found out she can't be a pole-vaulter.

Finally, we see a vulnerable Robin explain that despite never actually wanting to be a pole-vaulter, she valued having the choice. It's an obvious metaphor for her never wanting kids but being sad about having the choice taken away.

Later, Robin drinks eggnog alone on a bench in the snow after refusing Ted's ticket to join him on a trip to Cleveland. However, when she returns to the apartment, she found Ted had skipped Cleveland to decorate and ensure that Robin wasn't alone on Christmas.

He doesn't pressure her to tell him what was wrong and is a genuine friend when she needs him. It's an awesome Josh Radnor and Colbie Smulders moment.

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

9. Laughs: When the Gang Have Interventions “Intervention\\”

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting.

At the start of “The Intervention,” Ted, Lily and Marshall are moving out of the apartment – and arguing over who should lose their security deposit. In the process, they find an Intervention banner.

Ted starts to explain to his kids in the future about an intervention for their friend Stuart. Then we are treated to a montage of other interventions:

The group hosts interventions for Marshall's hat, Robins' spray tan, Barney's magic tricks, and Lily's fake English accent. Finally, they have an intervention about having too many interventions!

It's a barrel of laughs and one of our favorite episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting.

10. Tears: When Victoria Says Goodbye \\”the Autumn of Break-ups\\”

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

In “The Autumn of Break-Ups,” Victoria (Ashley Williams) continuously drops hints about taking her relationship with Ted to the next level. Ted is slow on the uptake, though, needing Lily and Marshall to explain it to him.

So Ted takes the plunge and proposes to Victoria. She says yes. However, she stipulates that he can no longer be friends with Robin.

Naturally, Ted discusses it with Marshall and Lily. Marshall believes it's insane, and Lily empathizes with Victoria and agrees. Nevertheless, Ted is unwilling to lose Robin as a friend.

Moreover, he expresses his truth to Victoria, and she reaches across the table for his hands. Next, she looks him in the eyes and says, “I really hope you get her someday,” before walking out of MacLarens.

Fans of Victoria were devastated and shed tears when their relationship ended for a second time. Side Note: Josh Radnor shines in this episode.

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

11. Laughs: When We Meet Robin Sparkles \\”Slap Bet\\”

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

In “Slap Bet,” Robin Scherbatsky has a secret. The gang attempts to guess her secret, and Marshall and Barney make a “Slap Bet” regarding her truth.

Lily is the “Slap Bet Commissioner.” As a result, a hilarious slap exchange occurs between Barney and Marshall. But eventually, Barney uncovers Robin's dirty little secret.

Ted attempts to prevent him from playing the video and speculates it's an adult film. Nonetheless, Robin announces it's time and hits play. We discover she was a teenage Canadian pop star named Robin Sparkles. The tape is a music video for her hit song, “Let's Go to the Mall, Today!”

Additionally, Barney suffered from “Premature Slapulation,” allotting Marshall the power of five eternal slaps. These slaps can and do occur at random times throughout the series. Cobie Smulders is hilarious as Robin Sparkles.

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

12. Tears: When Marshall Listen's to His Dad's Final Voicemail \\”Last Words\\”

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

In “Last Words,” Marshall and the gang are at his dad's funeral. As Marshall recalls his father's last words, he realizes he has a voicemail from him.

His phone has been off, and he doesn't get the alert until the gathering before the funeral. The group tries to reassure Marshall about listening to the message, but he's terrified because people's last words are a big deal.

So finally, Marshall has them recount their father's last words, and when doing so, they understand. After listening to his mom and brothers recall their last words with their dad, Marshall decides to listen to the message.

Regrettably, it's a pocket dial, and Marshall sulks while the gang tries to make him feel better. Finally, he gets angry and screams to God, “Thanks a lot, God! You took my father. The greatest man I've ever known, and you've ripped him off this earth. Way too young. And he'll never get to meet our kids, Lily. But we got this voice mail. Thank you so much for the voice mail! It's a great comfort! ‘Cause whenever I'm starting to feel lonely or sad, or, or you know what, or maybe a little bit cheated, at least I got the sound of his pocket to console me.”

