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Homelessness In Every State, Ranked
2024-03-04 15:40
In 2023, the homelessness crisis in the United States reached a new peak, with an estimated 653,104 people experiencing homelessness on a single night. This figure represents a significant 1… Read More
25 Debunked Myths That People Still Believe
2024-03-04 15:15
Even today, information and misinformation coexist on the internet. The ability to discern reality from fiction is crucial. This applies equally to debunking persistent myths and age-old tal… Read More
Op-Ed: Finding The Beauty In Flawed Movies
2024-03-04 14:45
During this coming weekend, a billion people around the world will tune in to watch the Oscars to see who wins Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Picture, and other coveted accolades. As Roger E… Read More
22 Of The Dirtiest Players In NBA History
2024-03-03 14:45
People often talk about the artistry of NBA basketball, but the best teams possess players who do the non-glorified hard work. From flying in to get a rebound over the towers in the paint, t… Read More
The 25 Best James Caan Movies Ranked
2024-03-03 14:00
With his crooked smile and imposing demeanor, anyone can see how James Caan was cast as Sonny Corleone, even though he’s not Italian. The actor projects toughness, qualities that got h… Read More
The Best Xbox Game Pass RPGs To Get Lost In
2024-03-03 13:15
Xbox Game Pass provides players with one of the best deals in gaming. A recurring monthly subscription grants players access to some of the most popular games on Xbox for a fraction of the p… Read More
25 B-Listers Breaking The Internet
2024-03-03 02:00
Fame is a funny thing. When you see a celebrity all over your Twitter feed or blowing up TikTok, it can give the illusion that they’re supremely famous A-listers who everyone knows. Bu… Read More
24 Dog-Friendly North Carolina Beaches
2024-03-01 13:30
Beaches may not be for every dog breed, but combining the right dog and a suitable beach is an unforgettable time. The beach provides new sights, sounds, smells, or maybe a great game of fri… Read More
15 Films That Haunted Us For Days
2024-03-01 13:00
Movies have the unique power to stay in our minds well after the credits roll. They're able to leave a lasting impression on our thoughts and emotions. The best movies that have stuck with m… Read More
24 Most Iconic Power Couples Of The 1970s
2024-02-29 22:30
Love it or hate it, but the world is obsessed with Hollywood “It” couples dating back decades. Today, we see duos like Amal and George Clooney and Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds… Read More
GOP Member Strikes Blow To Trump PAC
2024-02-29 21:10
Wisconsin's ethics commission, made up of both Democrats and Republicans, suggested that a political action committee (PAC) supporting Donald Trump's presidential campaign might have broken… Read More
The Hardest Video Game Bosses Of All Time
2024-02-29 14:00
Boss battles remain a feature of every great video game, from traditional fighting games to more contemporary fantasy series. Testing the skills players have accrued throughout the game, bos… Read More
The Best Wrestling Managers Of All Time
2024-02-29 12:30
Wrestling managers remain a fixed hallmark of professional wrestling for a reason. Like the wrestlers themselves, these managerial figures possess uncanny levels of theatricality, holding au… Read More
22 Iconic Father-Son Sports Duos
2024-02-29 12:00
Sons often look up to their fathers for guidance and a path to success in life. When it comes to the sports world, fathers and sons become even more ingrained in one another’s lives. P… Read More
Jeep To Launch 5 New Models Next Year
2024-02-28 20:34
A report from Car and Driver states that Jeep has five new models coming down the pipe for 2025 and that the company's CEO, Antonio Filosa, says next year's lineup will feature updates of cu… Read More
The Best Bruce Campbell Movies & TV Shows
2024-02-28 13:25
Hail to the king, baby! With his good looks and even better sense of humor, Bruce Campbell enjoys a level of success any actor would envy despite a lack of Oscars and blockbuster leading rol… Read More
The Top 25 Family-Friendly Video Games
2024-02-28 13:15
Thousands of video games arrive on the market every year. Gaming has become a medium that has something for everyone. Whether someone enjoys a first-person shooter, building a city, or match… Read More
The Best TNA Matches Of All Time
2024-02-28 13:00
For over two decades, TNA has served as a pillar in the mainstream wrestling community, offering fans a sharp alternative to the family-friendly product of WWE. Though it has never achieved… Read More
The 22 Best NBA Superstar Duos
2024-02-28 12:00
Two is (usually) better than one. This rings especially true when discussing the best duos in NBA history. Basketball has long been inundated with the talents of star players who overwhelm t… Read More
The Best SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes
2024-02-28 01:00
No show was as important to a channel as SpongeBob SquarePants is for Nickelodeon. While the children's television channel enjoyed a good reputation thanks to shows like Rugrats, SpongeBob S… Read More
The Best Bruce Campbell Movies
2024-02-28 00:30
Hail to the king baby! With his good looks and even better sense of humor, Bruce Campbell enjoys a level of success any actor would envy despite a lack of Oscars and blockbuster leading role… Read More
The 26 Best Nicole Kidman Movies
2024-02-28 00:00
Nicole Kidman has been acting for forty years and has starred in over 70 feature films. Throughout that fantastic and ongoing career, she’s delivered some amazing performances and been… Read More
25 Best Fictional Movie Presidents
2024-02-27 23:30
The President of the United States is a fictional job. No, that doesn’t mean that the President doesn’t exist, nor does it mean that anyone who holds the office doesn’t hav… Read More
25 Ways To Make Small Rooms Seem Bigger
2024-02-27 22:00
Small spaces are everywhere, whether you live in a city apartment or a suburban house. Filling those spaces can be a challenge as you try to decide how to maximize the space while still keep… Read More
The Best 24 Things To Do In Albania
2024-02-27 13:30
Albania is one of Europe's newly discovered tourist destinations. A land with a rich and turbulent history and kind and welcoming people deserves our attention. In the past, Albania was alwa… Read More
24 Benefits Of At-Home Wellness Spaces
2024-02-27 13:00
Wellness rooms originated in the corporate space as an escape from the open office environment. They are dedicated areas where workers can relax and take a break from their work. At home, a… Read More
29 Iconic Power Couples Of The 1960s
2024-02-26 22:00
The 1960s were glamorous, and the era's most iconic power couples included royalty, movie stars, sports personalities, and models. Although some of these couples weren't together for long, t… Read More
The Best TNA Wrestlers Of All Time
2024-02-26 21:30
The 2000s marked an exciting time for wrestling fans the world over. With ECW and WCW closing their doors at the start of the decade, new start-ups offered a fresh alternative to the mainstr… Read More

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