It's a gut-wrenching ache and relatable if you've lost a parent. However, on the message that's still playing, Marshall's dad suddenly realizes it's a pocket dial, plucking the phone out and addressing Marshall: “Your mom and I had such a great time seeing you. I love you.”

It is one of the biggest tearjerkers in the How I Met Your Mother series. Jason Segel is remarkable at pulling at the heart's strings, and Alyson Hannigan is terrific.

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

13. Laughs: When Lily and Marshall Host Couples Night \\”the Innkeeper\\”

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting.

In “The Innkeeper,” Marshall Eriksen and Lily Aldrin are ecstatic that they finally have a couple to hang out with in Barney and Robin. However, Lily and Marshall are a bit overzealous and freak them out.

For instance, Marshall creates a website and sends a video montage in their email, serenading, “It was the best night ever. Lily made creme bru'le'le'le'le'le.” Of course, it's a Marshall Eriksen thing to do, and we are privy to a few other video montage songs, including “Cat Sitting for Lily's Mom,” followed by “Cat Funeral.”

It causes a minor riff, but the foursome works it out, delivering several good laughs. “Gouda?” Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan are amusing in this episode.

Marshall's songs are on this How I Met Your Mother YouTube music playlist, along with one hundred incredible tracks heard throughout the series. Give it a quick follow.

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting.

14. Tears: When Barney Proposes to Robin \\”the Final Page: Part Two\\”

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

In “The Final Page: Part Two,” Barney pulls his most elaborate play yet, “The Robin.” First, he admits to himself that he loves Robin. Then, he intentionally gets shot down by making a drunken move on Robin.

Furthermore, he closes the door to their relationship, driving Robin crazy. Next, he solicits Patrice for help. Patrice loves Robin and agrees to help. Finally, Barney and Patrice pretend to date to help Robin realize her feelings for Barney.

Robin breaks into Barney's apartment to get “The Playbook” to show Patrice. Barney burns “The Playbook,” and the gang is shocked. Barney tells Ted he will propose to Patrice on the roof of the World Wide News building.

Ted cannot reveal the secret due to a jinx. However, he tells Robin anyways and has Ranjit (Marshall Manesh) drive her to the news station. After some serious conversation with Ted, she recognizes that she is in love with Barney and goes to stop his proposal.

Barney acknowledges that Ted is blessing their union because he told Robin. Nonetheless, this is the moment we learn where it's his “Final Play.” There are rose petals and candles in lanterns all over the roof, but no sign of Patrice.

In addition, there is mistletoe above Robin's head. Robin reads the play and gets angry that Barney tricked her. Then he pulls out an engagement ring, and she says yes. This episode is Neil Patrick Harris and Cobie Smulders at their best.

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

15. Laughs: When Barney Gives up Suits \\”Girls vs. Suits\\”

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

In “Girls vs. Suits,” MacLarens gets a hot new bartender that has caused a line of men to form outside the pub. Barney has made it his mission to sleep with her. “Challenge accepted!”

Nevertheless, she doesn't like guys who wear suits. So we finally see Barney in regular jeans and a t-shirt. In addition, we are privy to a song and dance from the gang to “Nothin' Suits Me Like a Suit.”

It's easily one of the funniest episodes of How I Met Your Mother. Also, Robin is bothered by the hot bartender and goes behind the bar, and a hilarious scene unfolds.

Incidentally, this episode is where Ted dates Tracy's roommate and leaves her umbrella. Plus, Neil Patrick Harris has impressive singing chops.

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

16. Tears: \\”How Your Mother Met Me\\”

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

“How Your Mother Met Me” is one of the cutest and saddest episodes of How I Met Your Mother. We discover that Tracy McConnell (Cristin Milioti) lost her first love, Max, and refuses to date. Eventually, she meets and begins dating Louis.

He proposes, and she excuses herself before walking outside. Then, Tracy looks toward the sky and asks Max if it's ok to move on. She laughs as a massive gust of wind hits her and translates that as a yes.

However, she doesn't accept the proposal and makes her way to The Farhampton Inn, where everyone is for the wedding. Ultimately, Tracy meets Ted at the wedding. She is the bass player in the band.

The writers did an impeccable job of including Tracy in past episodes, only barely missing Ted. So there are several laughs between the tears. Cristin Milioti's rendition of “La Vie En Rose” is unforgettable.

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

17. Laughs: When Marshall Dates Crazy Eyes \\”Swarley\\”

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

In “Swarley,” Marshall goes on his first and only date since his break-up with Lily. He meets Chloe (Morena Baccarin) at the coffee shop, and she draws a heart on his cup. So he asks her out and takes her to MacLarens.

However, when Marshall introduces her to Barney and Ted, they inform him that he can't date her because she has “The Crazy Eyes.” So naturally, Lily is curious, jealous, and seeks Chloe out.

Unfortunately, it's raining, so Lily covers her backpack and hunches underneath her raincoat. She follows Chloe and calls out her name in a manly voice. As a result, Chloe blows up Marshall's phone telling him some old guy is following her, and she wants him to pick her up.

Marshall and Chloe are in his apartment after their date. He hears a noise and discovers Lily's picture broken. Then he asks Chloe to let him look into her eyes. It's hilarious. It's one of the funniest Marshall moments on How I Met Your Mother. “Yeah, stop blinking, please.”

Lily jumps between them before they can kiss, and the two go outside to talk. When they return to the apartment, it is in disarray. Chloe laughs it off, expressing that she lost her keys.

However, they are on the table before her, proving “The Crazy Eyes” theory. So, finally, our beloved Marshmellow and Lilypad get back together.

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

18. Tears: When Lily Gets Ted To Admit His Feelings \\”Band or DJ?\\”

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

In “Band or DJ?” Lily gets Ted to admit that Barney and Robin's engagement announcement hurt him. Then, we see a video montage of Ted getting injured.

Including dumping hot soup on his naked body, laser tattoo removal, being punched, being attacked by the goat, and when he asked Robin if she loved him, she responded no.

Next, Ted confesses, “When I saw that text message and found out that Robin was engaged, it was like (more injury videos) times a million.” Finally, he surrenders his truth, “Robin shouldn't be with Barney. She should be with me.”

Lastly, Lily gets Ted to understand that he needs to let go and let Robin and Barney get a band. His obsession about her deserving a DJ subsides, and Ted realizes that if they had gone with a band, he never would have met Tracy.

So there's the sadness of Ted needing to let go of Robin and the excitement of knowing he's about to meet ‘the mother.' We are even teased with a scene of Ted looking at the bass player whose back is to us.

Another tear-jerking moment in “Band or DJ?” is when Lily admits that sometimes she wishes she wasn't a mom. Sometimes she wants to pack a bag, leave in the middle of the night, and not return.

Lily elaborates how she spends all day taking care of kids and then comes home to do the same. Lily loves being a mom but acknowledges she has abandoned her art dreams. It's one of the more honest episodes of How I Met Your Mother. And again, Alyson Hannigan hits us in the feels.

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

19. Laughs: When Robin Becomes a Real New Yorker \\”Subway Wars\\”

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

In “Subway Wars,” the gang teases Robin about being Canadian and not a Real New Yorker. Then, the group debates what being a “Real New Yorker” means.

Marshall says it's killing a cockroach with your bare hands. However, Ted argues it's stealing a cab from someone who needs it more. Finally, Lily believes it is crying on the subway without caring what anybody thinks.

Robin hasn't done any of those things but will complete all three by the end of the day. Finally, the gang argues about the fastest route to the restaurant they're going to and decide to race each other.

It's a fun episode filled with an abundance of laughs. Furthermore, we see Maury Povich everywhere, and it's comical. Cobie Smulders shines in this episode.

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

20. Tears: When Ted Disowns Barney \\”the Goat\\”

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

In “The Goat,” Barney and Robin have slept together and discuss what they have done. They decide to pretend that it didn't happen. Nevertheless, Robin's guilt causes her to tell Ted.

Incidentally, it's Ted's surprise birthday party, and Barney shows up in a limo to pick him up from work. Ted realizes that the limo isn't heading toward home.

So he inquires where they are going, and Barney announces they are going to Vegas. Then, Ted reveals that he knows that Barney slept with Robin.

Ted has no desire to be friends anymore. It's a sad moment in the bromance with Barney's violation of “The Bros Code.” Josh Radnor and Neil Patrick Harris do a great job of making us feel the betrayal.

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

21. Laughs: When They Celebrate New Year's Eve \\”the Limo\\”

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

In “The Limo,” Ted spends half his Christmas bonus on a New Year's Eve limo so they can party together. The gang narrows it down to five parties, and they head to party number one.

Barney throws on his CD, “Get Psyched Mix,” and Bon Jovi's “You Give Love a Bad Name” is played repeatedly throughout the episode. In addition, the group meets someone they believe to be Moby, and they offer him a ride to his party.

Moby's party ends up being party number four, but he's a nut with a gun and “Not Moby.” So they head to party number three. Barney freaks out because “Not Moby” stole his “Get Psyched Mix.”

However, Marshall swipes it back at some point, and we are “shot through the heart” once more. “Come again for Big-Fudge?” It's a comical episode and one of How I Met Your Mother's classics.

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

22. Tears: When Ted Proposes to Tracy \\”the Lighthouse\\”

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

In “The Lighthouse,” Ted takes Tracy to the lighthouse at The Farhampton Inn. They look out at the world together, and she says, “it seems like you've traveled back in time.”

Excitedly, Ted tells her those were his exact words when he was up there two years prior. After nine years of waiting for the mother, it is lovely to watch them embracing each other with genuine smiles spread across their faces.

Ted proposes to Tracy on top of the lighthouse. He barely begins to ask her before she eagerly answers yes. The pure excitement in her voice and face brings instant tears to those who let them out. It's one of the most romantic moments in How I Met Your Mother.

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

23. Laughs: When They Share Their Most Embarrassing Stories \\”Game Night\\”

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

In “Game Night,” Marshall creates a game called “Marshgammon” to get to know everyone better.” It's Victoria's first time hanging out in the group.

While the game's object isn't transparent, it involves telling the most embarrassing stories and drinking if you say, “What?” For example, we learn that Lily and Marshall had relations and didn't realize they hadn't hung up the phone on Marshall's mom.

In addition, Marshall reveals a hilarious story about being caught sitting on a kindergarten-sized toilet at Lily's job. However, most shockingly, we see a young Barney working in a coffee shop with his girlfriend. They are on their way to the Peace Corps?

However, a man in a suit comes in and ultimately steals his girl. Barney admits it's the only girl he was with before becoming “awesome.”

We discover why Barney loves and believes in suits when he's handed a flyer that reads, “SUIT UP!” It's one of the first season's comedic gems.

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

24. Tears: When We Love and Lose Tracy \\”Last Forever\\”

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

In “Last Forever: Part Two,” we have already immediately fallen in love with Tracy McConnell (Cristin Milioti), and the writers kill her off. It is the most heartbreaking storyline in the How I Met Your Mother series.

After nine seasons, we don't get the happy ending we envisioned when Ted sat down to tell this story. However, it's what made the show relatable.

Hearing Ted and Tracy first converse under that bright yellow umbrella was emotional. They exchange a back and forth about whose umbrella it is before Tracy points out her initials on the umbrella.

Incidentally, Tracy McConnell and Ted Mosby have the same initials, and they laugh while we happy cry. While Ted explains to his kids one last time how much he loved their mother through the good and the bad, we mourn with him.

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

25. Laughs: When They Say Goodbye to Marshall's Car \\”Arrivederci, Fiero\\”

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

In “Arrivederci, Fiero,” we witness several stories about the gang's experiences in Marshall's Fiero. It begins with Ted and Marshall driving it to watch the odometer hit 200,000 miles.

However, after going over a pothole, the car breaks down less than a mile before the mark. Next, Marshall recalls stories including “The Suicidal Cat” and “The Hitchhiker Waldo.”

Finally, when they get to the story about the homeless guy that broke two windows and threw up in the back seat, Lily and Robin come clean.

So we discover that despite Marshall's no food rule, they got Thai food that spilled all over the car. Then, they attempted to cover the smell with cigars, making it worse. So they concoct the homeless guy story.

It's an amusing episode and a great way to say goodbye to the Fiero, and the song on repeat, “I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more.” It comes back around.

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

26. Tears: When Barney and Ted Become Friends Again \\”Miracles\\”

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

In “Miracles,” Ted gets into a cab that ultimately gets in an accident. We watch the gang individually receive the news and then immediately run towards the hospital. Because Barney and Robin slept together, Ted and Barney aren't friends.

However, Lily tells Barney that Ted has been in a car accident, and he hangs up without saying a word. Naturally, Ted believes he has no interest in knowing because they are no longer friends.

But Barney does care and runs out of a meeting to get to Ted. Impressively, he runs the entire way but gets hit by a bus right before the door. Ted receives a phone call about the accident because he is Barney's emergency contact.

The gang goes to his hospital room. Eventually, Barney asks, “Ted, can we be friends again?” and apologizes for violating “The Bro Code.”

Ted says they are more than friends and acknowledges Barney and Marshall as his brothers. It's a touching moment.

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

27. Laughs: When Marshall and Lily Abandon Wine Tasting \\”Okay, Awesome\\”

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

In “Okay, Awesome,” Marshall and Lily decide they need to be more mature and start doing adult things. After all, Lily is a kindergarten teacher, and Marshall will soon be a lawyer. So they pass on going to a club to host a wine tasting gathering.

However, they quickly find themselves bored to death. So Marshall jumps out the bathroom window to go to the club. Eventually, Lily follows suit and finds Marshall at the club while abandoning their guests in their apartment. It's humorous.

Barney dances with a hot girl all night from behind only to discover it's his cousin. Barney swears Ted to secrecy.

Meanwhile, Robin, who is VIP, has not been able to get back inside after a bouncer shift change. Finally, she convinces Lily that she doesn't need to mature, and they flash the bouncer, who ultimately allows them inside.

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

28. Tears: When Marshall Learns About His Dad Dying \\”Bad News\\”

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

In “Bad News,” Marshall and Lily are trying to conceive and haven't succeeded. So they see a fertility doctor. The doctor looks precisely like Barney with darker hair and a beard…

Lily is suspicious that it is their friend. Nonetheless, Lily does the fertility tests and finds out she is fertile. So Marshall submits his specimen and dreads the bad news he's resigned to receive.

Finally, his parents visit, and Lily convinces Marshall to be honest with them. But Marshall finds his sperm is fine, then celebrates with Ted, Robin, and Barney with champagne. He borrows Ted's phone to call his dad outside of MacLarens.

However, the phone rings and rings. Suddenly, Lily gets out of a cab and informs Marshall that his dad died of a heart attack. Marshall reacts, “My dad's dead? I'm not ready for this,” embracing Lily and sobbing together.

It's a scene many cannot make through without crying. Regardless of how many times they watch it. Carter Bays told EW that Jason Segel wanted Marshall's reaction to whatever the bad news was to be authentic.

So he had no idea what Lily would say to him, and the scene is genuine with Segel improvising the heartbreaking line, “I'm not ready for this.”

Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segel were so impressive that Carter Bays looked away from facing the emotional reaction in this scene. It's guaranteed to put a lump in your throat.

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

29. Laughs: \\”the Possimpible\\”

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

In “The Possimpible,” Robin discovers that she is facing Canadian deportation unless she finds a job in the next seven days. Additionally, the job must be in her field.

So Barney explains how Robin needs a video resume to stand out. Then, he plays his video resume for the group, and it's all about how Barney Stinson is awesome.

Complete with a theme song and made-up buzz words. Robin agrees to let Barney create one for her.

Out of desperation, Robin applies to be the girl who draws the Lottery balls. However, she doesn't deliver what they want in a Lottery girl, coming off as mean.

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang discusses what they have on their resumes. For example, Lily is the hot-dog eating champion. Ted mentions a college radio DJ persona, “Dr. X.”

Marshall has his basketball dunking contest on his resume. Finally, Barney saves the day and lands Robin an anchor job with an excellent salary so she can stay in America. It's a chucklesome episode and evidence of Barney's love for Robin.

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

30. Tears: When Barney Takes the Basketball Hoop \\”Legendaddy\\”

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

In “Legendaddy,” Barney's dad Jerome (John Lithgow), knocks on his door after receiving the letter that Barney wrote him. They go to MacLarens to get acquainted.

Barney realizes his dad is an older man and not the cool guy he built him up to be. So he fabricates his time with his dad to the gang. However, the next night Jerry comes into MacLarens, asking them for help. Barney refuses to answer any of his calls.

So they host an “Intervention” and tell Barney that he should give his father a chance while he is still here. Marshall has recently lost his father, and it hits home.

Barney agrees and goes to dinner at Jerry's house with his family. He mocks his younger son J.J. then storms out when he discovers that J.J. stands for Jerome Junior.

Jerome comes outside to find Barney on the hood of his car, attempting to pull the basketball hoop off the garage. Jerry leaves and returns with tools to help Barney get take it down.

He expresses his sincere apologies for not being there for him. Barney is distraught seeing the family he never had growing up and walks off with the basketball hoop. It's one of the most painful moments in the How I Met Your Mother series.

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

31. Both: Saying Goodbye to How I Met Your Mother \\”Last Forever: Part Two\\”

Image Credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

In “Last Forever: Part 2,” we say goodbye to all of our favorite characters and the show. It's the episode we lose Bob Saget as the narrator and hear the rest from Ted Mosby himself.

Barney meets his newborn daughter and says, “You are the love of my life. Everything I have and everything I am is yours, forever.”

It's a verbatim reiteration of something he said he would never say to women, elaborating he's not that guy. It pulls at the heartstrings when he cries and kisses his daughter's head.

We know that Barney has finally fallen in true love with a person without conditions. “Daddy's home.” We also discover that Marshall and Lily are expecting again.

Ted and Tracy are finally getting married, and Robin Scherbatsky walks into MacLaren's Pub. It's a rare sighting, and she apologizes for missing some of the “big moments” they promised not to miss.

Ted wraps up the story he's been telling his kids about how he met their mother while beautiful images of their life bless our screens while narrating their love. Losing Tracy may require tissues. It hurts to watch, and Cristin Milioti did an incredible job.

Finally, after receiving his kid's blessing and encouragement, we watch Ted run from his desk. Then, we witness Robin trying to answer the intercom's buzz in her apartment but is unsuccessful. So she opens her window to discover Ted holding the Blue French Horn.

Craig Thomas and Carter Bays beautifully rounded the series with the Blue French Horn scene mirroring the scene from the first episode. Right down to the dogs.

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Television

It was a legendary ending to an unforgettable show. The How I Met Your Mother cast had incredible charisma and gave us nine seasons (208 episodes) of relatable laughter and tears.

The How I Met Your Mother TV series aired from 2005-2014. Craig Thomas and Carter Bays are the creators. Director Pamela Fryman shot most episodes. However, Rob Greenberg, Michael Shea, and Neil Patrick Harris all directed one or more episodes.

The show's executive producers include Carter Bays, Craig Thomas, Rob Greenberg, Pamela Fryman, Eileen Heisler, DeAnn Heline, Phil Lord, Greg Malins, Christopher Miller, Chris Harris, Stephen Lloyd, Kourtney Kang, Jamie Rhonheimer, and Chuck Tatham.

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